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Not Just Murder. Not By A Long Shot.

Here at Dissident Thoughts the focus on our dusky-hued 13%ers tends to be murders or mass shootings. Killing or shooting people is the most serious of crimes and it is so common in America that I can’t even keep a handle on the sheer volume. That doesn’t mean breadcrumbs are underrepresented in other crimes.

Something I have been running into a lot are retorts from liberal Whites who try to deflect from black murders and shootings by claiming that Whites are overrepresented in things like child molestation. It comes from seeing occasional higher profile stories about child molesters that are White. This is pretty common, I had a black chick claiming that blacks were not more likely to be obese because she saw two really fat White women on 1000-lb Sisters. When I provided CDC data showing that blacks are by far the fattest racial group, she stopped replying.

The truth is that no matter the crime, when you look at the statistics you see the same groups in similar proportions. At the top of most lists you find blacks, definitely on a per capita basis and often as an absolute majority. This post is my own work to get what details we can from the FBI data.

There are already charts a’plenty that show some of this information but I think it is important to go out and do the basic information gathering and research myself, rather than just copying someone else’s work. That simply gives me a higher confidence level in what I am claiming.

Some things to consider at the outset. The FBI crime statistics are voluntarily submitted to the FBI….

Crime data for the nation are derived from Summary Reporting System (SRS) and National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) reports voluntarily submitted to the FBI.

The 2022 estimated Crime statistics for the nation are based on data received from 15,726 of 18,888 participating law enforcement agencies in the country that year.

….and a number of municipalities are no longer reporting as doing so reinforces systemic White supremacy or something. Over 3,000 agencies did not submit data for 2022 or around 17%.

As of recent data, America has dropped below 60% White, somewhere around 59% of the “official” population. Mestizos have surpassed blacks and are around 19% of the population while blacks are just shy of the infamous 13% (I will use the figure of 12.7%). Asians of all sorts are around 6% but that is also quite deceptive as “Asian” includes people of East Asian ancestry (Japanese, Chinese, Korean) as well as those from the Indian subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc). The criminal behavior within the groups called “Asian” can vary quite dramatically.

The point in the preceding paragraph is that a lot of people are lumped in as “White” in crime statistics even though they are mestizo or some Middle Eastern types. “White” means “not black or Asian”. There is a category in these reports for ethnicity that does reflect “Hispanic” ethnicity we will also look at but that is an inexact number as there are black “Hispanics” , although that is a very small percentage and many times the ethnicity category is “unknown”. This will necessarily lead to some odd math as often the totals for race do not match the totals for ethnicity but the data is what it is.

With those stipulations in mind, let’s take a trip through the crime statistics provided by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program or UCR for short. All screenshots taken by me personally from the official .gov FBI Crime Date Explorer website using the most recent year (2022) on March 29th, 2022.

I will still record the homicide numbers just for the purposes of comparison, although the numbers are well publicized.

Of offenders where race is known, a total of 14,432 killers, 8,694 are black and 5,738 are “White”. The black percentage of homicide offenders where the race is known is just over 60% versus their percentage of the population of only 12.7%. “Non-Hispanic Whites” are 3,751 or just over 41% versus a 59% of the population as a whole. Mestizos work out to almost 23%, a slightly elevated rate versus their 19% of the population. This is probably the most significant crime figure cited by people on the Right and for obvious reasons. Murder is the most heinous of crimes and it is also the crime where blacks are famously dramatically overrepresented.

There is a significant percentage of homicide offenders not identified by race: 1,915 or over 11% of the total (including Asian and Indians/Eskimos in that total). I have my theories about the racial demographics of that unknown 11% but without hard data will leave them as unknown. I would point out as an interesting sidenote that as of 2020, Asians of all sorts are slightly over 6% of the U.S. population but are only 1.1% of murder victims.

Moving on to crimes other than homicide. First on the website after homicide is rape, used as a catch-all here for most forms of sexual assault.

