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Haiti: Libertarian And black Nationalist Paradise!

If you ask a hardcore libertarian, they will tell you that few problems can’t be solved by eliminating government. Just free people from government interference and they will flourish! The cool thing about being a libertarian is that it is all just theorizing over a craft beer or fancy coffee. Libertarianism has never been a serious practical political movement. Ron Paul was the closest as a member of Congress but while he was mostly right, he came across as an irrelevant crank ignored by the rest of Congress. That leaves libertarians in the enviable position of being able to make whatever claims they want without any fear of having to live with the consequences of those positions.

That isn’t to say there are no examples of libertarian idealism on display and what better example could we find than the island paradise of Haiti (Not A Shithole™). Haiti has been running without a functioning government for decades, most of the last two centuries to be honest. Is libertarianism taking hold with a vibrant free market and people respecting the Non-Aggression Principle?



Huh. Not what Murray Rothbard would have predicted I guess. I am sure that libertarians could offer all sorts of excuses for why libertarian principles aren’t working in Haiti but ultimately what it comes down to is this:

Biology trumps every question of economics and politics.

It doesn’t matter what sort of economic system you enact, if the people in that system are dumb and violent (as is the case in Haiti, Africa, Detroit, etc), then they will not flourish. Certainly bad systems can hamper even the best of people, as we saw in Marxist nations like the USSR, China and North Korea, but no amount of economic and political freedom can overcome basic racial reality.

Libertarianism could possibly work in a very small, high trust, racially homogenous White society (like the original 13 colonies) but in a pluralistic nation or one of any significant size or especially a nation populated by blacks or mestizos, it doesn’t work because it fails to account for human nature and the biological limitations of some racial groups.

Haiti also is the prime example of the utterly silly notion of black political independence. Haiti isn’t “descending into chaos”, Haiti has always been in chaos since the Haitians murdered the Whites and became “independent”. It has led to lots of mostly delightful memes featuring leftist celebrities who went to the exclusive and heavily guarded Labadee resort on the opposite end of Haiti from Port au Prince and think that a few photos of them in the water surrounded by other White tourists makes them experts on Haiti. Hey Conan O’Brien, go take a swim in the harbor of Port-au-Prince and take a photo. If you are lucky they will just murder you, if not lucky they will rape you and eat you as well as murdering you, perhaps doing all three at the same time.

What many memes miss is that Haiti did not just become a shithole recently. Yes, Haiti is a shithole. No, Haiti did not become a shithole recently. It always has been and is today just achieving a new low of shitholery. In short, Haiti has never been anything but a shithole because it is full of shitty people. To paraphrase Edward Longshanks:

The problem with Haiti is it is full of Haitians.

Haiti is Exhibit A for why black nationalism won’t work and why blacks of above-average intelligence focus more on “reparations” that separation, knowing that without Whites to prop them up, blacks will inevitably sink to their natural balance, a state that is on full display in Haiti today in pictures like this:


I have mentioned before that during my visit to Haiti, on the way to church services we passed some people waiting for a bus and a dead guy was in the street right in front of them and no one seemed to notice or care.

The hopelessness of libertarianism as a practical political system is something I return to often and I do so because the conservative to libertarian to dissident right pipeline is a real thing. Recognizing the inability of libertarianism to grapple with human nature and especially it’s failure to recognize the futility of it’s principles in a multi-racial nation is a necessary step to move past libertarian thinking and into the “far-right” or the “real right” political sphere.

Haiti is proof that absent government controls, people go off the rails and when those people include those of African or mestizo descent, the people go off the rails faster and uglier. In an all White nation without any sort of government, things would be bad for a bit but I think eventually it would level out. In an all black nation like Haiti, it turned into cannibalism pretty quickly.

