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¡Ay, caramba!

Sent by a reader, some lovely ladies in my hometown of Toledo enjoying some tacos and margaritas as El Viejon Mexican Restaurant. As you might have guessed, things were peaceful and they tipped well.

Drinks, chairs, and fists all flying.

Video from inside El Viejon Mexican Restaurant, located at 1045 S. Reynolds Rd., shows two groups of women erupting into an all-out brawl on National Margarita Day.

“Sometimes people can’t handle more than two margaritas,” said Juan Castro, a server and spokesperson for the restaurant.

It started with an exchange of words that escalated and eventually spilled into the lobby.

Of course they ended up not just wrecking the place….

You can see some people recording the fight on their phones, others heading for the door. Castro said the fight that happened on Feb. 22 left the establishment trashed.

“It’s not fair. You know, we do our best to serve our community,” explained Castro. “The other thing that happened, the people, when they saw the problem, they started running out without paying their bills.”

The video is hilarious, but not really because this is a new restaurant just about to celebrate their first anniversary and just had a ton of damage done to the restaurant.

The best part was the weave hitting the ceiling, so I made it into a gif.

The other thing, when a bunch of fat black women get to squabbling, someone is going to lose a shirt and some flappy black tiddies are going to be flopping about. Why can’t attractive White women get into fights and lose their tops instead of these water buffalos? Nope, it’s weaves flyin’, tiddies flappin’ and size XXXXL thongs showin’.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

My wife picked this AI image


  1. Moe Gibbs

    Trash the new place and walk out without paying. Just some righteous sistas stickin’ it to da White…uh, brown man, as reparations for past injustices. Paco had slaves, right? Right?

    While everyone seems resigned to the seeming inevitability of a B&W civil war, I am personally cheering on the eruption of major unrest between blacks and everybody BUT Whites – mestizos, East Asians, Palestinian refugees, space aliens. It’s probably too much to ask for the savages to organize a slave revolt against their real masters (Oy, gevalt!) but one can hope.

        • Big Ruckus D

          Heh. Another case of doing the job whites (apparently) don’t want to? I’ll admit, the prospect of such a turn of events is rather enticing just for the Jerry Springeresque spectacle that it would be.

          • Lineman

            It’s ironic that they(Whites) can see that you need Tribe to overcome Tribal People but yet don’t want to sacrifice ego, pride, and selfishness to do the task themselves…

            • Big Ruckus D

              Yes, a truly lamentable state of affairs. And then so many make it worse by their performative moralizing in pledging undying support for “the other”. All to avoid being called a racist. Apparently, me calling them a pussy for such self defeating behavior doesn’t have a similarly debilitating effect on their psyche.

              • Mike_C

                >All to avoid being called a racist. […] me calling them a pussy […] doesn’t have a similarly debilitating effect on their psyche

                Well, yeah. One normal person against the Infotainment Complex, the (subverted and perverted) educational system, govt, AND (Ha’Shem help us) most of the churches is such an uphill battle.

                This is a general comment following, not a direct response to BRD personally. But his comment made me think of it: Several of the regulars here, whom I particularly respect, emphasize the importance of building tribe, building community. Agreed that those are vitally important, but I’d add that an adjunct to the business of making friends, being helpful, and simply getting to know your neighbors, is being an example. Out loud in public.

                I’d bet that a number of you (y’all) have had the experience of doing or saying something, getting pushback ranging from sniffing disapproval to snark to physical violence, and Not Backing Down. It doesn’t matter if you prevail in the specific encounter, but I’ve had people come up to me afterwards, in private, and say stuff such as “I didn’t know anyone else felt that way,” or “Thanks for saying that out loud,” or the like. (The responses are, respectively, “You’re not alone, brother; there’s lots of us,” and “The sky didn’t fall on me just now, did it? You can do the same. And the sky probably won’t fall on you either. You’ve got this.”)

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    It needs some mean Gene wrestling narration and a Benny Hill or Star Wars Cantina scene music!
    You can use steaming fourth world anarcho-tyranny to your advantage?
    Yes you can.
    Now on Grappling Tube Shaniquas and Esmereldas brawl pay per view last one standing gets a Carls Jr. extra big azz taco and Brawndo combo while everyone in the crowd gets free underwear and hammers.

  3. Skeptic

    Can’t imagine why “no blacks allowed” was a thing. That was just silly, crazy stuff from a bunch of backwards rednecks. Right?

    On another note – wonder how many people would be left working at, or owning, that restaurant if ICE made a legit raid?

  4. anonymous

    I feel bad for the restaurant, but if I’m ever in a place where something like this goes down, I’m out without taking the time to pay the bill.

    It takes absolutely no stretch of the imagination to envision gunshots within 5 seconds of this crap starting.

    I go out to enjoy myself. If the restaurant can’t maintain a decent atmosphere that is their problem.

    Even without gunshots, flying drinks, and fists, can you imagine the horrible yelling that would be going on?

    • Himself

      Chances are that with a restaurant full of negritos, it was already loud.

      Just use Derbyshire’s rule – walk in, size up the room, beat feet to a quieter place.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Oh, I’d definitely bail for my own safety. But if I’d finished at least most of my meal prior to shit breaking out, I’d be decent enough to go back later and pay the bill. Yes, that would be very Caucasian of me.

  5. Big Ruckus D

    There once were some unruly black sows
    Who got drunk on margaritas and started a row
    A weave hit the ceiling
    While the owner was reeling
    As the dining room got wrecked by mau mau’s.

  6. TakeAHardLook

    When’s the last time we’ve read about White women running amok like a bunch of 81 IQ sweat hogs, busting up furniture & spreading their sweaty stink in a public place?

    Never, I’d guess.

    It’s ALWAYS fkn sheeboons!

  7. Scot Irish

    These post are kind of a tonic for the toxic world we find ourselves. Yet sometimes they don’t work for me.
    Today, I ask why do we have to live like this?
    There’s certainly a different road we can take, unfortunately that road runs right next to the river of blood.
    There’s no magical dirt, just the people living on the dirt. I know I’m borrowing thoughts from other people. We have been warned! Numerous times!
    I’ve been reading the other sides views. Absolutely scary! Sorry for the black pill.

    • Lineman

      We live like this because of our sainted individualism is still our mindset instead of a Tribal One so those that do have Tribe are wrecking havoc on us…

    • Lasagna

      Do I detect a dog whistle? I interpret your coded words as violence. I will stand up proud and denounce your bigotry and defend my right for self defense. Shame on you and your behavior and beliefs.


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