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It Is Hard To Believe

Here we are in March and just four years ago this week we were at the very early stages of the Covid-19, China Virus, Coronavirus, whatever name you use, “pandemic”. None of us really understood what was coming. Few of our fellow Americans still quite comprehend what happened. Hell, I am not sure I really do, at least not completely. Someone posted this on Facebook last night….

That really hits home. I knew 2020 was going to be a shit show with Orange Man Bad, the Cheeto Hitler, up for “re-election” and I knew They would go all out to keep him from another four years. Pretty much I knew things were going to be crazy. Did I foresee what actually happened? Not even close.

My posts in March of 2020 viewed today are interesting. One post I wrote on March 23rd, America Holds Her Breath, was at the start of the “shelter-in-place” lockdowns, with churches being ordered to stop gathering, stores out of everything, etc. I wrote at the time:

I am not sure if many people understand that we are in the very beginning of this disaster, not the middle or near the end. The number of cases is still fairly low but if I understand the charts and they are accurate, we are looking at a significant uptick this week and even more so the following. Instead of a few people dying in a state like Indiana, it will be dozens or even hundreds.

The ripple effects of the shutdown will start being felt soon as orders are cancelled, more workers are sent home to wait it out and industries start to mothball machinery for an indeterminate amount of time. From restaurants to construction to entertainment, people are going to be out of work and being very stingy with their money which will snowball into other industries.

Many businesses just never re-opened, especially small “mom and pop” kind of places. I know now that most of the statistics we were being fed about “new cases” and people dying “from” Covid were bullshit at best but at the time it was very uncertain. No one had any idea that in just a few months later, Saint George Floyd of The Fentanyl, praise be upon Him, would be martyred by police while hopped up on enough drugs to kill a rhinoceros after trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill. Within a week, the video was being played over and over by the media and cities were starting to burn in a mostly peaceful fashion, kicking off the Summer Of Love. The carnage has been incredible. In 2019 there were 414 mass shootings according to the Gun Violence Archive. In 2020 that number jumped to 610 and has been above 600 every year since, including a record 689 in 2021. Ignored by the media is that with a handful of exceptions, those mass shootings were carried out by black men against other blacks. The deaths of George Floyd (pbuh), Breonna Taylor and a few others resulted in the deaths of hundreds of blacks and the shooting of thousands.

That is the real challenge of prepping. By it’s very nature, preparing for the unknown makes it hard to know where to focus. If you knew that on July 32nd, 2025 there would be an EMP attack that would take out the entire U.S.? Well that makes your prepping a lot easier because you know exactly what is going to happen and when. That reminds me of another post from March 2020, Choose Wisely, when Ol’ Remus was still around for a few more months:

Ol’ Remus at the Woodpile Report is back after the passing of his wife with a short post and it contains some pithy wisdom:

These are your choices. They always were and they always will be.

Prepare when no one else is preparing.

Panic when everyone else is panicking.

Got food? Ammo? Meds? It’s too late now to prepare adequately for the pandemic much less the impending derailment of civilization itself. Preppers were calmly topping off their stashes in early January, at regular prices, in any quantity with lots-o’-choices. They saw the foreshadow of this emergency and acted appropriately. Prepping always looks crazy until the rug gets pulled. Paranoia is a survival tool, panic is not.

Not much you can add to that. Choose wisely, after the China virus you might not be so lucky when the next crisis comes and it will come.

It was a short post but I believe one of his best, with a ton of his trademark wisdom packed into just a few sentences. I think I speak for us all when I say we really miss him. Those brief words really get to the heart of your choice:

Prepare when no one else is preparing.

Panic when everyone else is panicking.

There isn’t a third option. Things are still quiet now but can you truly think that they are going to stay that way for much longer? Forward Observer reported that left-wing groups that disappeared after 2020 are being re-animated…..

My current thinking is that either Trump is allowed to “win” and become a scapegoat (see: Setting Up A Scapegoat?) or there is something so catastrophic coming this summer that elections will be suspended. I can’t imagine They seriously plan on going into November with Biden, even if They cheat it will be much harder to convince normies that the election was legit given how unpopular Biden is.

Whatever happens, the lessons of four years ago should be fresh: expect the unexpected and prepare for what you can because no one knows what is coming.


  1. LGC

    and yet STILL people are unwilling to even do some basic prepping. People who should know better and have the resources. They STILL buy just exactly what they need for that week, no extra. (not even buy it cheap and stack it deep). “oh i ran out of toilet paper”. Really? Did we not already learn this lesson? it’s not like it goes bad.

    No, just like the people who took the deathshot, my sympathy is zero. You were warned, repeatably and yet you still refuse to do anything. (like the joke about the guy in the flood praying for God to save him). My give a damn is busted for these people.

    • Scot Irish

      Part of me agrees with “no sympathy”, but another part tells me not to wish bad stuff on people I know.
      It’s very sad because they were sort of forced to do it. “Get the jab or lose your job”.
      The covidiocy really opened my eyes to just how many petty tyrants infest the world.

