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Even Animals Don’t Shit Where They Eat

We have all been there. At some point we all have driven through a “bad neighborhood” or somewhere “sketchy”. The kind of place where you make sure your doors are locked and you pay closer attention to people and other cars. Saying that an area is a “bad neighborhood” or “a little sketchy” is how polite White normies say “That neighborhood is full of blacks”.

I have been to some pretty sketchy places myself. Neighborhoods in Compton and Gardena of South-Central LA. Lots of blighted areas in Detroit and Detroit’s Armpit, aka Pontiac. Gary, Indiana. Southeast Washington D.C. In areas like those and many others, criminality and blight go hand in hand.

I was thinking of that while reading the other day, I am working through Donnie Brasco, the book that inspired the film of the same name, and something there reminded me of something I read in Wiseguy (review here: Book Review: Wiseguy). This was a story he recounted of a black guy coming into their neighborhood and immediately being watched by everyone. When he tried to attack a White girl, the men in the neighborhood sprang into action.

“I backed up and went outside. Some of the guys were waiting there. I went across the street, turned around, and looked up. I could make out the small roof wall on the front of the building—it was made of brick—and then I saw the guy launched right over it into the air. He hung there for just a second, flailing arms like a broken helicopter, and then he came down hard and splattered all over the street.”

Nicholas Pileggi. Wiseguy: life in a Mafia family

The other is from Donnie Brasco and tells of the kind of neighborhood mobsters lived in.

Sonny wanted me to come to New York to update him on all the various rackets we supposedly had under way—bingo, numbers, gambling. I went to his neighborhood for the first time.

The Withers Italian-American War Veterans Club, Inc., Sonny’s private social club, was at 415 Graham Avenue, at the corner of Graham and Withers Street in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn. The neighborhood was quiet, safe, and clean, mostly small shops and storefront businesses in two-story or three-story apartment buildings. It was similar to the neighborhood in the Bensonhurst section to the south, where I had been involved four years earlier with Jilly’s crew and the Colombos. One of the main similarities was that both neighborhoods gave you the feeling that outsiders would be noticed quickly.

Pistone, Joseph. Donnie Brasco

Criminals though they were, they were not going to tolerate criminal behavior where they lived. Even though these guys were criminals, they kept their own neighborhoods safe.

These guys certainly were capable of unimaginable violence and cruelty but generally speaking, “civilians” didn’t get hurt. If a guy got whacked, the button man didn’t drill a dozen bystanders, the guy getting rubbed out got shot in the back of the head. Their neighborhoods were safe even though the people living there were criminals. In fact they might have been safer neighborhoods because of the presence of mobsters. These were men with families.

I think this has something to do with why there is a romanticism around the Mafia even though they are all crooks and killers. For the most part they kept their criminal activities within the realm of criminals. If you were a degenerate gambler and owed money, you might get your legs broken but they didn’t break the leg of random people. If you choose to frequent hookers or illegally bet on sports or borrow money from a shylock, you were entering into their world with their rules but regular folks didn’t seem to be directly impacted.

Then look at black criminals. They live in shitty neighborhoods with rundown houses. Their violence often impacts the people living around them. If they decide to shoot a rival, odds are close to 100% that by-standers, innocent or otherwise, are going to get hit. There are plenty of examples and I recount lots of them here, but this is a recent incident.

A 17-year-old boy is in critical condition after he was shot nine times in a mass shooting at a SEPTA bus stop in Philadelphia, authorities said.

Three masked gunmen exited a car parked near the bus stop and fired over 30 rounds toward high schoolers as they tried to board a bus around 3 p.m. Wednesday, Philadelphia police said.

Eight teens — ages 15 to 17 — were shot, and two of them were hospitalized in critical condition, police said….

…A motive is not clear, but the gunmen “went right toward” the crowd of teens, Vanore said, adding, “It appears the individual that was most critical seemed to be a focal point, but I’m not sure of that.”

