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Lie Down With Dogs, Get Up With Fleas (Or Maybe Never Get Up Again)

I have been remiss in posting this, although most likely already saw it and if we are honest, most people (even /ourguys/) have already forgotten it. The firehose of bad news makes us numb, intentionally, to the endless stories of black violence incited by the hateful anti-White rhetoric They feed them. Even so, I want to publish their names and perhaps this will serve as a warning to someone, somewhere.


The killing took place in Colorado Springs, at the University of Colorado campus in that town. The accused killer, Nicholas Jordan, is alleged to have murdered two people, Samuel Knopp and Celie Montgomery, having shot both. No surprise, the victims are both White and their killer is black, and that is all the explanation you need for why this crime has gotten very little national attention.

Samuel Knopp & Celie Montgomery

Knopp was a senior majoring in music, Montgomery was not a student but I assume she had some sort of relationship with Knopp. Nicholas Jordan is from Detroit and was enrolled as a student at UC-CS and apparently was a roommate of Samuel Knopp in their dorm room. In most cases you don’t get to choose your roommate in a dorm and in this instance the pairing turned lethal. The “reason” for the shooting, if you can attribute a higher brain function like reasoning to an animal like Nicholas Jordan, stemmed from a dispute over Jordan being a slob.

A college student accused of killing his roommate and another person at a University of Colorado-Colorado Springs dorm room last week told his roommate a month earlier he would “kill him” if he was asked to take out the trash again, according to a court document released Friday.

The dispute in early January was reported to campus police and housing officials but there is no indication in court documents that university officials made any attempt to remove the suspect from the room despite multiple reports of conflicts, including the threat…..

…..Another roommate who also lived with Knopp and Jordan told investigators that he and Knopp made multiple complaints about Jordan’s “living area cleanliness,” and his marijuana and cigarette smoking, besides the incident that led to the threat being made over the trash, the document said. The threat came after Knopp gathered some trash in a bag and placed it at the door of Jordan’s bedroom in the pod-style dorm, which included a shared living area and individual bedrooms, the other roommate said.

“Mr. Jordan threatened Mr. Knopp and told him that he would ”kill him” and there would be consequences if Mr. Jordan was asked to take out the trash again,” police said in the document.

Jordan filed a request to withdraw from the university about 14 hours before the fatal shootings. His dorm room was empty when police arrived, court records said.

Jordan was smoking both pot and cigarettes and generally didn’t clean up after himself. What a shocker from a member of America’s second most entitled minority.

Roommates forced to live together in dorm settings often have minor squabbles. When I was at THE Ohio State University as a freshman, my three roommates were all pretty decent dudes but the guys across the hall would get pissed at each other and had two sets of boxing gloves so they could smack each other around to let off steam without anyone getting hurt. You just have to learn to deal with living with strangers without any sort of parental supervision, it is part of growing up.

Some people never grow up and some groups have an overabundance of people that never grow up. According to the second story quoted above, Nicholas Jordan was a junior and studying accounting but it also mentions that he is 25 years old and had just dropped out of school. I took a little longer to graduate that four years because of losing credits when I transferred from Ohio State and having two children while in school, having taken off a semester, but at 25 and only a junior? Upper level accounting classes are pretty complicated especially if you are not terribly smart and high most of the time like Mr. Jordan, making me wonder if he was actually anywhere close to completing his degree or was just hanging around campus to avoid gainful employment. In fact I suspect he was about to flunk out of school.

Whatever happened, UC-CS apparently ignored the warnings that Nicholas Jordan had threatened to kill his roommate and the school will be opening up their checkbook soon to write enormous checks to the families of Mr. Knopp and Ms. Montgomery. It also makes me wonder what role race played. Did a White roommate of a black “student” hesitate to complain out of fear of being seen as “racist”? Did the school ignore the complaints and warnings because Jordan is black?

In this case it wasn’t his fault, presumably Mr. Knopp was assigned Nicholas Jordan as a roommate, but the saying still holds true. Being in proximity with blacks, whether by choice or by chance, dramatically increases the odds of something bad happening.

We shouldn’t have to live like this.


  1. Lasagna

    No evidence he did it or if there was a murder. They didn’t find a gun , they didn’t say they tested his hands for gun residue. They just said they had a suspect. And no DNA.
    Anything to blame a Black.
    As a person of color I will not stand for such lie bell.


  2. Bug Ruckus D

    There once was a nig from Detroit
    He wasn’t exactly adroit
    Like a lazy black bum,
    He turned his dorm into a slum
    and then shot his white roommate for spite.

  3. Don Curton

    Dollars to donuts that the black guy knew, just fricking knew, he could yell, cuss, scream and threaten some random White guys and 99 times out of 100 the White guy would back down to avoid any issues. He could do what he wanted and no Whites could tell him otherwise. Cause that’s what he’s been taught day in, day out his entire life. That most Whites are afraid of blacks, afraid of conflict, willing to back down and take the trash out themselves just to keep the peace. And apparently the roommate didn’t get the message and tried some passive-aggressive shit like leaving a trash bag by his door. That don’t work with blacks.

  4. Bobsuruncle

    In the early 90’s i was involved in four gun incidents in college, i took away one gun which was from a white dude that blew a hole through the dorm wall at 1 am, while i guess contemplating suicide, three of the four gun incidents at college were inner-city “scholars” on a 9-credit a semester full-ride, nice aye? All Total, it was Three pistols and one AK the pavement ape cut loose outside the dorms. I was a reserve cop and weapons instructor at the time, so gun fuckery wasnt anything new. I just didnt figure it would be at an institution of higher stupidity. College admissions should include a gunfire residue test since college admission tests are null and racist.

    Nothing has changed in 30+ years move along, move along….

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