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New Outlet For My Naughty ThoughtCrimes

If you missed the Gab fiasco, Andrew Torba announced that only paid or verified members would be able to post media on Gab. It doesn’t impact me as I am already a paid “Pro” member as well as being verified, easy to do as I post and blog using my rather unique real name. Torba’s excuse was that there are a lot of bot accounts mass posting media to flood Gab’s servers, which may be true for all I know. Like I said, it doesn’t impact me plus I just sent $100 for another year of Gab plus last month. I mostly read posts from less than 100 people on Gab using the customized feed and a couple of groups I am in, the rest of the people I “follow” are either MAGA dorks or spend all of their time bitch slapping each other over who is actually right wing and who is in fact a secret Jew. Very tiresome.

Anyway, someone I interacted with on Gab and who comments here, Tactless Wookie, declared he was pretty much ditching Gab and moving to Poast. I had sort of heard of it before but when I did a search for it so I could check it out one of the first search results was some faggot at USA Today (“News for people that cannot read”) who wrote of Poast….

You may have never heard of Poast before. The two-year-old site is not widely known outside of extremist circles and the researchers who study racist, homophobic and antisemitic communities online. But the site, which has about 30,000 users, has become a refuge for some of the most hateful communities on the internet, according to reports in the Daily Dot.

Or this from “Global Project Against Hate and Extremism (GPAHE)”

An analysis by the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism (GPAHE) of the recent leak exposing the Direct Messages (DMs) and email addresses of the far-right social media network Poast reveals a cesspool of hate. The site’s 30,000 users traffic in graphic racism, anti-LGBTQ+ hatred, and neo-Nazism. Violent language, along with discussions about doxxing both anti-fascist activists and other Poast users, were also prominent within the leaked messages. The leak provides illuminating evidence of how people with extremist beliefs talk to, and attack, others in private messages, and use unregulated forums to radicalize users.

A refuge for hateful communities? A cesspool of hate? Well shit, that sounds like my kinda place!

The “Global Project Against Hate and Extremism (GPAHE)” is a pretty standard, generic “hate group watchdog” that spends all of it’s time telling anyone that will listen that White people are bad, including of course the tired and silly trope that “White supremacy” is the greatest terrorist threat in the U.S..

We need to do better as blacks and mestizos are causing far more violence and chaos! The outfit is run by a couple of chicks, I assume at least one is a lesbian and maybe both. One founder is named Wendy Via and she has done nothing but bullshit anti-White jobs for her entire adult life based on LinkedIn, going back to 2001 when she started working for the anti-White hate group called the Southern Poverty Law Center where she “worked” for 16 years. While she was there I assume she met the other co-founder, Heidi Beirich, an employee of the SPLC for over 20 years, from 1999 to 2019. She is one of the homeliest women in America….

No, that is not a toad. I think….

….and I got a chuckle out of her LinkedIn page….

She was in college pretty much without a break from 1985 to 1998, or around 13 years. Then upon graduating she went right to work for the SPLC in 1999. In other words, this ugly ass bitch named Heidi Beirich has never done anything of any value in her entire life. Seriously, 13 years in college? I guess after more than a dozen years of being rejected by White dudes at college, she is carrying around a ton of resentment (as well as extra fat on her ass) and that explains her general hatred for White people. I suppose if I was that ugly I would also be angry and resentful of everyone less homely than me.

Anyhoo, since people like Tactless Wookie are on Poast and it seems to be drawing a lot of ex-Gab users, and people like Heidi Beirich hate it, I figured I should get an account over there. You can hook up with me, the user name is the same as usual: If you have an account there, either send me a follow or comment below with your user name. I don’t know how much I will post (or poast) over there but it is always nice to have an extra place to interact with /ourguys/.


  1. Tactless Wookie

    Yeeees. A little extra hate with your coffee is delicious!

    Although I’m not sure I’d follow that Tactless Wookie dude. He’s kinda sketchy.

  2. Don W Curton

    Outside of reading and commenting on individual blogs like this, I’ve pretty much avoided all other social media. Then, in a fit of insanity, I signed into Gab about 3 months or so back. Tagged a few people to follow, and next thing you know, my feed is nothing but them and others throwing insults back and forth and re-posting stupid come-backs from each other’s comments sections. The few memes and fewer actual informative/entertaining posts weren’t really worth the amount of BS I had to wade thru. Then the latest which pretty much convinced me to drop it.

    Might look at poast, if nothing else to have a place to go be a nazi in safety.

  3. Berglander

    Poast had a HUGE leak a few years ago; a ton of DMs were released into the wild.
    I think that’s where Precious Peach‘s bathtub pics came from.
    Sometimes I miss Gab, Poast, and NCD-but I‘m glad I left.

  4. Gryphon

    I would NEVER, as a matter of ‘security’ Pay for Content/Access on the Internet. I feel that if people (like Arthur here) want to post their Opinions, Stories, Art, other people’s Memes, etc, and their stuff Interests me, I’ll look at it. If someone like Torba wants to Paywall all or part of their Site, Whatever, I’ll not bother with it.

    But all the squealing about how Torba has “Harmed Internet Discourse” by asking people to Pay for posting Memes on his site seems a little… Weird. And Yes, I understand how operating your own Servers so you can’t (easily) be Censored by the Internet (((borg))) Is in Fact, Expensive.

  5. J J

    To all those ragging on Gab for the decision to be profitable rather than out of business I say go start your own social media platform, or a website, where you pay for traffic and storage. Then allow all humans and bots to join and post gigabytes of content. Let me know how that works out for you.
    I get it, everyone wants to post all their stuff for free. But as we know from the massive amounts of “free stuff” the government hands out nothing is really free.

    • Tired Citizen

      I have to admit, I am baffled by the outrage too. The guy has no other way to generate income. It’s not like he can get sponsors.

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