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Interfering With Black Mayhem Is Racist!

We are heading into Spring Break season as high school and college students (and plenty of non-students) go somewhere warm to party. Spring Break in places like Florida has been a tradition since I was in school. Of course, when you have large crowds of people with booze and partying, you are going to attract lots of blacks and when that happens? Chaos and violence follows. It has gotten so bad that Miami Beach and other popular destinations for Spring Break are getting extra police from the state to try to keep a lid on the excess.

Florida’s rightwing Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, will deploy state troopers to help with crowd control during the spring break season, warning that the Sunshine state would not “tolerate lawlessness”.

About 140 state troopers will be sent across Florida to assist 17 law enforcement agencies, as thousands of college students make their way en masse to popular spring break destinations, the Miami Herald reported.

At least 60 of those officers will be stationed in south Florida, mostly in Miami Beach, the Tallahassee Democrat reported. Spring break hotspots such as Daytona Beach and Panama City will also have an increased police presence, DeSantis said.

Calling Ron DeSantis “rightwing” is pretty funny. I am sure the Guardian searched high and low to find a picture of women fighting in Miami Beach that had at least one lighter skinned chick. Why the added police presence, these kids just wanna have fun! Right?

The latest crackdown comes after past spring break seasons have been mired with larger crowds, disorderly conduct and violence.

In 2023, two deadly shootings occurred in Miami Beach, with more than 100 guns confiscated by police, NBC Miami reported. Police arrested 488 people, and 230 people were charged with felonies.

Oh. I wonder what the demographics of the 230 people charged with felonies might look like….

Spring Break is a huge moneymaker for cities with lots of kids spending lots of money but that is lost when you have gangs of roving breadcrumbs shooting at each other.

That doesn’t matter to some people who see any increase in law enforcement as a burden on blacks. Weird how any time there is talk of law and order black people get upset, almost like they know that they are the ones committing most of the crimes.

Miami-Dade County Commissioner Keon Hardemon on Tuesday publicly criticized Miami Beach’s crackdown on spring break, saying city officials have crafted a “tone deaf” plan for the seasonal event popular with Black [sic] isitors.

The comments from Hardemon, one of five Black [sic] county commissioners, touched on the sensitive issue of race and spring break in Miami Beach, a city with a Black [sic] police chief but no Black [sic] elected office holders. In past years, Black [sic] community leaders and the local NAACP branch have criticized the city’s approach toward spring breakers as racist and accused police of using unnecessary force.

As the county commission on Tuesday discussed a routine agreement to send officers from the Miami-Dade Police Department to assist Miami Beach police with spring break, Hardemon said: “I don’t want to be a part of anything that can be deemed to be onerous, Draconian, heavy-handed by a municipality that is especially effected upon people that, for the most part, are just like me.”

I really liked this part:

“….Miami Beach, a city with a Black [sic] police chief but no Black [sic] elected office holders.”

Here are the demographics of Miami Beach….

How racist that a city that is less than 3% black only has a token house Negro totally hired for his qualifications black police chief but no black elected office holders! Miami Beach is pushing back…

“We don’t want spring break mobs,” Miami Beach Commissioner Alex Fernandez told the Miami Herald on Tuesday. “We know we will get spring breakers, but we don’t want the law breakers we’ve seen in past years.”

This year’s plan, spearheaded by newly elected Mayor Steven Meiner and praised by Gov. Ron DeSantis, follows multiple years that saw shooting deaths, fights and police deploying pepper spray to break up rowdy crowds.

Ahead of March, the city launched a publicity campaign announcing a “break up” with spring break. The public messaging is being accompanied by garage closures and parking fees as high as $100 for nonresidents on high-impact weekends. The city is also doubling towing fines, placing security checkpoints at public beaches and adding license-plate scanning operations that are expected to cause weekend gridlock.

Again we can’t have nice things and good times because blacks can’t and won’t behave like civilized human beings, so Spring Break is being seen as a huge problem instead of an economic opportunity. Fernandez wasn’t putting up with Keon Hardemon and his woe-is-me, blacks are all victims bullshit.

Fernandez, the Miami Beach commissioner, said he watched Hardemon’s remarks Tuesday and called them “inflammatory and highly offensive.”

