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Fast Food, Quick Tempers!

Something about restaurants really brings out the best in the breadcrumbs. Starting off once more in Indianapolis….

Speaking to witnesses and employees, investigators learned that a customer — later identified as 49-year-old Lawrence Sneed — came into the Wing Stop to place an order but became irate after being told that the restaurant’s system was down and he would need to make his order online.

Sneed reportedly began yelling and shouting at the Wing Stop employees, prompting a few other employees to come out from the kitchen. Sneed and one employee reportedly began shoving each other after Sneed was escorted out the restaurant’s front door.

Suddenly, gunfire erupted with customers and employees diving for cover.

At first, several employees told police that only Sneed fired a gun. Police later learned from customer testimony and from watching surveillance footage that one of the employees pulled out a handgun and opened fire on Sneed.

Witness accounts didn’t align on who opened fire first, with a customer claiming the Wing Stop employee shot first while several employees said it was Sneed who first pulled out his gun and fired into the store.

An employee said Sneed had been pushed out the front door and had been violently kicking and pulling on the door right before the shooting broke out.

Here is Lawrence Sneed, and to be fair if my name was Lawrence Sneed I would also be irate most of the time.

Like a significant percentage of black fellas, Mr. Sneed has portfolio of prior mugshots so we don’t need to wait for the current one. Something like the restaurant systems being down is an irritating inconvenience common to modern life. Normal people might grumble and go about their business but for blacks it is an event worthy of pitching a fit like a thwarted toddler. A subsequent article notes:

Sneed, who was wounded in the shooting and hospitalized, allegedly told investigators at the hospital that he was on medication and had been drinking that day, but “didn’t know why someone would shoot over some food.” He later told officers he could see how employees and customers would be concerned about their safety from his actions leading up to the shooting, according to court documents. 

Sneed lost a kidney, part of his bowel and part of his pancreas removed as a result of his injuries.

He gets to go to jail and without a kidney, part of his pancreas and part of his bowel. He is lucky he didn’t die. Society as a whole is unlucky that he survived.

From wings to donuts….

The incident took place at a Dunkin’ location in Wesley Chapel, North Carolina, a neighborhood situated roughly 20 miles southeast of Charlotte, at an unspecified time of day on Saturday. According to an official release from the Union County Sheriff’s Office shared to Facebook on Monday, deputies responded to a 911 call at the donut shop from a customer who claimed that an employee had fired a gun at them.

The situation began to escalate after the unnamed customer began complaining of slow service at the store and requested a refund for the food they had ordered. In turn, a “verbal altercation” broke out between the customer and the employee, later identified as 18-year-old Ricky Miller. The customer attempted to leave the store, at which point things took a particularly chaotic turn.

“The caller then left the store and drove away in his truck,” the sheriff’s office explained. “While driving down Weddington Road, the caller reported that Miller began following him and drove into oncoming traffic, pulling alongside his vehicle. At that time, Miller presented a pistol and fired multiple shots into the caller’s truck.”

Rude customers are part of life, but Ricky (who is not so fine) decided that his honor had been besmirched and pursued the dissatisfied patron down the road, into oncoming traffic and then shot at the donut aficionado. Here is Ricky, courtesy of the Union County Sheriff’s Facebook page:

He was working at the Dunkin’ and how many people witnessed the altercation in the drive-thru, Ricky leaving and tearing off down the road in pursuit of his customer? It wasn’t like it was going to be difficult to find and arrest him but he didn’t give that a moment of thought. He was upset and his only possible remedy was to chase down a customer and shoot at them. For a people with not very much to be proud of, they certainly are prickly about their pride.

Then of course we go to McDonalds.

Authorities reported a red or maroon Chevrolet sedan was going through the drive-thru with two females in the front and two males in the back. 

The occupants inside the vehicle were upset about an order and began to argue with the staff, officials said, adding that a drive-thru customer was charged the wrong amount at the first window and complained about it to the 17-year-old employee at the second window.

As the staff was trying to address the issue, the car’s rear window came down and a backseat passenger pulled out a pistol, but the teen employee pulled his own pistol from his waistband and both individuals fired at each other, according to police.

The 17-year-old was reportedly taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in a pickup truck, and his gun was later recovered from the home of a friend who took him to the hospital. Officials said the teen sustained critical injuries during the incident, but as of Saturday afternoon, he is in stable condition.

There are no names or pictures but I have it on good authority that they were of the 13% persuasion and honestly who else would get involved in a shoot-out through a drive-thru window because of a disagreement?

Remember when folks went to restaurants to get something to eat instead of shooting people?


  1. Ohio Copperhead

    As with humans in sci-fi movie who can’t handle alien superweapons, far beyond what they are capable of building on their own, blacks should never have been permitted weapons they couldn’t have invented themselves.

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    The burning it all down societal collapse that the comrades Long Marched for.
    Next comes National Bolshevism which is the worst of all.
    We are probably already in it.
    There won’t be anything “exclusive” in the new South Africa.
    Welcome to the jungle.
    When the corner 7-11 got shot up a few weeks back that is what I thought of at first that the Haji just didn’t bow down enough for Rastus or the pack of blunt wraps wasn’t fresh enough.
    Thankfully no one was hurt besides the front window and door but now there is a bullet proof glass enclosure for the clerk cashier.
    I’d be pissed off too after eating some synthetic Frankenfood. (s/)

  3. Filthie


    When I saw that today’s episode was on Food Crime…I put all my money down on Popeye’s and Waffle House.



    The ‘Murican fast food dining experience has devolved into an old open pit shitter stall dice game. The only franchise I see prospering consistently is Chic-fil-A. Owned, managed and overwhelmingly staffed by YT Christians. Coincidence?

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