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Happy Easter!

Hippity hoppity the Cthulhu bunny is on his way!


  1. Exile1981

    Well the stories say its the feeble minded who worship as well as the blacks and jews. So that means likely 71 million in the US alone….

    Its also why the american library society (spits in disgust) wants to ban Lovecraft’s books

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    This just in from Jesus:You only live twice.
    There’s probably an Island of Dr. Moreau chimera lab somewhere working on Cthulu bunny.
    Metallica has the great song about Cthulu, The Thing That Should Not Be.
    They should do one about Jesus called Enter Sandalman.
    A time will come when the hidden Krackens will be released?

  3. Levi Garrett

    @Bean Dip Tray,

    Metallica wrote a song about the original Passover called “Creeping Death”. It’s probably more theologically-correct than some of today’s fluffy contemporary “worship” music sung in a lot of churches.

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