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Amusement Parks And Night Clubs And Purple Drank, Oh My!

A trio of monkeyshines on a Monday!

First to black Mecca, aka Atlanta, Georgia where Six Flags just opened and…..well, you can guess what happened.

After opening for only one day, a Six Flags amusement park near Atlanta, Georgia was overrun by a mob of up to 600 rioters who proceeded to fight each other and destroy property.  The incident led to a shootout involving the Cobb County Police Department and resulted in the hospitalization of an alleged assailant. 

“As officers followed the crowd out, ensuring they left the property, an unknown number of suspects fired at officers. An officer returned fire, striking one of the suspects,” Cobb County Police Department said. 

The establishment media has decided to focus primarily on the shooting of the unnamed 15-year-old involved in the police altercation, and many outlets have ignored the events leading up to the incident.  The suspect, whose name was not released by police, was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital after receiving medical treatment at the scene. His condition is unknown at this time.  The likelihood of the teen being a minority is high, and the media’s focus may be in preparation for an attempt to provoke a BLM-like response in the near future.

Crime is going down, right? The television said so.

While Democrat politicians continue to claim that crime in the US is going down, violent mob actions similar to what happened at the Georgia Six Flags have been rising steadily in the past few years.  Why don’t crime stats reflect this?  Because progressive city governments rarely prosecute the people involved.  Low prosecution numbers lead to low convictions and low reported crime rates.  

Another factor to consider is a change in FBI crime reporting policies during the pandemic, which allows many cities across the US to avoid providing complete crime numbers until 2025….

…In other words, the majority of these riots are dominated by a certain demographic, and this is largely due to the assumption that assailants will not be aggressively charged because of their skin color.  When a specific group of people are assured of privileged treatment in criminal cases, they are incentivized to commit more crimes.  It’s not rocket science, it’s common sense.  

See if you don’t prosecute people for committing crimes, the number of crimes goes down. Same if you don’t show mugshots of black men, if you don’t see a picture you are left to wonder who it might have been. Convenient, no? Why would anyone go to an amusement park where blacks can congregate?

Next up is a frequent guest at Dissident Thoughts, the Magnolia State of Mississippi. It is a rather nice state, very scenic except for one factor….

At 37%, Mississippi has the highest percentage of Breadcrumb-Americans of any state, and only trails the District of Congo by a few percentages. That leads to crap like this….

A 20-year-old woman was killed and up to a dozen others injured in a mass shooting at a Mississippi club, on Sunday, prompting a dire warning.

“I think you’re taking a chance on your life right now if you go to these large events,” Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott told WTVA-TV as authorities worked to piece together what had happened.

“Right now, law enforcement’s saying it’s not a good thing to do. It’s just the kind of society we’re living in,” he added. “We’re seeing too many cases of gun violence going on, and this just seems to be a trend.”

Details were scant Sunday night as investigators from the Clay County sheriff’s office pieced together what happened inside Club Oasis just outside the town of West Point, Miss. The locale of 10,000 is about 150 miles northeast of Jackson and 20 miles west of the Alabama border.

Most of the injured appeared to be innocent bystanders to a pre-planned attack, WTVA reported. Arriving deputies found the woman’s body and up to 12 people with wounds ranging from minor to serious, including a person who had been shot in the face, Scott told CNN. He said security guards had been on hand and checked people for weapons, so it wasn’t clear how a weapon made its way into the club where “several hundred” people were partying.

Sheriff Eddie Scott must read my blog or be a fan of Ol’ Remus. Clay County, Mississippi has a population of only a little over 18,000 but it is 58% black and according to the story:

“What we do know is that a party was advertised and all these individuals came from other counties into our county,” Scott told CNN. “About 90% of the partygoers were from other counties.”

This is something I mentioned after our trip to Mississippi, in rural Midwestern counties you almost never see blacks but in Mississippi and Alabama even small towns and rural counties are full of joggers and yoofs. I am shocked that you would see a mass shooting at a club that advertises these sort of wholesome events on their Facebook page…

An “All-black Graduation Bash”? I commented and asked what they were graduating from, perhaps prison?

Finally we have to stop by Chicongo, formerly known as Chicago, a hotbed of fun news stories like this one:

I didn’t have any idea what “purple drank” was but now I do….

Prosecutors say a parolee shot another man 13 times after the victim got ripped off during a drug deal on the South Side.

The 31-year-old went to the 800 block of East 87th Street on February 6 to buy “lean,” a mixture of codeine and prescription-grade cough syrup. It’s also known as “purple drank.”

Sitting in a car with the lean dealer, 25-year-old Dashawn Williams, the victim decided against buying the syrup after “inspecting” it, prosecutors said this week. Williams responded by snatching the victim’s gold necklace and bolting into a nearby home, officials said.