As you can see, the results are broken down by offender and victim. Using only the black and White numbers at first, we see a total of 86,383 rapes in 2022 that had an offender that was identified as either White or black. 31.7% of offenders were black versus their total percentage of the population of 12.7%. Expressed a little differently, black rapists are almost 2.5 times their share of the population. What about Whites? They come in at 68% of known offenders, which is somewhat higher than their percentage of the population of 59%. However, when we take ethnicity into account and subtract the 14,910 Hispanic offenders from the White numbers, it leaves us with 44,058 White offenders, a figure that still includes Middle Easterners, Jews and probably many Hispanics. Even still that means the White percentage of identified rapists is around 51%. That is well under the White percentage of the population.

What this tells me is that however you slice it, blacks are raping women at a far higher rate than Whites and much higher than you would expect from a group that makes up 13% of the population.

Something else to notice. While there are 27,415 black offenders, there are only 21,680 black victims. Meanwhile there are 58,968 White offenders but 75,459 White victims. Subtracting Hispanics from the White offender and victim numbers, that works out to 44,058 White offenders versus 59,322 White victims. This strongly suggests that while most violent crime in intraracial, a large percentage of White rape victims, over 15,000, are raped by blacks or mestizos. I don’t have the stats in front of me but I have seen them before indicating that White rapes of black women are so rare as to be statistically irrelevant, while blacks raping White women is all too common. In other news, stereotypes exist for a reason.

I am not going to rehash the same information over and over at the same level of detail as we look down the list of criminal offenses. I am confident my readers can remember that blacks are around 13% of the population and Whites are around 59%.

Next on the FBI list is robbery. If you watch the news, these numbers won’t surprise you given stories like this one: Suspects sought in 13 armed robberies committed in a day on Northwest, West Sides, where the suspects are described as “…Black men between 18 to 30 years old, around 5-foot-10 to 6-foot-tall, and slim builds”.

Again using just black and White numbers (b/w), there are a total of 165,574 robbery offenders identified. In this case blacks are identified as the offender 110,082 times, or 66.5% of robbery suspects in 2022, or over five times their population. Whites on the other hand, subtracting out the 25,650 offenders identified as Hispanic leaves 29,842 offenders. That works out to right at 18%. When it comes to robbery, Whites are the offender at a rate of under 1/3 of their percentage of the population while blacks are around 5 times their proportion. Hispanics come in at around 15% of offenders, somewhat lower than their 19% stated percentage of the population.

Looking once more at victims, we see Whites victimized at far higher rates than they offend. Almost twice as many Whites were victims compared to blacks again reinforcing that black on White crime is much higher.

The final major category of violent crime is aggravated assault. Simple assault is usually defined as the threat of violence, while aggravated assault is an actual violent attack or the threat of a violent attack with a weapon. It is sort of a catch-all term for a lot of offenses, from sucker punching someone to flashing a gun.

The offender numbers are fairly even. Our of a total of 501,354 b/w assault offender, 269,097 are White and 232,257 are black but when we subtract out the 79,205 Hispanic offenders, that leaves us with 189,892 White offenders, or around 38% of the total, well under the 59% of the population that is White. Hispanics come in around 15.7% of the total, or slightly under their 19%. On the other hand, blacks are a little over 46% of the identified offenders or over 3 1/2 times their population percentage.

As we continue to see, Whites are dramatically more likely to be victims of aggravated assault than blacks. These numbers are a little hard to work with as there are not only more White and mestizo victims of aggravated assault than the offender numbers, there are also a lot more blacks identified as victims than as offenders. Aggravated assault is a tough category to deal with as many violent assaults are not reported and there is no way to determine how many of these assaults actually involved physical violence versus the threat of physical violence, nor are there levels. If you get murdered, you are dead. If you are assaulted, it could mean a bar fight where a single punch was thrown or it could mean being beaten into a coma.

The overall chart for violent crime shows that nearly half of all violent crime is committed by blacks despite blacks being only 12.7% of the population while Whites commit only 1/3 of all violent crime in America despite being 59% of the population.

