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Oh Say Can You See, The Beauty of Globalism And Diversity!

This morning a cargo ship, the Dali, ran into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, causing the entire bridge to collapse.

From videos I have seen, the power goes out on the ship a couple of times before it struck, and there is a ton of smoke coming out of the exhaust so it looks to me as someone who can’t swim and has no naval experience like they had the engines going wide open trying to avoid the hit.

A number of vehicles went into the water and a couple of people have been rescued but there likely will be fatalities, not to mention billions in repairs to fix the bridge. According to Wikipedia: “The main span of 1,200 feet (366 m) was the third longest span of any continuous truss in the world.”. Do we even have the ability to repair a bridge like that in 2024?

A Singapore flagged ship that completely lost power. This is going to be ugly when the details come out.


  1. Mike in Canada

    Holy fuck. Atlas Shrugged wasn’t the half of it….. people on a train, people on a bridge….. What was our strength, again?

  2. Don W Curton

    A few people are already chittering about terrorism when this can easily be explained by vibrancy. I’m surprised you don’t have a monkey in a sailor suit as your lead graphic. I’m also surprised this wasn’t a Libyan flagged ship instead of Singapore.

    I thought in most places there were things like mandatory harbor pilots and/or guide tugs to avoid hitting infrastructure. At least until the vessels are out beyond anything critical and pointed toward open ocean. I guess not, must be something I picked up from TV that isn’t real life.

    The real bitch, weeks after this dies down, will be all the people whose daily commute went from reasonable to several hours each way. That’s gotta suck. Sorry for the dead, but it’ll take years, perhaps decades to rebuild. If we still can, and I wouldn’t really bet on it either way.

    • SirLawrence

      This is the slow, grinding collapse. Last year it was trains derailing. Even though trains have been derailing on the regular for years. It makes for good doom pron. But is also indicative of the decay.

      Like a lot of this it’s in the noticing. And what the media complex chooses to highlight so that the Government response can be pulled off the shelf. We are in the sweet spot of looting the treasury and in real war ramping up so these things can easily be grifts or direct actions or in the case of the MIC, both.

      The dropping IQ and vibrancy are producing a lot more rail crossing incidents just as they are in ocean going vessels and port incidents. The energy infrastructure is in similar peril. Same goes with water/hydro power. Multiple major cities have potable water and sewer issues just waiting for the pin drop.

      Like rail, all of globo-infrastructure has been extremely financialized with the capitalization and operating models moving toward extractive, short-term profit seeking. With the volatility thanks to “covid”, and then the little pirate operation among the camel cults, there are scores of shipping assets that are in physical and/or financial impairment and so the corners are getting rounded.

      Of course “terror” can’t be ruled out, which would include some patsy monkey wrench. Scuttling ships is low-hanging fruit that can do a lot of economic damage.

      Either way expect the media-government response to be revealing.

    • Mike_C

      “terrorism when this can easily be explained by vibrancy”
      It’s both. Only it’s terrorism by low-time preference (patient planners) people against not a particular government, but against the West. Call it “generational terrorism” or maybe “civilizational terrorism”. The vibrancy is merely one of Their favorite tools.
      “Last year it was trains derailing.”
      Speaking of which. Recently I had business in Pittsburg. Took a couple extra hours to visit East Palestine, OH nearby. Remember that? Our sacred Free Press sure doesn’t. Of course not. Very White (from what I could see). Poor, but quite orderly. All the political signs up were for Trump. Why, those Nazis DESERVED to be poisoned!
      PS, I’m SUPER curious to learn if there is any insurance angle on the Key Bridge.

  3. Jen

    If it’s anything like Florida, they’ll have DEI requirements in contracting to build a new one. The bridge that collapsed a few years ago? Built by “Engineering” firm whose chief qualifications were lauded as all female and minority. That they already had another collapse under their belt, and killed all those people mattered not a bit: Florida has just awarded them another bridge contract.

    The Baltimore ‘mayor’ just gave a press conference: inarticulate 30yo hood rat, hands in the pockets of his athletic jacket. Just picture who’ll be building the new bridge.

  4. LGC

    When they built the bridge, they probably got the steel right there from Baltimore. Now those steel plants are gone, in fact very few left. We probably have to import the steel to make our bridges (huh, china makes a lot of steel, economic war?). yeah globalism. (/sarc)

    I too wonder about the pilot, where is the line where you need a pilot for inbound/outbound ships?

    Revenge for the CIA attack on the Moscow theater?

    Probably just diversity in action but one never knows anymore.

  5. Anonymous

    I just got off a conference call with our reps in Baltimore, who say that the original F.S. Key bridge took five long years to build. Now they have to dredge the channel, pull out all the big pieces and clean up the mess before they can even resume shipping. As for the bridge rebuild – does anyone still have blueprints, or is this going to be another case of “We forgot how to go to the moon!”

    Maybe those Munilla Construction Management chicks in Florida can apply their engineering expertise and give us another self-sabotaging structure. Bridges with the terrorism “built in”.

