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Hoosier Hooter Shooter!

The breadcrumbs keepin’ it klassy in Indy…

New surveillance video obtained exclusively by FOX59/CBS4 from inside Landsharks nightclub appears to show the alleged shooter pulling a gun out of a woman’s bra before opening fire, injuring five people and killing a man.

That shooting happened early Saturday morning in the heart of Broad Ripple.

The video goes on to show the suspect, who police identified as 25-year-old Nicholas Fulk, pull out a gun and fire several shots inside the crowded club. Patrons ran for their lives and ducked for cover….

…“As they’re walking past the bar, you see him reach around her, into her bra, and pull out a pistol,” said Travis Rogers, a DJ and part-owner of the club.

Fun name for a club. Here is Nicholas Fulk.


The video in the linked article is rather grainy but you can clearly see him reaching into the chick’s over the shoulder boulder holder, something even the fellas don’t normally do in public. Why did he have his gun in that chick’s bra? In the same video in the linked article, the owner of Landsharks stated that they wand patrons entering and do pat-downs but have to be cautious when doing so with women. So Fulk probably gets a thorough check but his woman doesn’t because you can’t really pat down a chick’s tits unless you are a TSA agent. They get inside, he pulls out the gun and starts blasting, wounding a number of people and killing Timothy Brown, who of course is also a black dude.

I don’t necessarily think Brown was the intended target, according to the second article linked the shooting started with a fight between two chicks….

“Detectives at the scene and hospitals learned that two females started arguing and that resulted in the shooting,” the documents read.

More will come out later, but I am guessing two chicks got into a fight and the one went and got Fulk, who stuck a gun in her bra, went back to the bar with her and shot the place up. The exact sequence is not clear but at a minimum the chick with the hooter shooter should be charged as an accessory to murder.

Emotional children and natural sociopaths who respond to any and every slight with gunfire and they are regressing emotionally in real time, dragging the rest of the country down with them.


  1. saoirse

    Nigger: Yo honah, It was da White man dat made me do dat.
    Judge: Case dismissed!
    Wonder how many mudsharks were present at da Landsharks?

  2. Anonymous

    Ok, well on my next visit to Broad Ripple I will be sure to give Landsharks Nightclub a look-see. I hear the tiddies are loaded.

    Nick Fulk appears to have more than a smattering of White boy in him. Dem lips says homeslice but dat nose looks downright Grecian compared to the average dindu nostril spread. And homey could really borrow some Dumbo earlobe from yesterday’s Mr. Ghetto Potato Head. Pubes on da chin is a nice touch.

  3. Big Ruckus D

    I call that scrotum chin. Origin of the phrase being a random playground insult I heard circa 5th grade. Laughed so hard it stuck with me ever since.

    This right here is a quick little diddy
    About a piece nestled deftly amongst a soul sistah’s tiddy.
    She went to da club and got into a spat
    So she went for assistance from this real smooth cat
    When they got back over to landsharks he pulled out the gun
    And then started shooting for vengeance and fun
    He iced a bystander named Brown, and got booked by da pigs
    So now off he goes to the big house, jiggity jig.

  4. Bean Dip Tray

    Mudsharks in the glorious peoples republic of Broad Ripple?
    The EDU kids thought they were at the Strand in California but the cornfields around there say no.
    I’ve seen rump rangers in public and other odd activity in Broad Ripple and yes, the cops use their cars on the Monon Trail.
    Shh…don’t tell the kids that this isn’t CPUSA (D) Kalifornia, we want to weed out some comrades.

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