      • iForget

        As there would be a vast number of people in this situation, I have few doubts they would be extremely happy to act as shock troops when things happen as a great big “thank you” to the people who forcibly shortened their lives. Proud and Glorious Mounties be damned. Some people had exactly zero choice in the matter.

      • LGC

        NO sorry, I don’t buy this. I didn’t then and I don’t now.

        Nobody (or darn near nobody) was FORCED to get the death shot. Yes, there were consequences to not getting the death shot, some were pretty big (no job) but almost nobody was forced at gun point to get the shot.

        Why did everyone think that standing up for what’s right was/is going to be easy? That there are going to be no consequences? That everything is always going to be hunky dory. That you could just go out and stand on the street and then go back home to everything the same?

        No sorry. Choosing to take the easy road instead of the right road has consequences too

        And to be clear I’m not wishing bad stuff on people who STILL aren’t preparing, I just don’t care anymore. My give a damn is busted. Not my people, not my tribe, not my problem.

        • .iForget.

          LGC – who said anything about gun point ? Just be grateful you weren’t forced into it. Many people were, against their will. And they weren’t forcing anyone else into it. The mandates for firefighters and police were only lifted here last month.

          ‘Round these parts, the only ones able to escape the insanity were bludgers, single mommies on welfare, early retirees, pensioners and people without any dependants or mortgage.

          Most very brave heroes™ who escaped the insanity around here fall squarely into one of those categories. Maybe it was different in the USA and you actually had a choice.

  2. Lineman

    Got Tribe…We weathered it fine and were able to help out a ton of people and created a lot of good will because we prepared and had people that were in a lot of different professions that picked up the slack where needed… Hopefully Covid was a learning experience and a test to see where the gaps where for you all like it was for us…

  3. saoirse

    Hats off to my fellow pure-bloods! Anyone that fended off those goddamned jab jackals deserves praise and respect.
    I seriously started prepping after seeing the mass hysteria post 9-11. Last thing I wanted was to be stuck in a city full of hive-minded reactionary idiots – which qualifies all cities – so I started making plans to ‘get outta Dodge’. I’m out and my children/grandchildren are relatively safe, for the time being. Never stop prepping!
    Trumpenstein may well be the fall guy (more like the well-placed catalyst) for the coming turmoil. Regardless, something very bad is really going to go down starting early fall. Anyone paying attention (few are) can see this.

  4. Max Wiley

    Let me let everybody in on the secret: the collapse of the Western financialized economy is now baked into the cake. It can’t be avoided, no matter who is elected or what is done. The last step is to inflate the value of the dollar away to make the debt meaningless, but people miss that this is essentially a bail in of everyone that uses the dollar while the elites walk away with their gains protected. Once again, losses will be socialized while profits are privatized.
    Historically, the citizens of Empires have taken a 30% reduction in their standard of living when their currency loses world reserve status. I firmly believe what is coming is not merely a dollar collapse but the collapse of fiat currency so a 30% reduction would be the best case scenario. 50% is probably the baseline and 70% is not off of the table.
    There is a plan for this: see “The Great Taking”. TPTB are going to claim ownership of all hard assets. We will own nothing, and the transformation that returns to a lords and serfs structure will be complete, if nobody successfully rebels against it.
    My hopes are not high, considering the way things have gone the past 4 years.
    Orange Man is not coming to save us, he’s still touting his awesome vaccine program, FFS. That level of tone deafness indicates Clueless Level 8+. He is only an improvement relative to the current occupant, and that’s not a high bar.
    Get out of the cities NOW. Priorities are weapons and ammo; food and gardening/livestock supplies; water and methods to make it clean; medicines and medical supplies; off grid power; training and skills with all of the above; like minded friends you can count on.
    The hour grows late.


      Amen brother. Spent a ball buster weekend expanding the chicken coop and gardening. Back to work tomorrow. Keep stacking my tribe.

    • Steve

      Great comment. Wanted to emphasize this, There is a plan for this: see “The Great Taking”. TPTB are going to claim ownership of all hard assets.

      Yep. When you don’t make payments on your house, car, whatever, in whatever form they decide, at whatever reprice they decide, it becomes theirs.

      I understand it’s hard to avoid having a mortgage if you are young, but don’t make it any easier for them than you have to. If you buy half the house you are approved for, and make double payments, your 30 year note will be paid off in something like 7.

      If your only payments on your house are property tax, it’s much harder for the banks to steal it from you.

      • Max Wiley

        People keep pointing out that there are not enough resources to replace all of the cars with EVs and not enough electricity infrastructure to charge them.
        I think they are missing that Agenda 2030 will result in only very limited numbers of people being able to afford personal transportation. EVs are for the top one or two percent, not the serfs.

