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Curiouser And Worser

While Western media trips over itself repeating the line that this was “ISIS-K” and the death toll is now well over 100…

…the Russians have people in custody and those people are telling an interesting story….

That guy looks like he could be Chechen or something of that sort and he apparently is saying he was paid to carry out the attack:

The footage shows a bearded man lying on the ground and describing in broken Russian how he’d been paid to commit the terrorist attack.

The man says that before committing Friday’s atrocity, he had been to Türkiye. When asked what he did at the Crocus City concert venue on Friday evening, he replied: “I shot down… people.” The suspect added that he had committed the crime “for money,” detailing that he had been promised 500,000 rubles ($5,418).

The alleged perpetrator claimed that half the sum had already been transferred to his debit card.

The man also said that the curators, whom he supposedly does not know personally, had contacted him via Telegram messaging app, and arranged an arms cache for the assailants.

According to the suspect, he had been “listening to sermons… by a preacher” on Telegram for some time before being approached by the supposed masterminds of Friday’s attack “around a month ago.”

You have to watch the actual video on Telegram, in the video he isn’t calmly sitting on the ground but is sprawled out with his face on a boot and some Russian holding his head up by the hair, not too gently. I am guessing he is going to have a bad weekend along with the rest of the guys they picked up. Miranda rights? A lawyer? Nyet, how about we pull out your fingernails?

According to this, take it all with a huge grain of salt:

  • He doesn’t look much like a Russian or Ukrainian.
  • He was in Turkey recently.
  • Some unknown benefactor paid these guys to commit the attack and provided them with weapons, presumably the rifles, grenades and incendiary devices used in the attack.
  • They were near the Ukrainian border and appeared to be fleeing toward Ukraine.
  • He was listening to “sermons” on Telegram and then approached to commit the attack.
  • U.S. intelligence claims to have known about an impending terror attack by “ISIS-K” and was warning U.S. citizens to avoid crowded places before the attack.

That begs all sorts of questions. They don’t seem like the sharpest tools in the shed, facing the prospect of being killed by security forces in the act of committing a terror attack or spending the rest of their lives in a Russian prison, and all for a whopping five grand? That suggests to me that someone a whole lot smarter and with lots of resources was setting this up and these idiots were the patsies.

Of course it is just hours after the attack and what we don’t know far outweighs what we do. Simplicius has a Substack post out this morning and basically says there is too little information that is verifiable at this point so he instead focuses on the Russian strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure the day before.

Ukraine has no hope of prevailing in this war unless they can somehow get Western powers to engage directly with Russia. Would Ukraine or Western intelligence use some dimwit goat humpers to commit am atrocity in Moscow hoping to provoke Russian into turning Kiev into a parking lot, so they could use that as a pretext to openly send in boots on the ground? Hell yes they would, even if it meant tens of thousands of Ukrainian casualties. Alex Jones is reminding anyone that will listen that ISIS is a creation of the CIA and has been used as a proxy before….

It will be an interesting weekend to be sure. I am sure the Russians are trying to figure out who might be running the Telegram account and funding the debit cards for these knuckleheads. The answers to those questions could lead to a major expansion of this conflict.


  1. Don Curton

    I’m reminded of the scene from Kingdom of Heaven

    Reynald : [after raiding a peaceful caravan] I am what I am. Someone has to be.
    Guy de Lusignan : Give me a war.
    Reynald : That is what I do.

    The powers that be in this country are dead set on yet another war, after decades of wasting lives in the fucking desert.


    (F)USA $34 trillion in debt
    Russia half a trillion in debt

    (F)USA DEI/CRT everything non YT
    Russia White, homogeneous population with pockets of other ethnicities allowed to have their own ethno/religious provinces.

    (F)USA LGBTQIA++???? Queers, tranny drag shows at the Methodist Church, homosexual clergy, tiny hats running the show.
    Russia Orthodox Christian men and women. Flying a “pride” flag can land you in a heap of trouble.

    (F)USA Corporations and oligarchs own most and are seizing up the remaining assets that belonged to a once thriving middle class.
    Russia Their leader actually had the nuts otl put some of the would be oligarchs in prison for this kind of behavior.

    (F)USA USS Harvey Milk. Queers and trannies, promoting blaque wahmen over YT. A level of unpreparedness never seen before. An unprecedented hostility to their former warrior class (Southern and Midwestern White men). Military boutique manufacturing based on what senators and congressmen got bribed by the MIC.
    Russia Battle-hardened men. No “” in their ranks. Robust, centralized manufacturing and technology on peer with NATO or even better in some cases.

    The F(USA) will not just lose, it will be slaughtered. YT, stay away, turn your back and don’t look back and become a pillar of salt. The only thing that worries me is that these homo/pedophile psychopaths will launch nukes, perhaps on its own population to stir normies up.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    The same ISIS that Juan “Songbird” McLame is in photos with and they aren’t chopped?
    Did you know that the translation for Mossad is ISIS? (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service)
    Like the Children Of Men protagonist said, it is almost always false flag government regarding attacks and well organized groups in Hondas with weapons in the truck bed.
    The dystopian hellscape of that movie is coming worldwide with the almost zero birthrate as well?
    Ukraine can’t WAR, I am sorry and isn’t it ironic how the distorted lens ideologue CPUSA (D) wing of the UNI-Party chose this for the cookie jar of WAR with RF fomenting/laundering/trafficking/biolabs.
    We should be thankful that Vlad is a statesman with a long fuse but it is going fast.
    He’ll eventually realize what Satanic Slime the former West is and act accordingly.