The FBI has a category for property crime that includes arson, burglary, larceny theft and motor vehicle theft. These are considered “non-violent” crimes. Stealing a car, “motor vehicle theft”, I assume means stealing a parked vehicle as opposed to carjacking, and I also don’t know if carjacking is categorized as aggravated assault (threatening with a weapon) or robbery. For the sake of brevity I am using the “All Property Crime” category rather than breaking down the individual categories. Because of the nature of these crimes, the “Unknown” category is much larger than for other crimes. If you are leaving for work in the morning and your car is gone, you have no idea whether a black guy or White guy stole your car unless an arrest is made.

Taking a total of known offenders of 1,923,548 and segregating the Hispanic percentage we see blacks are around 38% of property crime offenders or around triple their percentage of the population, Whites come in right at 50%, significantly under their percentage of the whole, and mestizos at 11% well under their proportion and curiously low. The victim numbers are what you might expect, with black victims at around the same number as known black offenders while Whites and mestizos both reporting much higher numbers of identified victims compared to identified offenders.

To summarize, in the “big categories” beyond the infamous black murder per capita numbers, we see that blacks are 2.5 times their population in rape, 5 times their population in robbery, 3.5 times in aggravated assault and 3 times their overall percentage in property crimes. While none of those match the black murder rate that comes in at over 4.5 times their per capita population, it does show that in all forms of crime blacks are overrepresented by significant percentages, more than double their population in every category we looked at, while Whites are well underrepresented in every category we looked at.

There are no surprises there, these numbers are well documented and cited. I also want to look at some more specific “Individual Offenses” that appear on the UCR but don’t get as much attention.

First up, animal cruelty. Obviously there aren’t victim numbers here as the “victims” are animals.

Looking at the b/w known offenders, out of a total of 16,332 offenders, blacks are 4,646 or 28%. Non-Hispanic Whites come in around 9,932 or 60%, right above the 59%. Hispanics come in around 10.7%. If I may be allowed to engage in some supposition here, animal cruelty is highly cultural. What a middle aged White woman would see as unspeakably cruel wouldn’t necessarily be even noticed among blacks or mestizos, much less Asians. Even the Amish often engage in what might seem “cruel” to a non-Amish White while breaking a horse for example or in raising puppies. Dog fighting is far more culturally acceptable among blacks and mestizos than Whites as another example and that might explains why the mestizo numbers seem so low despite a culture that often includes dog fighting or cock fighting.

Next is “Assisting Or Promoting Prostitution” or what is more commonly known as “Pimping” or “Pimpin'”. Again there are not victims listed here. This is not the same as human trafficking, that gets it’s own category.

The total b/w known offenders is 3,122. black offenders are 1,506 or 48%. Non-Hispanic Whites are 1,331 or 42% with mestizos rounding out the rest. Not surprising given stereotypes, blacks are over 3.5 times as likely to be pimpin’ as their percentage of the population.

Drug/narcotic offenses are next.

The b/w total is 1,121,271. Of that number, 357,074 are black or 31.8% or 2.5 times their overall population. Non-Hispanic Whites are 618,546 or 55%. I expected the percentage to be higher than that, instead it is slightly lower than White’s 59% of the population. Mestizos came in with 146,651, or 13%, again a number I thought would be higher. I suspect that marijuana decriminalization efforts have a lot to do with this as many of the most populous states allow recreation marijuana. With the issues surrounding fentanyl, meth and other pill abuse that are supposedly so rampant among Whites, I really expected the White percentage to be higher than it was.

The next category I chose to look at was embezzlement and this is the epitome of “white collar crime” so I am expecting to see a lot more Whites busted for this.

The b/w total is 29,246. For blacks the total was 11,620 or right around 40%, much higher than I expected. Whites total 14,470 or 49% and mestizos rounding out the remaining 10%. Embezzlement is usually a crime of opportunity, someone is given access to funds and decides to siphon off a little at a time. This seems like something you would see a lot more Whites arrested for but they are actually around 10% underrepresented while blacks are triple their per capita representation.