        • Lineman

          Yea I don’t get it Brother we all here can see what they want for us…We have all went down the rabbit holes problem is a lot of our side has just stayed down there running around shouting at all the other who stayed down there as well…Very few of us have come back up and said fuck you and started preparing for War which the first step is being able to feed, water, and shelter yourself without relying on the system and the second is Building Tribe because you can’t do everything by yourself…

  5. TBC

    So soon forgotten. We were played like chess pieces and continue to be played. Four years on now we hear terms such as “Covid baby” referring to children born between 2019 and 2022 who are socially stunted from the isolation that was imposed from above. Older children and young adults lost at least two years of crucial academic and social development. This was a highly orchestrated and very deliberate culling of the herd as well as a wildly successful experiment in mass population control.

    As for prepping, there will always be a significant percentage of people who live on a wing and a prayer in blissful ignorance. Members of my own family tease me relentlessly, calling me Mr. Apocalypse and laughing at my larders packed to the rafters with freeze-dried food and canned goods. I don’t intend to forget the teasing and sarcasm if and when my preparation saves a few wiseasses from hardship.

  6. Raymond

    Four years ago, my wife seemed fairly normal. Then Covid hit, and the wheels came off the wagon.

    She absolutely lost her mind, and there was nothing I could do to keep even a baseline level of sanity within my home. She was sewing and wearing and distributing cloth masks and pontificating online and with anyone who would listen about “maintaining social distances” and how important it was to get jabbed, and constantly scrubbing and cleaning and disinfecting everything within sight.

    She swallowed that narrative hook line and sinker, and what’s worse, indoctrinated our children into the madness. Heaven forbid I might ask even one question or express even a hint of doubt about any of that. I quickly learned to keep my head down and just get through the day, because I couldn’t spend every day arguing with her.

    And then that monster George Floyd had to go and die. The country erupted in violence and my wife took her insanity to 11. I came home one day from work and sat and listened to her go on and on for over an hour on the phone with some friend in support of Black Lives Matter and the riots.

    The icing on the cake is the LGBTQ+ nonsense that my wife has embraced wholeheartedly.

    Four years later and our home has never recovered. One of our children has gone off to college and is so screwed up by her craziness that he doesn’t even know if he’s a guy or not (just five years ago this kid had a nice girlfriend and enjoyed helping me wrench on tractors and run the farm ). My wife still wears a mask when out in public… so humiliating. And our last daughter, still at home, is so convinced by mom of her moral superiority that she is nearly insufferable.

    Meanwhile, I do my best to keep an even keel, be a model of good behavior, and make sure my home is as safe, peaceful, and prepped as possible. I spend a lot of time praying, not that I’m at all a religious man. I have a few good friends I can talk with about this and that has helped. I’ve been shocked to discover that there are a LOT of men living through similar situations and also suffering in silence.

    It’s always the women, isn’t it? There are times I read Filthie’s blog and think to myself, yeah man, I really get it.

    Ironically, in spite of the fact that my wife’s been “boosted” a number of times, she still got Covid last month.

    Perhaps someday things will get back to the way they should be, the way they used to be… but I’m really beginning to doubt it. Some days I really just don’t know what to do.

    • Lineman

      Tell the wife to shape up or hit the road…Tell you the truth Brother your not really her husband now anyway the government/media is…Too many years of propaganda of happy life happy wife have warped many marriages into both partners being unhappy…Seen way too many men in your situation though sad to say…

    • Dagobaz

      I am afraid, as a woman, that Lineman is right: you must tell her to shape up or get out. If you do not do so, and the situation becomes dire, she will either drown you in an endless supply of good-for-nothing fellow travelers who will act as locusts on your farm and preps, or she will rat you out to the local commissar for hoarding and you shall be dragged away to the gulag — either way, you are screwed if she doesn’t change immediately.

    • Steve

      not that I’m at all a religious man.

      I’m not impugning that choice. Our host has largely adopted it, as I understand. But it does make things much more difficult. You will have to become man of the house in the way that Lineman and Dagobaz say.

      Women have it tougher, I think. Guys can usually leave that spiritual hole unfilled, or can find other relatively harmless things to fill it with, like hunting, fishing, wrenching, reloading, etc. But women and feminized men fill that hole with zealous “causes” and make the world a worse place.

      By far, the easiest route for a man is to get his women involved in a good church (not one of those pussy modern mainstream churches) where they can fill that void with something that has kept them in line for a few millenia.

      • Raymond

        Steve, I think you are correct on all counts, and if there’s a silver lining to any of this insanity, it’s that I find myself fumbling my way toward a very traditional faith in God. I have no idea how this is going to work out (do any of us?), but I can’t help but believe that somehow, this trial by fire will forge me into a better man. Hopefully, that will also include a way back to the days when my family life made sense.

        And thank you, Lineman and Dagobaz, for your comments as well.

  7. Bobsuruncle

    The Comments are like a reading of “Gravity’s Rainbow”, damn man don’t try to upscale the host, get your own blogs. No ones reading that shit.

  8. KDOG

    You do you, but…

    I do read comments on blog posts, and find a lot of usefulness, entertainment, wisdom and encouragement in them. I don’t think they detract from the host’s words at all, but rather, add to them

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