    • saoirse

      MCM is a general contractor founded and managed by men – Cubans mainly. I was a senior inspector on three of their projects (not the bridge). They’re latrino republicunts and corrupt and arrogant as you can get. The few women I came into contact with were all diversity appointments or family members – all underqualified bitches!
      They weren’t the engineering firm for the bridge at FIU. They built it though, in their usual rush rush way.
      Everything construction in South Floriduh (probably everywhere now) is based on a perverted version of ‘value engineering’. When something fails, it gets bogged down in litigation, then the fines/settlements/compensatory damages to the plaintiffs, if any, get watered down via laws favoring the corporations. A win-win for both the jews and the politically connected capitalists.
      Stay away from big cities as much as possible!

    • Anon

      Even if they have the blueprints, do they have the skilled labor, local steel, anything at all?
      If stuck importing it from elsewhere like china, what’s stopping them from endless delays and/shipping the worst shit they can make that is technically steel?
      And another comment talking about a construction firm filled with cubans in america, a bunch of cheap corrupt retards instead of White and Male engineers and construction experts. Can’t have White competency in modern america, it might give Whites the idea that they deserve a living wage and might not need all this diversity and government!

      Fuck Baltimore, fuck the rest too. We need more pressure as things fall apart, not less. More ports blockaded by pajeet crews and shit like Evergreen in the Suez. It’s only a benefit for us.

  6. Bean Dip Tray

    Build Baltimore Bridge Back Better Brandon?
    What a steaming fourth world turd.
    Is this a sign as Francis Scott Key wrote by Dawn’s Early Light?
    Bust out the Don McLean and drive the Chevy to the levy.
    Destroyed by our own Yankee Puritan Karens of both sexes.
    All great nations are destroyed from within by quisling traitors and we are no exception.

  7. Troy Messer

    Saw a video of the shipping traffic. There are a few ships, dunno what kind, that are trapped in the harbor until the remains get cleaned up. There are a bunch more ships outside the this bay waiting to enter.

    Since these harbors that load/unload containers on the East Coast aren’t exactly a dime a dozen, there is going to be logistical and economic reverberations.

    If I was a civilizational terrorist, this does seem like easy, low hanging fruit.

    No matter who builds the next bridge, “(D)idn’t (E)arn (I)t” will require a certain amount of token niggers and/or incompetent females.

    Note to Ukraine, you guys couldn’t destroy that Russian bridge into Crimea with shitty American Wunderwaffen. This is how you destroy a bridge. Use vibrancy.

    • anonymous

      Not to ruin a joke, but right and left, on a ship, are Starboard and Port. So, even if they were yelling in English, it would be along the lines of “Hard to Starboard, Engines Back Full!”

      • Berglander

        Agreed. These sound like Pajeets, so who knows if they use the same terminology or not, and why I said “apparently”-I have no idea if it is legitimate or not.

  8. Big Ruckus D

    And the rockets red glare,
    The bombs bursting in air
    Gave proof by the dawn
    That our bridge was just gone.

    Oh say does that rainbow hued banner yet wave,
    O’er the land of the fee and the home of the slave?

    Eat your heart out, Francis.

    Clown world delivers again, with predictably shitty results

  9. Bean Dip Tray

    Sorry for double up comment but learned that this has happened before with this ship overseas and PRC/CCP are the masters of hacking ships to cause collisions.
    Is there any way to encrypt ships radio or GPS traffic?
    If it was terror wouldn’t they do it during AM/PM rush?
    We know this may never be rebuilt because infrastructure is racist.
    Perhaps 20 years from now if it isn’t a glow in the dark 3000 mile charcoal birdbath (h/t-Tex) in North America they will open the Ray Lewis or Freddie Gray bridge.

  10. J

    “ We know this may never be rebuilt because infrastructure is racist.”

    I’m going to use that all week in an agree but amplify mode. We shouldn’t build it back because infrastructure is racist. Thank you, this will get a lot of mileage.

    • SirLawrence

      Well in this case Francis S. Key was a slave owner and so when they Build Back Bud Light Bridge Better it will have to get a new blackwash name.

      The only thing Key hated more than blacks were the gays. On NPR they will interview a “historian” with problem glasses and a certain kind of last name who will inform us that Key also sekshually assalted numerous women during fraternity happy hours and white supremacist mixers while attending Saint John’s College.

      The great thing about history in permanent Year Zero is that eventually it does write itself.

      Also, Boeing board room doing some high-fives.

  11. Troy Messer

    “If it was terror wouldn’t they do it during AM/PM rush?”

    Because the ship did not leave during the am/pm rush. I read that this port imports the most cars of any port on the East Coast. If your goal is to cause civilizational destruction rather than a body count, this was perfect.

    I saw a video and there was more traffic moving along the bridge including tractor/trailers. It looked like this just happened to be a lull in traffic when the ship struck.

  12. Charlie E Hargrave

    I painted structures like that for many years. They are finely balanced, especially the thru truss bridges.

    This one was built in mid 70’s. Should not have been enough deterioration to cause this kind of failure.

    Seems the crew saw it coming and radioed the CG or port authority.

