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Beauty Kweenz and Sheeit!

An absolutely hilarious story ran on one of our local news Facebook pages yesterday. It had to do with a visit to one of Fort Wayne’s local elementary schools, Southwick Elementary, by some LITERAL ROYALTY: the 2024 Miss black Indiana, Andrea Ford, and the 2024 Miss black Indiana Runner-up, Corinth Oglesby.


That picture made me chortle. Any dude, if he was being honest, would say that the random White chick that I assume is a teacher at Southwick Elementary, is pretty mid but way hotter than either of the “Miss black Indiana” winners. Look at those two…..

Damn, that is just a lot of ugly.

That is really the best that the black women of Indiana could come up with? Probably, there isn’t much to choose from. For shits and giggles I went to the webpage of “Miss Black Indiana” and looked at the qualifications for eligibility….

The two above are “Miss” so they are never-married and have never given birth but the eligibility for “Teen” only requires you to have never been married. Single moms between 14 and 19 are just fine. To be “Ms black Indiana”, you can be divorced, single, with or without kids. One thing I found outrageous, all three say: “You must be a natural-born female”. How outrageously transphobic!

It is perfectly appropriate to have a Miss black Indiana, after all black women are discriminated against in regular beauty pageants like Miss Indiana, “the official State Preliminary to the Miss America Organization” Look at this cracker who won Miss Indiana last year, Cydney Bridges, who happens to be from Fort Wayne….

Obviously black women need a separate pageant to give them an opportunity to shine as they are excluded from the regular Miss Indiana pageant. It isn’t like 3 of the last 4 Miss Indiana’s were black or anything.

The Facebook post received lots of snarky comments and a few defending the practice but my favorite was this one from a chick named Sara Steiner

Let’s get a closer look at that profile pic….

On any story touching the issue of race, you will invariably get a mudshark like Sara Steiner with a picture of one or more mixed raced kids and just as invariably she will be single. It’s a cliche but it is also 100% true.

Anyway, Miss black Indiana and the runner-up were at Southwick Elementary to “encourage” the chidlins ahead of the state testing period. Those kids are going to need more than encouragement according to Great Schools….

The Asian/Pacific Islander students are not from Japan or South Korea. Fort Wayne has one of the largest Burmese populations in the world outside of Burma (aka Myanmar), even more than NYC or L.A., and most of them appear to be sort of Buddhists or Muslims. They often venture out to Amish country to buy chickens or goats or even cattle, bringing the whole family sometimes, and will kill and butcher a steer right there in the farmyard. They are also scared to death of dogs for some reason. Anyway, that means lots of pictures on Southwick Elementary’s Facebook page like this….

Most pictures are like that, a mix of Burmese, blacks and mestizos…but also pictures like this….

I am not trying to be cruel but WTF? That kid is going to need more than encouragement from Miss black Indiana. Then in an amusing but predictable twist, the teaching staff looks like this….

A gaggle of do-gooder White women with the same fake smiles and half with ugly glasses. Could they look more stereotypical?

Southwick Elementary is in Southeast Fort Wayne where most of the minorities live and not coincidentally where most violent crime occurs in Fort Wayne. The little black, mestizo and Burmese kids in these pictures are the future occupants of Fort Wayne’s overcrowded jail system. Unlike Japanese, Chinese or Koreans, the local Burmese seem to be trending toward petty criminality and even some violent crime. They are fairly lazy and not very smart to boot, a great combination and a wonderful addition to the vibrant diversity of Fort Wayne.

I guess the news story from Fort Wayne’s 21 Alive was supposed to be inspirational or some such bullshit but it highlighted instead just how sick people are of the forced diversity crap and the special treatment demanded by blacks, not satisfied with winning 3 out of the last 4 Miss Indiana pageants but then having their own distinct Miss black Indiana on top of that. It was also an unneeded, at least for me, reminder of what a demographic disaster we have brewing in our inner city schools with millions of low IQ, non-White elementary and middle school children being pushed through a hopelessly failed system, and that those millions of school aged children are going to be the voters and criminals of the future. They will be poorly educated, if at all, have low IQs, no job skills and with an enormous anti-White chip on their shoulders.

The near term future in America is hopeless. There isn’t a way to right the course of the impending collapse. We just have to hope for a brighter future where American schools are full of American children and no one would even consider having a “Miss black Indiana” pageant.


  1. Lineman

    You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end—which you can never afford to lose—with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.” — Admiral James Stockdale.

    Most don’t want to confront the fact that they are being genocided…

  2. Exile1981

    Until i read the requirement that they be natural born women i assumed the one on the left had been born a man. I noticed the rule is never married and never given birth, given the unlikelihood of actual marriage in black culture thats easy to do… But i’m going to guess abortions don’t count?

  3. Xzebek

    I see a direct tie in with your observation about low IQ non white children in school and the inability to build, man and maintain a functioning military in the other post. These children, at 5-6 years old are only 12-14 years from being military age. Your observation about trench warfare is also relevant in that these people will not be functional to be more than cannon fodder. We need to stop catering to the weakest link and if the weakest links are mostly non whites that’s tough. To protect and maintain a country, militarily and culturally will require much more than we are producing in our “public ” education system. (A first step in improving it would be to get rid of every AWFL and sexual deviant such as those in the picture).

  4. Filthie

    Gawd… I don’t get it, Art. These cunty liberal white women…GAH. It’s like looking at my mom through a Time Machine. If you think those hose bags are cunned stunts now…just wait until they hit their 70s.

    Yes, the blacks are a huge existential problem for us… but so are our own shitty liberal women. We seriously need to rethink our position on the 19th Amendment. Those women are going to make the demographic problem infinitely worse.

  5. Harbinger

    I thought that “beauty pageants” were considered patriarchal and insulting to wymyns. But then again, when it is black-centric and celebrates single motherhood, leftists have no choice but to applaud like trained seals. The cog-diss must make their tiny heads explode.

    And yeah, that coven of smarmy do-gooding Karens makes me want to puke. Virtue beacons so bright they block out the sun.

    • TakeAHardLook

      These mudsharks are despicable–and regularly fail at the Mathematics of Genetics: i.e., mix White with black/brown and you get black/brown.
      Every. Single. Time.
      White liberal dumbass women are our third most troubling demographic, after (((.))) and Glets.

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