The only “solution” to the problems of Haiti would be to help fund an “Escape From New York” scenario, first deporting all Haitians in the U.S. back to Haiti and then building tall walls between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, bombing the airports and ocean ports, mining the coastal waters and declaring a no-fly zone over Haiti. Let nature take over and in a few years come back, clear out the trash let behind and turn Haiti into a giant tropical resort without any Haitians.

Sobering thoughts for us in a nation with almost half of the population descended from African slaves and the bloodthirsty Indian tribes of South and Central America.


  1. Lineman

    All solutions now come with bloodshed no if, and, or buts about it…Most people are still in denial or don’t think it will get to them..They are in for a rude awaking…Tribe Up or Die White Man…

  2. Exile1981

    In the early 90’s the Dominican Republic was safe in the tourist areas for a teenage Canadian kid to wander about. All the locals warned me to avoid going to haiti as i would likely be robbed and murdered

    That was 32 years ago, has not gotten any better since then

  3. Filthie

    Some well meaning Christians went there during the last disaster or the one before that. They dug latrines and set up clinics and got zero cooperation from the locals. Why dig a latrine when you can shit in the street? Why would you go to a doctor when you’re ill? All he’ll do is poke you with needles and give you foul tasting medicine. Why worry about the kids? They’re easy and fun to make and the goblins are easy to replace. Let them die! Who cares?

    To their credit they worked hard while they were there… but when they got back, none of them would ever return…

  4. anon

    There’s been a lot of ‘warnings’ about mass ‘migration’, invasion, from haiti by officials. We can get all the joys of more cannibals while still having the government oppress us.
    Anarcho-tyranny is grand.

    >well meaning christians
    >they worked hard while they were there
    Those cucks are one of the reasons we’re in this mess with thousands of tons of food and medical supplies and building infrastructure and all sorts of other shit. Fuck those bastards. They’d turn us in for ‘hate crimes’ for even daring to contemplate that ‘maybe not all of god’s creations are equal’. And, of course, they love to adopt niglets, the shit icing on the shit cake as they fuck over everyone else. But it’s ok, they’ll all be dead and headed to heaven to gloat, raptured up if things become apocalyptic. Or so they think.

    They and many more deserve to burn in the hell they are making on Earth.

    • Berglander

      Yeah, a lot of modern Christianity is an absolute mess.
      However, it’s been with Europeans for over a thousand years and isn’t going anywhere. Many Christians through the ages have had zero problems reconciling the teachings of Christ and the righteous defense of their blood and soil.
      It’s not going to be easy to undo all the conditioning that Whites have been subjected to their entire lives. It’s up to us to make it happen. I was once where a lot of those folks are now, and I suspect I’m not alone here in saying that.

    • Saoirse

      Couldn’t agree more! Fuck those bastards in spades. The christ-insane will never rise above sheeple status and are (and always have been) the biggest hindrance ever to the White race!

        • Berglander

          White Europe achieved its greatest heights under Christianity. The Tribe has worked very hard to act as if this wasn’t so.
          Is much of modern Christianity cucked? Yes. It doesn’t have to be. Our great-grandparents, mostly Christian, conquered continents.

          • Saoirse

            All White achievements came to fruition DESPITE christ-insanity not because of it!
            The fact that you think the White race would have done little without the influence of a jewish desert rat religion is anti-White and absurd on it’s face!!

            • Berglander

              I’m not saying that it couldn’t have; I’m saying that it didn’t. Alienating fellow Whites over your hatred and disdain for their religion isn’t how you build tribe and community among our people.

              • saoirse

                Perhaps you should bone up on the long, sordid history of your religion before you whine about “alienating fellow Whites” pal. Try Deschner’s “Christianity’s Criminal History”, or the many other critiques out there. Then come tell me about hatred and disdain.
                Your paleo christians were as bad or worse towards non-christian Whites so don’t deflect the blame solely on the moderns.
                Should the White race prevail in this coming ultra-battle we’ll see how much “tribe and community” we have when your ilk once again tries to grab the power.