    Once ya get that first part of the truss off the rocker pedestals, couple foot drop and then the pier cap. The concrete pier caps are designed to hold the load, not hold the load that just dropped 2 feet or so. After that it is dominoes falling, unless one of the steel members sheers off and stops the process. The members seemed to be in solid shape to stay together and bring it all down.

    The deaths are horrible and sad, truly. But the spectacle of how it came down was amazing.

    I was working in FL when the sunshine skyway went in. 1980 or so. Never thought I would see it again.


    The first thing I thought of was terrorism in retaliation for our pedo homos paying people to murder others at a concert in Russia.

    Just pay another brainwashed flunkie to drive the boat into the bridge. Down here on the Gulf coast, the pilots who work the coastal waters make upward of $250,000 annually.

    They pilot the same stretch of water, and are assigned to it basically for life. They know where every shallow spot, every potential hazard is either pilot, or a company, the pilot of the vessel into places like the Houston ship channel.

    But the comments are interesting, it might’ve well very well just have been a dumb nigger post turtle.

  14. Gryphon

    The Logistics Impact is multi-faceted. First, and not Mentioned, the two Tunnels under the Harbor can’t allow Vehicles with Hazmat- not even Rv’s with Propane Tanks – all such Trucking now has to go the long way ’round, on the I-695 Beltway.
    Second, the volume of Containers now in Port, and enroute, is Yuuuuge, and now has to be put on Rail to and from Newport News, down at the entrance to the Bay. That Rail Line is just East of my AO, and it is already busy Day and Night with 100-Car Container Trains, most of which come and go on the ‘Rabbit Line’ from Front Royal to Manasseh’s Junction and South towards Richmond. That Line from Front Royal is so Hilly and Twisted that if a Train has to Stop, it has to be ‘broken up’ to Re-start, or Cars will Roll Over. South of there, the Line is more Single-Track than Not; Trains play ‘Chicken’ in the Double-Track areas, at up to 79 Miles and Hour. North of Manasseh’s Junction, the Line goes straight into the ‘Swamp’, over a single rusting Bridge over the Potomac, and then through a more-than Century-Old Tunnel (that very nearly runs under the Capitol Building). This line carries dozens of “Commuter Rail” Trains that carry bureaucrats to and from ‘work’. These Trains have Priority over the Freight. So it’s a cute little Bottleneck, that won’t be Relieved until the Wreckage of the Bridge is Cut Up and Dredged out of the Channel.
    That will be a ‘Tell’ as to how much Competence remains in the Maryland Transportation Department – there are plenty of people in Baltimore with Tugboats, Barge-Cranes, and Cutting Torches – how quickly they can be put to Work will indicate the ability of the bureaucracy to ‘Fix Things’. As for building a New Bridge, at least a Decade…

  15. Phil B

    Baltimore,being a 90% and upwards back city, if the disruption in food etc. occurs through this incident and the homies can’t get their jumbo shrimp and Sunny Delight and the local Waffle house can’t get their supply of carbohydrates and sugar to keep the boyz from the hood all hyped up, then it could be the spark that sets it all off …

    No (or very few) trucks in and those that do attempt to deliver to the city will be looted, no chance of getting stuff in via ship which leaves (if it still operates) rail to supply a major city …

    Order your industrial sized skips of popcorn for the coming summer’s festivities is my recommendation.

  16. Steve S6

    Apparently all Indian crew (excepting 2 harbor pilots, maybe).

    If Indians were responsible for maintenance a disaster was inevitable sooner or later. Reference Bhopal disaster due to multiple safety devices jumpered out because they were to lazy or ignorant to repair them. It’s cultural.

    With DEI (IED, DIE or all the above) you don’t need to have planned terrorism, just wait for the collapse due to incompetence.

  17. Bobsuruncle

    Another DEI run corp. there is a picture on their webpage under values with a bunch of non-Caucasians holding up a sign that reads, ” We Steer Synergy” a smell a meme here. Other pages are full of pics of everything but white, 100+ iq average caucasians.

    The boat captain was Ukrainian. Taking out the key pillar is like making the 7/10 split. Amazing. Gen (ret) Mike Flynn is calling it an “incident”. He notes inconsistencies and irregularities occurred in standard operating procedures. I would agree. Those ships have many redundant systems. The Fag Boi Idiots within an hour or more, without any investigation, or interviews came out and stated its not terrorism, and wanted control of the investigation, despite that type of incident not being in their bailiwick. There are no coincidences.

  18. TakeAHardLook

    1. Hack the controls at all critical moments.
    2. Do not clue the harbor pilots–so their hurried, desperate efforts can be documented as legitimate.
    3. Manipulate the controls so as to move the ship directly–perfectly–into a T-bone collision at the strongest and most vulnerable section of the bridge support.
    4. Get the FBI–virtually on the instant–to declare that the event is not terrorism.
    5. Have experts posit how this is just a tragic accident of the Marine Type (like those hundreds of “accidents” in our food & fertilizer industries).
    5. Quiet bonuses & raises for the perpetrators…..

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