  4. LGC

    Told ya so. CIA/SF people for sure.

    ISIS that’s just pathetic, it’s like they aren’t even trying to be tricky. It’s seriously amateur hour.

    • Big Ruckus D

      That’s the thing though, I don’t believe they are capable of doing a first rate job anymore. The bureaucracy has gotten so stacked with stupid quislings and incompetents who truly believe they are geniuses (but in fact are abject morons who are running on nothing more than delusion and arrogance) that when they put together an op, it ends up getting fubar, and we can see right through it.

      It’s the same effect we see in major corporations, where all these midwits who fancy themselves experts on [whatever] simply because they have a degree (that often is of no relevance to their actual job) are doing mediocre work at best, and eventually the company gets sunk under the weight of all the idiots who collectively can no longer deliver the product or service the outfit was chartered for.

      This is even worse in government, because it has long been the cop out option of choice for those who couldn’t cut it in the private sector (at least back when the private sector truly valued competence) and now that universities are churning out little more than indoctrinated idiots, and govt has gotten so tied up in DIE initiatives, they are, in point of fact, incapable of performing the very function they claim to be, with any real success. And these hive mind imbeciles are self perpetuating because they hire more of their own kind, all while scores of new ones are minted every year at universities. It’s a form of tribalism and also self protection, as they can’t bring in anyone actually capable without making themselves look bad.

      It’s the same sort of thing we see with indians taking over major corporations from the inside once they get a toe hold of sufficient numbers. Then suddenly those doing the hiring are indians, so they hire nothing but more of their own. And just like that, Microsoft becomes Curried Street Shitters Inc.

      Point being, don’t be surprised by embarrassing screwups from this government. It’s what they do, so expect more of the same. They don’t care, and even if they did, they wouldn’t know how to do a decent job of anything if their lives depended on it. As my dad use to say of these types, “they could fuck up a wet dream”.

      • Tree Mike, ef bee eye code name, Foghorn Leghorn

        Big D, well said. I just add, it’s not a bug, it’s the feature/Agenda. LOOOOONNG planned out by the Commie/small hat/Satanists. I hate it when (((their))) plans come together.

        • Big Ruckus D

          Oh, I don’t disagree. It is well known that they planned the long march through the institutions. But the fruits of their century long effort look to be very much withering the vine. Which is not to say they won’t succeed wildly in fucking things up horribly – that is already an accomplished fact as I see it – but that those at the head of the Hydra think they are going to take over and rule in perpetuity, when there will be nothing of value left to take over. Their idiot functionaries by the hundreds of thousands in govt offices across the land are mostly phoning it in. Affirmative action shaniquas and transfaggots are putting in even less effort than that. While they will still be able to commit violence and atrocities galore against those they hate, there is no happy ending for them either. Which is what makes it so stupid and difficult to comprehend.

          Just like transfaggots, they’ve substituted their delusions for objective reality. Being high on their own supply all the time, they cannot recognize their own destruction incoming, even though they have themselves planted and cultivated the very seeds of it. They really do believe they are as good as they think they are. It is reminiscent of HNIC “barry the bottom” when he so smugly quipped “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” My God, the hubris is breathtaking. Especially when comparing their self perception of unbridled excellence to the objective reality of their rank mediocrity.

  5. pyrrhus

    Ukraine has no chance of prevailing even with all of NATO (currently stripped of weapons by the Ukes) intervening on its side…The only difference would be the scale of destruction, very possibly nukes from NATO …

  6. Gryphon

    While this guy maybe (is) a Patsy, the Logistics of setting up this Attack, while the FSB has already been bagging ‘Infiltrators’ from The ukraine, indicates that a Significant Effort is being made to shift the War into something the FUSSA/UK/ISNTREAL is actually Good at, meaning Terrorist Acts against Civilians. The fact that some of them were Caught trying to enter The ukraine is Proof that this was a NATOSTAN operation, and the response will be directed accordingly.

    One rumor going around now is that NATO Troops are already entering The ukraine in significant numbers, but the source, one “Pepe Escobar” is not reliable, IMO. If this is True, they won’t get to the ‘Front’ before being Wiped Out by the Ballistic Missiles. Would be ‘Entertaining’ to see the Bear send an RS-28 ‘Carmat’ Heavy War Rocket, loaded with non-nuclear Shells…. From under the South Pole, for shits-n-giggles, too.

  7. Tree Mike, ef bee eye code name, Foghorn Leghorn

    Big D, well said. I just add, it’s not a bug, it’s the feature/Agenda. LOOOOONNG planned out by the Commie/small hat/Satanists. I hate it when (((their))) plans come together.
    One thing we know for sure, there won’t be any emotional, knee jerk reactions. The Russians (Putin) will dispense pain and destruction where ever they deem it appropriate. No doubt, Krainia will get some early retribution.

  8. KNUK

    What was it Schumer said, the intelligence services can get back at you six ways from Sunday, well, I’LL be damned sure enough..

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