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Black Swan Incoming?

I have to admit I am starting to wonder. The Hoosier state is going to bisected by the April 8th total eclipse and have some peak viewing opportunities…

Very cool, etc. Where I live is not in the perfect spot but just going a little to the south and/or east will get me there. I may or may not do that.

There is a total eclipse somewhere on the earth fairly regularly but this is the first one in a long time that will be hitting the U.S. like this I guess. It should be kind of cool, I mean it will get dark for a few minutes in the afternoon.

However, this eclipse is being treated like some sort of calamity. Headlines like this….

People. It will be dark for a few minutes. That is literally all that will happen.

On the other hand, They often telegraph when They are about to do something (as with Covid). I have been expecting the possibility of some sort of calamity that will derail the “election”. Maybe They are going to roll with it on April 8th? I know that sounds tinfoil hat-ish but would you put it past Them?

Maybe we should order more toilet paper….


  1. Mike_C

    Who knows what those nutbags think, but gut feel is that April 8th is a bit premature.

    In pointless personal news, I’m in Manhattan (yeah, I know) at some Italian pizza place getting attitude instead of the chicken and balsamic “hero” I ordered. Called in the order. Get told “ready in 15 to 20 min.” Show up exactly 18 min after the call. Get told “what? You called 5 minutes ago! What’s the matter with you.” Ah, it’s like being in a movie. And they’re shouting to each other in Italian behind the counter. The apparent old-timey authenticity is almost worth the bullshit. Mozzarella, fresh basil, and probably extra spit.

    Hah! Shockingly, “Eyyy, Ray. Give the gentleman 20% off for the wait.”

    • Matt

      I agree a bit premature, but what about a trail run? “Let’s see what we can sell/get away with.” Or maybe just a consent bombardment of false flags. One after the other till the big one in September/October.

  2. Big Ruckus D

    Hell if I know what’s up with the apparent overreaction for his event coming from some quarters. I’m within “devastation range” of the New Madrid fault, if it decides to open a can of whoop ass, and I’m hear some postulating that this eclipse may trigger a quake (yes, really).

    I don’t see how a few minutes of an eclipse on a spring afternoon gives govt shitheads decent cover to execute a false flag either, but whatever. My situational awareness will be on high as per usual, if I’m out and about when it occurs. If I’m at home, I’ll just enjoy the eclipse for what it is, though it won’t be total at my location

  3. Exile1981

    Canadian government said they expect cell and internet disruptions over much of the country from the increase of solar radiation during the eclipse…. Except radiation goes down not up. So are they stupid or planning something? My guess is they are stupid but better to prepare for evil and fet a drooling retard than the other way

    • Big Ruckus D

      Interesting, I’d not heard that possibility bandied about. But then I’m not a Canuck. As you point out, the exact opposite of what they are claiming would be expected. We have had some pretty impressive geomagnetic storms of late, maybe they are trying to somehow conflate those in the public perception with the occurrence of the eclipse as an excuse to shut down comms under the notion that it was caused by the eclipse. Sounds stupid, but hey, people bought the COVID BS hook, line and sinker, so it’s not like they don’t have precedent to expect idiots will believe whatever they tell them.

  4. Tree Mike, ef bee eye code name, Foghorn Leghorn

    TOILET PAPER!!! OOOHH SHIT!! I FORGOT! Thanks for the heads up. Off to Costco AND Walmart.

  5. ghostsniper

    I’m in Brown County, IN.

    My wife brought in the mail and there was a large full color post card in it.
    I typed all the stuff that was on the card.

    I have a cardboard box out in the workshop where I am going to start collecting retarded stuff.
    This postcard will be the first entrant.



    Avoid commuting, there will be crowd, traffic congestion in Brown County, Bloomington and Columbus.

    Refill prescriptions, get medical supplies, food & gas before event as supplies will be limited.

    Have essential items such as batteries, flashlights, battery operated radio & first-aid kit.

    Charge ALL mobile devices & note cell service may be diminished.

    Public safety & Medical responses will be GREATLY impacted by traffic congestion.

    QUESTIONS? Call Brown County COAD Hotline


    Protect your EYES – wear Certified ISO Eclipse Glasses.

    Don’t forget your animals – they may become confused.

    Be Gracious, yet CAUTIOUS of our visitors, block off open fields or spaces from uninvited viewers.

    For more info | or
    Facebook | AllThingsBrownCounty


    3:05pm – 3:09pm

    April 8, 2024

    • Big Ruckus D

      What the hell is all that? We don’t even get warnings like that for severe winter storms, or other events that are likely to be far more disruptive to people’s ability to get out, and to transport product into stores. They sure are playing this up.