The next one I chose as I am trying to pin down sex related crimes was “fondling”. The legal definition revolves around the touching of someone’s “private parts” and doing so “for the purpose of sexual gratification”. It includes touching children and other who are unable to give consent for a variety of reasons.

I was surprised at the number of criminal complaints for fondling. I wonder how many involve minors? The b/w total was 65,786. Of that total, 16,359 were blacks or about 25%, or just under double their per capita representation. Whites were 37,599 or 57%, right at the population total while mestizos were 11,828 or 18%, again very close to their representation. Notice here we do have victims listed and while Whites, presumably almost all women/girls, are dramatically higher than the number of White offenders, black women are actually significantly lower than the number of black offenders. That suggests black men were fondling quite a few White women/girls.

This is kind of a tough one to pin down, if a dude puts his hand on the upper thigh of a woman that is technically fondling but how often would the woman in question press charges? Also, culture and cultural norms are in play here. It used to be common if not acceptable to smack or pinch women on the butt (ex. waitresses) but now that is not acceptable. I would guess back in the day a lot of dudes in the workplace were “fondling” female co-workers but that probably isn’t happening much today. What might be considered outrageous among Whites might not be for mestizos and it is perhaps safe to assume that a mestizo or black girl that is fondled might be less likely to press charges than a White woman or girl.

I wanted to throw hacking in there, most hackers are of unknown race because they aren’t caught but of those that are the numbers break down closer to what I expected.

I didn’t bother carving out mestizos in this case as there were very few identified. The b/w total was 1,671 and Whites are 76% of that total with blacks the other 24%, and I found that somewhat surprising.

There are two categories for human trafficking, one for “Commercial Sex Acts” and one for “Involuntary Servitude”. I am looking just at the commercial sex acts, which I assume is code for forced prostitution, as the involuntary servitude one had a very small sample size.

In this category, the b/w total is 1,659. The black offender number is 821, right at 50% which of course is close to quadruple their population. Whites were 583, or 35% and mestizos came in with 255 or 15%. Sex trafficking is something that wasn’t really talked about much years ago but is gaining prominence and like every sex crime category we have looked at so far it shows a dramatic overrepresentation among blacks. Notice also that the victims of sex trafficking are overwhelmingly White.

The next category might be the most revolting but also one where the incidents are certainly far more numerous than the arrests: incest.

The total number here is only around 1200 but that unfortunately drastically undercounts the actual incidents. The b/w total is 1,123 and the black offender number of 183 is a little over 16%, barely above the black 12.7% of the population. The non-Hispanic White number is 807 or 71%, a significant overrepresentation. Mestizos round out the remainder with just shy of 12%. As I said incest is almost certainly a far bigger problem than the numbers shown above would indicate and there are again likely cultural issues involved in reporting the crimes but however you slice it, Whites are overrepresented here for the first time (keeping in mind that Whites includes Middle Easterners and Jews). It would have been easy to leave that category out but I am dedicated to being open with the numbers.

Next up is kidnapping, a very serious crime and one I would think would be considered a violent crime. I was stunned by the numbers…

The b/w total is 39,314. Of that figure, blacks are 14,661 or 37%. Whites were 17,714 or 45% and Hispanics came in at 6,939 or 17%.

However there is another set of data that I haven’t been including, and that has to do with the relationship between the offender and victim….

What we don’t know is if the “boyfriend/girlfriend” category is “A 19 year old guy takes off with his 16 year old girlfriend” kind of “abductions” or a “non-custodial” parent taking off with their own child, as those seem to be the vast majority of Amber Alerts around here. The actual stranger kidnapping someone is “only” 3,683 which is still a lot but less than 10% of the total kidnapping/abductions.

There is a category for “Pornography/obscene Material” but I am not sure what that means or if that is only in certain states. Is it producing porn or possessing porn? No idea so I am skipping it and moving on to prostitution, in this case the actual prostitute rather than the pimp or John.

The b/w total is 7,714. Of that, blacks are 3,501 or 45%. Whites were 2,927 or 37% and mestizos 16%. The final leg of the three legged stool of prostitution are the Johns who pay for sex.