One of the teens was shot a bunch of times but a total of 8 school kids were hit. Presumably only the one shot 9 times (and is going to make it apparently) was the intended target and the others just happened to be there. All of them were from Northeast High School (27% black/27% mestizo/24% Asian/16% White), and were apparently waiting for the bus to take them home after school at around 3. The three gunmen got out of a car and charged the bus stop before blazing away with over 30 rounds fired. 11 school kids in total were shot in 3 days in Philadelphia last week, no mention of that in the national news of course.

This is the standard model I report on again and again. A black or group of blacks targets a different black but in the course of shooting at their target manage to hit a bunch of bystanders.

Put more directly. You could live next to a member of the Mafia and probably have a pretty nice neighbor in a decent neighborhood. If you live next to a black gang member? It is certain to be a shitty neighborhood and the odds are decent that you will be in danger from stray bullets.

You can draw your own conclusions from this. My conclusion is that blacks wallow in filth because they simply don’t care. Mafia types might be vicious killers but they don’t want crappy neighborhoods for their own families. Even my pigs will shit in a corner away from where they are fed but blacks don’t seem to care about shitting where they eat.


  1. Exile1981

    The irish mob had nice neighborhoods as well. Look at vancouver and the sikh gangs don’t care about spill over violence as long as no sikh was injured. The chinese gangs tend to be brutal but again very little spill over violence to random people in the area.

  2. Anon

    Now look at the criminals we have in office and all the spillover there.
    That’s a benefit to them not just a side effect.

  3. 3g4me

    Although I know not to trust anything I read, I’ve seen it reported that the Mafia in Italy is heavily involved (along with all the NGOs) in bringing Africans and Arabs to Italy (and Europe in general). If true, what changed?

    • Big Ruckus D

      I’d guess two things:

      1. With each successive generation, the standards of conduct and commitment to operational excellence (if one can call it that) get further degraded. You see the same thing in legit family businesses, typically by the 3rd or 4th generation, those who are running it don’t really care. To them it’s just a job and a paycheck, not a source of personal pride like it was to those who originally established the company.

      That’s how big outfits see their eventually downfall. HP, Tranheuser Busch, disney, so many other examples that could be cited. Once the original founding family members are no longer in day to day control (or gone entirely through retirement or death) it goes down hill, often quite rapidly. With corporations, becoming publicly traded pretty well guarantees this outcome over the long term. But even most privately held outfits eventually fall to this effect.

      2. Government money. That is a big pot from which to draw, and is pretty much guaranteed easy profit, once you manage to get on that gravy train. Yes, ultimately they are destroying their own living environment, but the terminal shortsightedness of greedy humans is legendary, and not to be underestimated.

      Still, it does cause one to question the sanity of those responsible. Which leads me to a third thing: I don’t think these people actually care about their children, at least not in the sense they’d like to portray. We always hear “think of the children “, but the actions of those destroying the future of civilization runs counter to their feigned concern over children (in the abstract).

      Essentially, I think many sheeple/NPCs don’t actually care all that much about their children; treating them more as game pieces and accessories to gain social validation. Simply putting them in day care and public schools reveals a massive lack of true concern on the part of parents, at least as I view things. And the deeply embedded cultural trait of stealing from the future to enjoy more decadence in the present pretty well tells me most people might claim they want a better future for their progeny, but deep down, the prevailing mindset is “I got mine, fuck the children.”

      This is something that they unwittingly reveal when we hear the too often repeated boomertastic lament about how fucked up the world is, but “at least I’ll be dead before it all goes to complete shit “. Charming. Way to tell me you hate your kids, without outright telling me you hate your kids.

      • Anon

        They can’t die off quick enough.
        Demographically even though they technically count as Whites on the census, they are a plague upon us. They are like the mud sharks but instead of literally fucking niggers they just destroyed their children’s future while worshiping them and the jews. Just would be nice if they burned in the hell they made before they went to hell.

      • 3g4me

        Your last paragraph is spot on – just saw more of that (at least I’ll be dead . . . ) today. What about your children and grandchildren? What about your debt to the countless generations that struggled through war and penury and back-breaking labor so you could be born and reap the benefit of the ages?

        Yes, people are selfish and unthinking. But I’m still, somehow, surprised the Mafia is helping bring Africans to Italy.

        • Arete

          Well, generalizations are just that…generalizations. They may be more or less a reflection of reality, but hard to tell since we filter them through our own lenses.