    • Steve

      I understand the bit about animals becoming confused. In the summer of ‘94, I had a job as security in a very well to do neighborhood and there was a partial solar eclipse that summer. At the height of the eclipse, all of the dogs in the neighborhood began howling like a pack of wolves. I have no idea why, but it was pretty cool.

  6. saoirse

    Too early for any major fuckery. They’re probably just keeping the sheep in the usual neurotic state. Keeps them scared and pliable.
    Nature at it’s finest! I’d go down there but I heard that all the hotels are booked. Enjoy the eclipse.


    In sub-Saharan Africa they would blame the eclipse on the dirty women in the village and stone them to death.

  8. JLang

    While I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past /them/, as mentioned above, I think it’s too early for major fuckery. Just some good, ol’ fashioned fear mongering to help sell ad time on cable news I suspect.

  9. Gryphon

    I’ll be on the outer edge of the Shadow, maybe 50%. Saoirse is probably Correct – just another non-event to Panic the sheople with. I want to see if my Horse notices…. if he does, it will be to Think it’s Evening, and thus Dinnertime.

  10. Bean Dip Tray

    Signs in the Heavens?
    I have seen several shooting stars the past few years, usually while praying for FUSA.
    One was a beautiful purple color and just flying lightning fast like a missile to the west, another one was going north while praying about what direction to go when the brown stuff strikes the roto oscillator.
    Saw a gigantor cross in the sky last fall over a local school.
    Barry and Big Mike did consult on that Leave the World Behind turd.
    Externals will get the blame when internal quislings pull it?

  11. Harbinger

    Some University of Texas campuses have pre-emptively canceled classes on April 8th. Canceled classes. For an eclipse.

    All the shrill warnings about stocking up on food and meds, filling your gas tank, updating your will and calling your mama are laughably reminiscent of the Y2K panic (remember that one?) The media had nervous Nellies stockpiling candles and filling their leaky bathtubs with water on the evening of December 31st, 1999 out of fear that the utilities would be partying like its 1900 when the clock struck midnight.

    To be fair, I do NOT want to be on I-35 anywhere between San Antonio and Austin on the afternoon of the 8th. The unlicensed, uninsured beaners down here manage to smash into one another like its demolition derby on the sunniest and driest of days, let alone when staring up through their cracked windshields toward an eclipse and fumbling with the cellphone camera.

  12. No-way

    In part of TX, schools are closed for the day. Why? Because towns of 20K and supporting logistics are “supposed” to be hit with 200K visitors. The infrastructure simply can’t handle it. The roads aren’t built for 200K people. The fuel stations don’t have the capacity for refueling 200K people, etc, etc, etc. Schools are closed because admin figured it was easier to do that than have the school buses fight said traffic.

    On an upnote, farmers are expecting a bumper crop of “hay” this year, since many hay fields are being rented out to motorhomes and travel trailers.

    • 3g4me

      No-Way: Same here in the Arkansas Ozarks. Hairdresser told my husband her mother is a local teacher, and the schools here will be closed. Our neighbors said the tourists for eclipses are insane (not certain when the last one was; we didn’t live here then) and recommended we get whatever we need in town by Wednesday, April 3. So I plan to buy a few things that day, and then I’ll be staying up on our mini-mountain until all the nuts are gone.

      I never figured out what all the fuss was about various partial eclipses was when I was a kid, and I’m just not that interested now.

  13. Bad Dancer

    At this point I’m keeping the chainsaw in top notch and the boomstick ready. Anything happens I have a leg up, if not I’ll split some more firewood. Stay away from any suspicious looking books.

    CERN is saying they’ll fire up the collider during the eclipse, NASA is launching Project Serpent Deity a trio of rockets to gather data from something or other during the eclipse, and a comet nicked named “The Devil Comet” is passing by during.

    I’m pretty sure Asylum Films is frantically taking notes at this point.

  14. Max Wiley

    In my state (a little south of you) the authorities are expecting 500k people who are not normally in the area of the eclipse to move there to watch and then return.
    They are anticipating the possibility of jammed highways and some failures of the cell phone infrastructure.
    Seems ridiculous to me but then I don’t ever go with the herd.

  15. Bob Roy Larnigan

    The Amish amake sure their roosters are out to see the “sunset” and “sunrise” in about 25 minutes. They say the roosters do a double take and crow their heads off. Pretty funny stuff 😁

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