        • Saoirse

          It’s not an “ignorant statement” just because someone rejects your jew universalist psyop.
          I’m erudite enough to know a triggered little asshole when I see one. You qualify in spades!

          • BFYTW

            No, it really is. Colossally ignorant. Surprisingly so for someone who fancies themself to be so “erudite”. Maybe you’re not as smart as you think?

            • saoirse

              Is that the best you can do?So your pastor taught you a new phrase – “colossally ignorant” – and you’re showing everyone how you use it in a sentence – twice. You may think it’s apropos but I think it’s just a stunted and reactionary utterance from a butt-hurt acolyte of jeebus! Piss off!!

      • Berglander

        I’m a Christian and I don’t believe that. And…I tell other Christians that. It’s obvious that we’re not all equal.
        Gas the kikes race war now.

  5. porteno

    Libertarians excel at pointing out the difficulties in government. And they are mostly right.

    But at its core, libertarians have two rules: 1) You are not the boss of me! 2) I’ve got mine, fuck you!

    Truth is that libertarianism is simply another subversive Jewish movement to undermine civilization. They have no solutions, but lots of complaints. Sad thing is that there are many “catholics” who adhere to this false ideology.

    I was a libertarian for many years, until I tired of pointing fingers without finding solutions. Government sucks, that is true. But how much does it suck in comparison to all the other challenges we face, and what challenges would we face if there were no government. Haiti is about to find out.

    And, within the decade, so will the USA and Western Europe.

    I’d rather have Franco, Salazar, or, (god forbid) Hitler. Liberal enlightenment values have shown their failure. We now need Carolus Magnus, Jan Sobieski, Don Juan de Austria, or Charles Martel, among others.

  6. Jeffrey Zoar

    It used to be a once a decade thing for the GAE to send the military into Haiti and restore order, until the next blow up. Rinse and repeat. Happened in 1984, 1994 (I was there), 2004. This gets harder to sell when you have to keep doing it. People could start asking uncomfortable questions. But maybe nowadays they won’t. Since the Haitians’ are no doubt traumatized by the genetic memory of their enslavement. And climate change. New buzzwords to distract from old problems.

    Sometimes reality is so glaringly obvious that it becomes that much more incredible how so many people can refuse to see it. The frustration of the race realist dissident.

    • Arthur Sido

      People blame those interventions as if they are the problem when in fact those occupations are the only time Haiti is peaceful and the infrastructure gets fixed.

  7. Xzebek

    Put Whites on an island and you get England. Put Asians on an island and you get Japan.
    Put chimps on an island and you get Haiti. The shitholiest of all shitholes.


    When planning a tropic vacation,
    Be mindful of mass immigration,
    Avoid the shitholes,
    The third world coals,
    And cannibal muds that are Haitian.

  9. Saoirse

    I think you’re confusing Libertarianism with Anarchism here big time!
    Definitely not advocating for it but this just shows you how bad Republicunts and Democraps are when Libertarianism – with all it’s flaws- is light years ahead of both.
    An all-nigger anything is ‘jungle rules’ nothing more. There’s no devolution involved because you have to evolve first in order to devolve.
    Let the Dominican shitskins build a wall. Could care less whether they get flooded.

  10. Bob Barker

    I’m always fascinated that the other half of that island is a decent country. Of course, they have a heavily guarded border and haven’t been run by blacks.

  11. Mike in Canada

    Societal triage has been necessary for a long time… only now, it’s less a concept and more in-your-face. We can’t save the entire world, especially those portions that cannot save themselves.
    I don’t understand how this can be expected of us in the so-called ‘first world’. Honestly, what the fuck?
    Now I’m supposed to leave the fob for my car just inside the door, so that the car thieves don’t need to confront me for it. Thanks, Toronto Police ‘Services’… we running out of places to retreat to.
    Won’t be much longer before folks just shoot/shovel/shut up, and never call the cops… “Wow, that’s funny. Crime stats are down, but missing persons are waaaaaay up…”

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