          Point being, not all of us ‘Boomers’ are like that (obviously I don’t know how old you are, or what your particular lens is).

          I am not a Boomer who takes Social Security without needing it, and even though I have a reasonable hope things will not get desperate in my lifetime (although I could easily live another 25-30 years, so who knows?) I literally lie awake at night with worry about what the world is going to be like for my four grandchildren, who are between one and 4 years old.

          They are sweet, smart, beautiful little White children, and it sickens me to think they are starting out in a world that wants to burden them with guilt because of that fact that is entirely out of their control and which any normal person used to know is not a reason for guilt of any kind. (Wish more people had sense–I remember seeing a clip of Condoleeza Rice confounding the morons on The View by saying that black children should feel good about themselves but white children didn’t need to be made to feel bad about themselves for that to happen.)

          And as to your very pertinent comment about our debt to previous generations, I had two parents who lived through a fair amount of deprivation in the Great Depression, particularly my dad who then flew 23 bombing missions in 1943-44 before being shot down and spending the last year of the war in a German prison camp. It sickens me to think of how their character, sacrifice, humor, hard work, and commitment–to family and country–has been so badly betrayed. I miss them terribly, but in a way am glad they haven’t lived to see where we’ve ended up.

          So, I guess I’m just saying that ‘Boomer-bashing’ has become popular lately, and perhaps in many cases it’s justified–I don’t know. But not in all.

            • Arete

              Nowhere did I say that my particular example was representative.

              But on the other hand, the designation of a generalization as ‘well-deserved’ is nothing but an opinion. Unless you have data to back your opinion up?

              • Big Ruckus D

                To be clear, I’m not solely targeting boomers with my remarks. Plenty of blame to go around. The specifically “boomer” trait I raised however is the remark about being dead and gone before the bulk of the consequences
                arrive. That has been said so many times by so many boomers that it became a defacto meme years ago. It is such an insulting copout.

                Of course it applies mostly to boomers because they are now at the age where they can legitimately expect to escape much of the worst of what has been wrought, simply due to being near the tail end of their natural life spans. How convenient. As a 50ish year old man, I won’t have the option of such an easy way out. I’ll have to fight, or be killed, and probably in a most undignified manner if the enemy ever gets the drop on me. Ain’t I the lucky one.

                That said, any leftist white person of any generation who enables and makes excuses for the furtherance of faggotry, niggotry, unchecked invasion, endless unsustainable spending and the general disenfranchisement of whites in deference to “the other” can’t fuck of and die soon enough for me.

                They pervade government, corporate executive suites and boardrooms, and are the ones who have spent the last few decades intentionally bringing us to where we are now by constantly pushing the worst possible policies. Collectively they deserve far worse than the most depraved torture my mind could conceive of for dragging us into the pit of ruin. And the real bitch is that these sorts were some of the biggest beneficiaries of the society they’ve now destroyed. So fuck them with a rusty chainsaw. Sideways.

                • Arete

                  Big Ruckus D–The ‘replying to’ here can be unclear. Actually, my original comment was a reply to 3G4ME, and my followup comment was directed to Max Wiley, who had responded to my first one.

                  At any rate, I have no disagreement that my generation had the good fortune to be born in a place and time that was in many ways the epitome of safety and prosperity and promise. I am grateful for it every day, acutely so, because I know that life will likely be very different for my grandchildren.

                  I wonder, though–as a ‘Boomer,’ what I could have done any differently than I did, even if it had been done collectively by many more people than just myself?

                  Our power as citizens is supposed to lie in the vote; and I took it seriously. I did my research and tried to vote for the candidates who cared about the growing debt, cared about the things that were important, and I lived my life as best as I could to stand up for those values.

                  And yet the politicians still got bought by the rich people, they still began flooding the country after 1965 with people who were largely going to be only partially assimilated at best, they gutted our once strong small towns by driving away manufacturing and disincentivizing responsibility. They still continued to destroy the integrity of the dollar. And now they’re flooding our country with people who will actively destroy.

