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Makes Me Physically Ill

I have mentioned before my youthful love for Dungeons & Dragons, other role playing games and all things fantasy and sci-fi. I still mostly read older fantasy and sci-fi with some true crime and thrillers in the mix. The entire genre was male dominated, almost exclusively by nerdy/intellectual White guys. Most fantasy settings, from Lord of the Rings to Narnia to A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) are based in European style settings and the novels and especially role playing games require a level of creativity and abstract thinking that quite frankly blacks and mestizos are mostly incapable of.

Meanwhile we see the cultural vandalism of what used to be a White guy thing being invaded and perverted by “people” like this

These two grotesque lard-ass dykes at “Sewn Together Reflections” write comic books featuring carpet munchers and faggots.

What does that have to do with role playing games? Nothing except that GenCon, once the premier role playing game convention, endlessly features freaks like these two. Notice in their flag above they portray themselves as fairly slender instead of how they actually look, significantly more like Jabba the Hutt and his wife….

It is cultural vandalism, seizing what White men created and made great, and degrading it with the most revolting specimens they can find.

I am certain that the vast majority of GenCon attendees, along with the people who play role playing games and read fantasy and sci-fi literature, are still stereotypical White males. I know some girls like role playing games and fantasy and sci-fi, my daughters do, but for the most part it is a White guy thing. We can’t have that of course so instead we get prominent exposure for non-Whites, sexual degenerates and women wherever possible.

That is why I have never gone to GenCon even though I think it would probably be cool and is right in my home state of Indiana. I won’t spend my hard earned bucks on overpriced passes that help subsidize this bullshit.

Fortunately there is a nearly limitless treasure trove of pre-woke bullshit in the fantasy and sci-fi world. Hell, I can read Dune and Glen Cook’s The Black Company series every year. They can try to ruin what White men created but as long as we have the original material we can go on ignoring their attempts to subvert it with fat dykes.


  1. Heath J

    Brother, Gen Con is largely awesome, but the woke squad absolutely owns it these days. We went in 2019, tried new games, looked at all the nerd shit and had a great time. But when we got our badges they had these little ribbons… Pronouns. Rainbows. All the gay shit you can imagine. I had an absolute blast mocking the shit out of the entire thing every time someone tried to get me to play along. Calling it faggotry, out loud is basically yelling nigger to that bunch. Hilarious.

    At the time I said never again, but on reflection I might have to go back some day. The fat cosplayers, furrys and degenerates in general are off putting, but make for some excellent people watching. And then there’s the good ones. Some of those people put in work and the finished product is excellent. You still have some of the oldschool crowd there too. Met the artist that did a bunch of the old DnD covers that worked with Gygax. Guy and his wife were cool as hell.

    I guess my point is I’m not willing to give up the ground to those disgusting fucks. Nerd fandom is alive and well, in spite of all attempts to chase us out. WOTC can drink bleach.

  2. Big Ruckus D

    Clearly, a large part of the problem is that we (in the FUSA) have experienced a massive genetic and psychological collapse that has resulted in an incredible proliferation of fuckups, freaks and degenerates. These specimens (I’ll not give them the deference of calling them people) all need someplace to go and something to do. So it something of a chicken versus egg issue. Certainly many of the fuckups were/are created specifically via environmental conditioning to supply the shock troops meant to ruin society. But many of these people are just legitimate defectives, irrespective of efforts specifically tailored at creating screwed up weirdos.

    The reasons are myriad; diet, “medicine”, etc. So now we are subjected to the endless parade of circus freaks, and there’s no circuses to keep them busy and mostly out of sight, so they are shoehorned into gen pop where they cause us endless suffering and insult to the perception and enjoyment of our surroundings.

    When one stops and considers how many shrieking feminist sea cows, blue haired hog ringed ham planets, pedofags, soyjacks and so forth there really are, then one can understand my belief that a massive malthusian die off is not only assured; it is, in point of fact, badly needed. We cannot have a civilization when the carrying capacity for these freaks has been so massively exceeded as it is now.

    We have followed a most extreme dysgenic path the past 30-40 years at least, with Gen X (of which I am a part) being the last generation that remained fairly normal in appearance and mindset, and even there, the damage was starting to set in. Since then, it’s gone heavily to shit and now we are face to face with the results.

    Something that will force a more eugenic direction for the human species just happen. Either “mother nature” will provide a solution, or eventually the remaining normal contingent of humanity will have to do the unspeakable and clean house.

    • Hickocks Ghost

      “These specimens (I’ll not give them the deference of calling them people) all need someplace to go and something to do.”

      Might I suggest they go to fuck off and die. Both needs filled.

      • Big Ruckus D

        Not to you and I, and others of like mind. To the masses however, it is a non-starter. Mostly because many of the masses are those who need to be dispensed with on account of their being unfit for purpose (if the purpose is held to be a functional and civilized society).

