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Fix My Dryer Or I Put A Cap In Yo Ass!

More monkeyshines in Indianapolis!

Nate Baird is self-employed as an appliance repair and HVAC technician. He went to an east side Indianapolis home on Payton Avenue Monday morning to work on a clothes dryer with a heat problem. He says Reba Wilson claimed her dryer was under warranty and refused to pay the $70 service fee once he had diagnosed the problem.

“She said, ‘I don’t want to pay that’. I said, ‘Well, I don’t work for free’. So, I went to leave and she pointed a gun at me right in the front of her house and forced me to stay there and said, ‘You’re going to fix my dryer’,” said Baird.

Baird says he acted like he was going to put the dryer back together but instead ran out the back door. Baird says he never looked back as he ran around the house but heard one shot and Wilson yell, “I’ll pop a cap in you’re a**!”

Baird took off in his truck and called police, who arrested Wilson at the house.

“I just hope she gets some help,” said Baird.

She looks very nice and not at all the sort of person who would hold a repairman hostage at gunpoint and then shoot at him when he fled.

It was a busy weekend so far down in the capitol of the Hoosier state, including a mass shooting where a cop was wounded. Very few details on that one so far. Several other shootings as well, that city is coming apart at the seams.


  1. Exile1981

    Well you’d be angry if you were that ugly and had to wear damp clothing.

    Seriously these sorts of insanities are getting more common.

  2. Max Wiley

    This is a good metaphor for the state of our society in both miniature and macro scales.
    The productivity of the capable is being increasingly hijacked by the useless eaters, and the use of violence to compel acquiescence is increasing.

  3. Big Ruckus D

    Here we have a sheboon named Reba,
    Who thinks she’s the muthafuckin Queen of Sheba.
    She tried to enslave a repair guy
    Just to get her damp clothes dry
    And then opened fire on his ass when he said goodbye.

  4. Harbinger

    Is anyone darker than a paper bag starting to understand yet what is coming, when White men clock out and refuse to maintain all the technological goodies that blacks and various other sub-humans simply take for granted? Mr. Baird should have checked the demographic makeup of the sheboon’s address and refused to make that service call. Let her try to hire a homeboy to fix her broke-dick appliances and unleash her frustration on one of her own.

    If Walgreens and CVS, Target and In-and-Out Burger are savvy enough to uproot and abandon the ghetto, so, too, will any and all home service providers. Let the savages cook in their own stew pots, say I.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Hoh man, believe me this something that I think about a lot. I do plumbing service work, primarily residential repair and some light commercial. My immediate AO is mostly suburbs that mostly run from merely affluent upper middle class to old money filthy rich. But, I do get calls from the “other side of the tracks”. I don’t generally decline these, unless they are far enough away to be beyond what I consider reasonable drive time (generally 45 mins).

      Thus far, the only issue I’ve ever had working in the hood was a (presumably) stray dog that came at me menacingly, and was promptly dispatched. I’ve actually been treated better by the hood folk in some cases, as they are truly thankful someone was willing to come take care of a problem (many outfits will understandably beg off going into those locales), and quite often payment is in cash. Further, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a situation where they bitched about the bill, either. By contrast, the rich folks are sometimes perceptibly a bit uppity and “put off” by the invoice when I hand it to them. Go figure.

      Kind of the old clash of the classes thing at a macro level, where I’m the blue collar guy being looked down upon by Mr. Big Shot executive (or his trophy wife). Thing is, I don’t give a shit – think of me what you will – as long as I get paid.

      Anyway, I’ll cop to being on high alert these days, and always maintaining situational awareness no matter where I’m working. That is subject to further escalation, in refusing to venture into some areas of my wider AO if things get heated as they were back when St. Floyd of the Fentanyl got himself un-alived. I did scale back my service area during those festivities, also changing up my routing to avoid certain interstates (or portions therefore) and main drags. This was not only to avoid certain neighborhoods, but also to try and preclude encounters with asshole road blocking “protestors” who may cause me trouble.

      I suspect I may be enacting my “restricted area of service” policy again before too long, as I expect something to kick things off later this spring or summer. If things get uncomfortable enough, I’ll be shutting down and doing…other things to maintain some income. Being self employed leaves me that option, and I can make that call at a moments notice with no real effect on anyone but myself, as I’m a one man show.

      • Arthur Sido

        Individually they can be OK but all it takes is one to get a wild hair and the Glawk 40 comes out. I’m a one man band and self-employed as well but my client base is 100% White, even so I have certainly potential customers who have learned I am not interested in their custom.

    • Steve

      My dad worked in the coroner’s office in Minneapolis around ’66 or so, and there were neighborhoods where the policy was, “Might as well wait til morning and the police have everything secured. The guy will still be dead then.”

    • Gryphon

      Harbinger – “Is anyone darker than a paper bag starting to understand yet what is coming…?”
      You Win the Internet for the Day!

      And No, the Paper Bags won’t be able to figure it out (that they need Y.T. to ‘make things work’) even past the point where they are living in Haiti…

      p.s. an awful lot of Whites don’t understand it, either.

    • Arthur Sido

      That is the great tipping point, the point where the people needed to keep the system running are outnumbered by those that can only break shit to such an extent that the lights go off.

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    A long gone bud that lived in Broad Ripple near the Mudshark bar that recently lost its license had a new washer/dryer installed by vibrants.
    Next week the place was back door invaded with a guns brandished.
    The installers tipped off the jackers.
    Indianoplace isn’t too far off from the St. Louis and other cities rule where once it gets 10% enriched it never comes back.

    • anonymous

      This happens a lot when new equipment is brought to a multi-family on-site laundry in apartments. The company moves them in one day, and the accomplices move them out the next day.

      I’ve heard of the same thing happening with home movie/stereo systems. The crew installs them one day, and their home-boys uninstall them the next.

  6. Xzebek

    The chimps have no self control whatsoever. Their behavior is designed for the jungle; they have not moved beyond that. I don’t expect that they will.

    • Alex Lund

      You must remember the old saying:

      You can take the black out of the jungle, but you cant take the jungle out of the black.

  7. Dr. Hollowpoint

    On all those old National Geographic magazines the women were bare-chested and now we know why: broken dryers. Either that, or their men hadn’t invented “clothesline”.

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