                  To be clear, if needed, I’m not defending myself or trying to provoke a debate; I’m honestly asking what I–and by extension other individual ‘Boomers’ who were not wealthy, well-connected, or in positions of power or influence–could have done to change the place we’re in now?

                  It seems that our political class has consistently betrayed us, and that the system has become so corrupted that anyone who actually gets in and tries to tilt at those windmills will be a one-termer. It seems that this juggernaut that opposes us is made of many parts and gained steam in ways that were usually under the radar of the average person.

                  I, personally, have no intention of giving up the ship, but I guess I just wish there was some hope for the future. (And I may well be around as long as you; I’m 67 and, according to my doctor, the healthiest patient he has by far in this age group. Says my ‘real age’ is about 52-53 and that he won’t be at all surprised if I make it to 100.)

                  In a different world, that would be good news….

          • Lineman

            So, I guess I’m just saying that ‘Boomer-bashing’ has become popular lately, and perhaps in many cases it’s justified–I don’t know. But not in all.

            Yea but Naxalt doesn’t work anymore to justify not getting upset at a generation that has the most of everything and gives the least shit about the future…

          • 3g4me

            Arete – With all due respect – Condoleeza Rice also proclaimed slavery to be America’s ‘original sin’ that somehow tainted the nation from birth. She’s hardly someone I would quote on Whites not needing to be ashamed of their skin color and identity.

            And, while I’m sorry for any suffering your father endured, I cannot endorse WWII as “the good war” as it was taught to me. It heralded much of today’s ills, even though the roots go further back. But it definitely accelerated our demographic decline, by demonizing eugenics and lionizing blaqs and juice.

            While I am most definitely a boomer by birth year, I despise the majority who unfortunately seem to live the stereotype.

            • Arete

              3G4ME–your last sentence is basically all I was saying to begin with. That it’s not all of us. Nor was I making any kind of comment about the ‘goodness’ or not of the war. Re slavery, whether it was an ‘original sin’ or not is a debate for another day, I guess. All that matters is that it was a huge mistake, and it’s a mistake that did nothing but keep on giving. I’m sure we can agree on that.

      • Alex Lund

        They care only about the money they get from the africans and dont care about the consequences.
        According to some webpages in three northern italian cities the italian mafia has been eradicated by the Nigerian Axes, because they are more brutal.
        The mafia supporting the invasion is in South Italy and doesnt see the threat because the africans move north and take their roots there. So the southern Italian mafia will be eradicated last after the Axes have taken all over northern and middle Italy.
        They (mafia) cant look beyond the corner. That will doom them.

    • Berglander

      There’s an argument that the mafia has always been the (((mafia.)))
      I don’t know, however it would make a certain amount of sense

  4. Mike_C

    You wanna see a neighborhood where “outsiders stand out”? Take a tour of Kiryas Joel in New York State. (I did. If you don’t know what it is, look it up. But briefly, it’s a municipality that’s entirely Satmar-sect Hasidic Jews.) I’ve been to South Boston (Southie) when it was still Irish and not gentrifying faggots. And to Roxbury (Mass) when it was all negroes. In neither place did I get so many hostile and dirty looks as in KJ.

    Wikipedia, that font of truth, says: “According to 2008 census figures, the village has the highest poverty rate in the nation. More than two-thirds of the residents live below the federal poverty line, and 40% receive food stamps.” Well for desperately poor people, the ones on the street have nice things. I saw more Tumi luggage and VERY nice leather shoes in KJ than I see in the rich parts of Manhattan.

    Seriously, if you get the chance, drive through Kiryas Joel. It’s eye opening. (KJ is also near the Woodbury Premium Outlets shopping malls, so if you’re with family that’s the excuse to go.)

  5. Mike_C

    “ In fact they might have been safer neighborhoods because of the presence of mobsters. These were men with families.”

    Forgot to say. I’m reliably informed that some (very nice) neighborhoods in El Paso are where no few higher ups in Mexican drug cartels have their families. Those neighborhoods are clean, polite, and safe.

  6. LGC

    The other thing about the Mafia is yeah sure you had to pay your protection money but at least you got something for it. Now we pay tons and tons (way more than the wetting of the beak) to government and get precisely nothing for it.

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