The total b/w figure is 2,316 (drastically lower than the number of prostitution arrests). Of that figure, blacks are 639 or 27%. Whites come in at 885, 38% and Hispanics were 792 or 34%. The mestizo number kind of surprised me.

Now a more grotesque crime, “Sexual Assault With An Object”.

The b/w total was 6,761. Of that total, 1,671 were blacks, or 24%. Whites totaled 3,735 and that is 55% or just below their per capita representation of the country of 59%. Hispanics were 1,355 or 20%. The next category I saw was sodomy but that again is an odd one because laws against sodomy (which includes not just anal sex but also oral sex and bestiality) were mostly struck down in 2003, so I guess these are forcible sodomy cases but I am not sure why this gets a separate category from rape therefore I am leaving that one out (although I will point out that blacks accounted for over 32% of sodomy cases so I am not leaving it out because it doesn’t fit the narrative).

I will instead move to statutory rape, a somewhat easier category to define. In general it refers to sex with a minor under the age of consent but it does not include overt force. It is kind of murky, there are exceptions like “Romeo and Juliet” where there is an adult and a minor under the age of consent but the ages are close enough and they are in a relationship so it is not considered statutory rape.

The total number of b/w incidents was 6,774 and of those, 1,751 were committed by blacks, accounting for almost 26% of all cases. Whites were the offender 3,752 times, or 55% and mestizos were 18%. Again, statutory rape is a crime where the number of actual incidents is certainly many times higher than the number of arrests as the vast majority are never reported.

There are other interesting categories we could look at, like weapon law violations where blacks are an absolute majority presumably because of the recidivism of black criminals who are caught with a firearm after a felony conviction but the categories I covered are the ones I wanted to focus on and the most critical.

The picture these statistics paint is one most people already understand. In every single category of crime, from violent crimes like murder and rape to property crimes and individual crimes, blacks are overrepresented as a percentage of offenders relative to their percentage of the overall populations. In some cases it is only double per capita but in other categories like murder where blacks commit homicide at a rate 4.5 times their representation or robbery where blacks are offenders at a rate five times their population as a whole, the difference is more dramatic. On the flip side, in virtually every category of crime listed above, Whites are underrepresented and often are dramatically underrepresented as is the case with robbery.

There is nothing new here of course but I felt it was important to take the time to work through and document these statistics. As more municipal governments refuse to report because “equity”, it will be more difficult to have data based discussions of violent crime in America at the same time that violent crime is rising rapidly and becoming more of a concern for Americans. It is also an important reminder that it is not just murder. In every criminal category blacks are overrepresented by a significant factor, including not just violent crime but property crimes and all forms of sexual crime.

Any errors in methodology or simple math errors are mine alone.


  1. Ohio Copperhead

    Glad you took took the time to do this, and I don’t mean to sound like a prick but . . . the whole thing just has such a mind numbingly “Black Dog Bites White Man” story feel to it.

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    I’m loving the Brandon mayor of Baltimore and his catch me outside moment.
    Just let black hand of economics zones wilt, CPUSA (D) donors can take care of their plantation pets with cargo cult czars (historic!) in a please eat me last crocodile moment.
    Any bets on who will secede first from the steaming fourth world turd FUSA?
    CommieradO loves to be first and the subhuman vermin Long March maggots want to make it one of their HQ.
    The Great Society experiment has failed and the melting chamber pot of diversity is overwhelming us all with the stench here in West South Africa.

  3. Max Wiley

    I recently saw a breakdown of those statistics that showed that black women had higher per capita rates of most crimes, including robbery, assault, and murder, than White men.
    You want to send your average state power leftist into a screaming fit, dismantle their gun control argument by showing that the difference in crime statistics between high gun control European countries and the US is not the presence of firearms but completely made up of the criminal activities of blacks.
    Whites in the US are more law abiding than many countries in the EU that are touted as model societies, guns and all.