He noted that Miami Beach residents pay county taxes that help fund the Miami-Dade Police Department and cited a city report showing that Miami-Dade residents made up more than half of the roughly 600 spring break arrests made in 2022 and again in 2023.

Miami-Dade residents are making up more than half of those arrested so it seems reasonable that Miami-Dade County would help pay for the extra policing. Put another way, many of the trouble makers are not college kids on Spring Break but local blacks who use this as yet another opportunity to engage in violence and mayhem.

There is nothing good that blacks can’t ruin and nothing bad that blacks can’t make worse.


  1. Don Curton

    I’m at an age where I get 6 weeks vacation. My wife and I RV camp year-round, making 8 or 9 trips a year, mostly 4 and 5 day excursions around the Texas Gulf Coast. There’s been a few times where I inadvertently scheduled a trip during a special weekend like spring break and ran into intense crowds at all the local venues. Luckily none of the teens are likely to drag an RV around and most campgrounds enforce rules about no visitors during those weekends, so my wife and I ended up just staying in the campground the whole time. Who wants to go to the beach or swimming area if it’s packed with ferals?

    I can support towns taking action to cut down on that stuff, but in the off-season those same restrictions are used to harass other people too. Sir, your truck doesn’t have a beach pass sticker! Sir, you can drink beer on the fishing pier! Sir, put your pants back on! (ok that last one may have been justified) In any event, just one more indication of the high trust society that we have lost to DEI.

  2. Ohio Copperhead

    Are you sure that other half is all local blacks? I’d assume, given the demographics, that much of the other half is Mestizo/Cuban gangbangers who don’t put up with sh*t from the blacks and who got caught in the anti-black dragnet because of their guns/knives.

    • TakeAHardLook

      Three percent of 82,890 is 2,487. Could the latter perhaps encompass “…many, many Blacks”?

      Asking for a friend…

      • Lasagna

        You is an ignant moran. I was saying 3% was a low estimate. For example Dominican Republic, is 15% Black according to cia factbook , in reality it is closer to 90% Black.


        • Don Curton

          I believe the comment was that the CITY of MIAMI BEACH is only 3% black, what with that city being very expensive and ritzy and such. The county of Miami-Dade has a much large black population, thus the comment that most of the blacks arrested are locals from the county and not necessarily tourists or actually living in that particular city.

  3. Skeptic

    It’s a shame. South Beach actually used to be one of my favorite places to visit. Cool old art deco hotels, great food, great music and nightclubs, and that beach. Great place to spend a few days. But, as it has kept going to hell from the Negro infestation, my desire to go back is, well, very limited now. They really do fuck up everything they touch.

    • TakeAHardLook

      They are, as a group, destroyers of all that is good, civilization destroyers. They are so lacking in introspection that they cannot even understand why non-blacks (the smart ones) avoid blacks at all costs.

      A quote (not mine): “Blacks were still living in the Stone Age when Whites discovered them just 400 years ago.
      Blacks are the oldest race, so they should be the most advanced — but they never advanced at all. Sub-Saharan Africans never made any contribution to the world. Everything they have was given to them by Whites. Blacks lived alone in Africa, a vast continent with temperate climates and abundant resources for 60,000 years so they cannot blame slavery, racism, colonialism, culture, environment, or anything else for their failures.
      Simply, life is an IQ test.”

      • Steve

        Funny you mention this. A friend of mine went on safari around five years ago and he marveled at the beauty of the countryside.
        He also asked the locals repeatedly why they never fixed anything (lots of buildings left over from the colonial period that are now dilapidated.) and the response was always the same, “Only white people can fix that.” His guide was former SADF and he remarked one day, “If whites occupied this continent and removed the blacks, this place would be an economic powerhouse within five years.”

  4. Big Ruckus D

    We a e not only expected to accept the mayhem and destruction done by these subhumans, we are under constant threat of arrest and persecution if any of us should dare to interfere with what these damnable simians are doing. Anarchotyranny indeed.

    As an aside, I’ve never seen lasagna made with diarrhea in lieu of meat sauce and ricotta cheese. But here we are…

    • TakeAHardLook

      “A mixture of 10% shit and 90% ice-cream improves the flavor of shit whilst completely ruining the ice-cream, and making shit palatable is essentially what multiculturalism is all about..!”

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