        And that part of the masses that isn’t outright fucked up is too concerned with being “nice and tolerant” to contemplate doing such things, much less at the scale now required. Hence, our downfall as a species that enables the most dysgenic shite conceivable. Of course, those of us paying attention know that the masters of the universe are already in the process of culling the unwashed masses. One thinks back to those Deagle world population projections, and it is apparent the means by which the world arrives at those figures are afoot.

        • Lineman

          Yea true that most would rather live with the smell, the rodents, the disease, than actually do some self reflection and see that they are going to have to sacrifice for it to ever get cleaned/cleared up…

  3. Anonymous

    Knowing exactly dick about any of this, my first guess would have been that GenCon in the modern era referred to something involving gender. Not so? Good.

    As for that tag team of black ‘n white blunderbusses, isn’t it considered insulting to Communities of Size for them to flatter themselves with slimmer avatars on their flag? I thought that any hint of wishing to shed even an ounce of their patriarchy-smashing, girl-boss gelatinous blubber was antithetical to the Fat-is-Fabulous Movement.

    Not getting between either of those two and the buffet line, let me tell you what.

  4. Exile1981

    Both of those two have an innate knowledge of scifi, both of them are so fat that they have their own gravity well.

  5. Mike_C

    Since you are aware of the Critical Drinker I’m reasonably certain you’re similarly aware of Nerdrotic, Ryan Kinel, and so forth. Non-woke, and actively anti-woke geek culture is not only alive, but growing in terms of pushing back. The Institutions of nerd-dom have largely been captured/subverted by the enemy, but They don’t represent even 50% of the community. In as much as “community” exists.

    > require a level of creativity and abstract thinking
    Yes, that. But not only that. I’ve been told by a friend who’s an ardent gamer that first-person shooters (at least the ones that also require tactics and teamwork) are dominated by whites and East Asians. Something to do with a combination of response time, fine motor control, and ability to reason rapidly under stress. Friend (who is Taiwanese and purely loathes negroes) says that not having to deal with monkeyshines is one of the things he likes most about gaming. I have no independent corroboration of Friend’s claims, but I would not be surprised if it were true.

  6. Anon

    There are still a lot of smaller publishers out there at least and things like “model-agnostic wargames/rpgs” where you don’t have to buy from certain companies to play their game but can use from what you got lying around or can kitbash for fun, buying and supporting who you want.

    There is still plenty of fun nerdy shit out there. It’s just a shame that everything is going to hell.

  7. LGC

    1. who is buying this dreck? They are getting funded from somewhere (yeah, i can guess, rhymes with juice).

    2. If you haven’t read Horatio Hornblower (the series) you’ll be blown away by how good it is. (yes it’s not sci-fi, more historical fi). Also how advanced reading it is compared to the dreck that is out there today. And it was written for boys, not adults. (30’s, 40’s, 50’s).

    3. GenX last somewhat normal generation, 1st generation to realize it was all lies.

  8. Alex Lund

    Yes, RPGs are infiltrated too.
    According to the rules of Shadowrun the population of Germany has a ratio of maybe 4 native Germans, 1 turkish “german”, one russian “german” and one negro “german”.
    While they say that the big evil Nazis do exist in Shadowrun they are mostly replaced by Humanis (a group that is pro human, but anti.elves, anti trolls, anti dwarfs and anti orcs (Those are the main races))
    But I was more than surprised when in a 5th edition book about hooders (Shadowrunners who help but demand no money) Humanis and its orc/troll counterpart Sons of Sauron were said to be the same – just different corners.

    Abandoning the concept of evil races in D&D (drow, orcs) etc. I really liked it the old way.

    And when they decided to abandon the names Rommel and Patton for two tanks of the Lyran Commonwealth in Battletech because WOKE, I began saying goodbye to Battletech.
    I still play but this woke nonsense is too much.
    Why dont they make their own inclusive games, like “Thirsty Sword Lesbians”? (No kidding, this game does exist.)

  9. Phil B

    Those two … creatures you used in the picture are not so much Jabba the Hutt as Pizza the Hutt.

    Look on the bright side. They are digging their graves with a knife and fork.

  10. Mike_C

    Oh goodness. I only just now noticed that the black one has what looks like a 32oz shake in the cup in front of her. (It’s probably not a soft drink given the weird orangey-pink color, plus there’s also a water bottle next to it.) Once you start noticing that many morbidly obese people have food or soda at all times it’s hard to un-notice.

  11. Mike in Canada

    Gaming used to be fun, back in the day (fie on your newfangled d20 systems…THAC0 til I die!!). It’s funny… all the people I used to game with have proven themselves (woke) unworthy as they got older, so we have (blessedly) lost touch.
    Ironically, I now possess all the books etc I wanted at the time, but there is no one to play with.
    Maybe I can teach my kids.
    All this woke shit can burn in hell (or the nearest, convenient, parallel dimension)…

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