    • TakeAHardLook

      An important distinction! I’ve also read that, were blacks to be non-existent in NYC (happy thought) the need for the NYPD would become one for traffic cops, more than for any other purpose.

      Murder, rape, throwing citizens under trains, etc–most events would disappear altogether.

    • Gryphon

      I saw mentioned in an article a few days ago (I think it was Gates of Vienna) that said that in several “EU” countries, like Austria and Sweden, over 50% of Violent Crime, and 90% of Rape and Murder, were committed by ‘immigrants’. But People and Politicians who dare to talk about this are routinely Arrested and Charged with “Hate Crime” for doing so.

      Swedish Breadcrumbs? do you put them on Swedish Meatballs?

  4. Anonymous

    Jeez, man, you’ve got WAY too much time on your hands. We all know the facts. Niggaz is gonna lead in every criminal category you can name other than White collar crime. They are a plague and a burden, and no sentient being can deny it. Why waste your time preaching to the choir? The people who need to see this evidence will turn a blind eye and just call you rayciss for noticing.

    There is a reckoning coming, and humankind will ultimately be redeemed. Negroes are merely a test of faith and will.

  5. ERJ

    I am cursed because I have a passing knowledge of statistics.

    The bane of criminal justice is that victims grossly under-report crimes. Especially illegal immigrants.

    Details about the perpetrators of crimes is often intentionally misreported by victims. Especially Black Women. Especially WOKE, white women. It can be fear of retribution. It can be a misplaced sense of “justice”. Regardless of reasons, it happens.

    Because the data for “minor” crimes is so polluted, my inclination is to look at just the race of the victims of homicide. Homicides cannot be swept under the carpet. The race of the victim is beyond dispute. And in the vast majority of cases, the race of the perp is the same as that of the victim.

    At its core, nearly all crime is committed by the same people. They have low impulse control. They have no respect for other people. They are excessively optimistic about future consequences. The race of the dead bodies tells us which “culture” produces a disproportionate share of those people.

  6. Don Curton

    While that’s great work, get ready for the hispanic contingent to take their share of the spotlight. Right now, most illegal immigrant crimes are against other illegals, thus unreported. Or, like theft, they don’t get caught so again, unknown and not reported. But at the rate we’re letting them in, I suspect they’ll give the blacks a run for their money soon. Down here in the South we have professional hispanic gangs running all sorts of criminal activities. It’s not unusual for someone to purchase a brand new truck, drive it home, and later that night it is stolen. They have spotters, dealership informers, they know addresses, and there’s no crude hot-wiring like the 70’s, nope, they have professional key hackers such that they can simply get in and drive away in seconds.

    Also, incest is baked into their culture. I’d guess that 90% of hispanic incest is never reported.

    In any event, thanks for crunching the numbers.

  7. Gryphon

    Arthur, thanks for taking the Time to compile these Statistics in a very useful way – while everyone who is even mildly Aware of the Fact that breadcrumb- and taco-‘americans’ are the largest part of the Violent Crime numbers, having this as a Reference is invaluable.

  8. Mike_C

    That must have been a LOT of work to put together. FWIW I appreciate it.

    Yes, as you say, noticing patterns is racist. But worse than that, it’s also anti-Semitic.

    Speaking of which, Sam Bankman-Fried was sentenced to 25 years for massive fraud. (Let’s see how much time he actually serves once this is out of the public eye.) Poor SB-F. Apparently the obviously anti-Semitic judge did not take into account Sam’s “autism”. Wait. Whut? The judge is named Kaplan? Well, he must be one of those “self-loathing Jews” projecting his psychopathology onto SB-F who is clearly The Real Victim in all of this. Anyway, the point of this SB-F sidebar is:

    Sure, “13 do 50” — but when it comes to major financial crimes that have the potential to create market crashes and thus “require” massive taxpayer bailouts, what are THOSE statistics? “Oh-two do ???” What, seventy, eighty? You tell me.

    PS since the “autism” angle didn’t work, I suggest that young Sam suddenly discover he’s a transwoman. “It’s Bankma’am-Fried! BankMA’AM!!!”

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