The victim and a witness chased Williams to the house, where two people, including parolee Robert Floyd, pushed them back to keep them from entering, according to allegations made in court filings.

Floyd, a two-time convicted gun offender on parole for armed robbery, pulled out a pistol and shot the victim “approximately” 13 times in the torso, chest, legs, and back at close range, prosecutors said.

That sounds like a healthy beverage. Here is the guy who did the shooting and he looks like someone who might enjoy him some purple drank.

Shot that dude 13 times and didn’t kill him. I guess dat purple drank makes it hard to aim your stolen Glock.

A trio of stories to brighten your day and get your week started off right!


  1. Big Ruckus D

    Another criminal nog bearing the surname Floyd. That’s just marvelous. And “cootie” down Mississippi way sure does have a diverse crew, doesn’t he? Not that any White person should be willingly associating themselves with such an event.

    There once was a mob at six flags
    Who set about dumping their mags
    They shot at the pigs
    Whilst behaving like nigs
    Which is why being around crowds now just ain’t my bag.

  2. Max Wiley

    ZH tends to have a stolidly lolbertarian outlook but that article proves that The Noticing continues apace.
    When you finally mentally confront the “one race” civnat normiecon perspective you are just about three honest questions from seeing the real problem.
    All of it.

  3. Harbinger

    We haven’t visited a Six Flags since the kids were little, but even back then in the late 90s it was common knowledge that you must leave the park grounds before dark. There was always a surge of admissions after 6 pm when the cost went down. And virtually every new admittee was of a particular hue.

    Yeah, avoid crowds in general, of course. But ya know what’s still remarkably safe? Hiking venues. We went as a family to Enchanted Rock State Park in Fredericksburg, Texas this past weekend to climb the rock to its summit again (this is a yearly excursion for us). As is the case at any state park in Tx you need reservations, and they are sold out every weekend. We booked a month in advance, to be sure.

    The place was packed with…White people. We were there from mid-morning until well into afternoon and saw not a single dark face the entire time. At peak hour there were hundreds of climbers on that big rock, but no one got shot. No one suffered unacceptable disrespect. No one stole anyone else’s camp chair, or hiking boots, or boonie hat. And no reparations were demanded or given. It was glorious.

    • Jen

      Disagree. Have been unpleasantly surprised hiking in the south. Hip-hop blaring out of speakers, and walking 3 abreast on trails, with no effort to politely let others pass. Same thing in Florida, remote, formerly sparsely attended beaches now crowded with large rambunctious groups blaring hip-hop.

  4. Moe Gibbs

    I have to say that I am very surprised that you are not familiar with the term ‘purple drank’. It’s been around for decades and has been a trope on the Internet nearly as long. There are variations on the formula, and not all of them include prescription codeine. The most basic variant I am aware of is a simple mixture of Arizona iced tea and Robitussin CF. Our local Walgreens actually stocks the iced tea and the cough syrup in the same aisle, saving the brothas a few steps.

    I couldn’t get a prescription for Tylenol #3 (the one with codeine) filled two months ago at CVS because their pharmacy does not stock it anymore. The reason? Purple drank.

    See, America? They are the reason we can’t have nice things.

  5. Hickocks Ghost

    Am I missing something or is current white life in FUSA Orwell’s 1984 meets Burgess’ Clockwork Orange with color corrected yoofs,
    I don’t know if I am lucky or unlucky to live long enough to see the shit that’s coming.
    I have been told, by a source I completely trust, by the end of 2024 we will see a Red Flag event, with martial Law resulting. I was told it has long been in the planning. Take it for what it’s worth, but if/when it does we better do some fast, furious, and ruthless culling of the herds.

  6. Anon

    As a gee-whiz, Purp Drank is also known as Lean.
    There is something in cough syrups that acts like a disassociative and messes with muscle control. So they lean/feel like they are leaning as one of the effects.
    There’s so much drug shit out there’s nowadays and so much of it is pushed by the longnoses owning those “music” brands and more.
    Devon Stack had a stream recently about some of the degenerate shit around one rapper and a jew involved in the “music” industry since he is doing some segments on the 90s as a response to people who keep saying things like “we should return to the 90s” as if that would fix everything when so many of the issues were already cancerous then or for decades before then.

  7. TakeAHardLook

    Robert Floyd: Another “dead-eyed nigger.” Christ-on-a-Cracker, that 13% of (sub)humans is a scourge on America. Fly them all to Liberia (where they’ve been “free” for a hundred+ years–a veritable Paradise among the World’s nations) or Haiti, (a place where the natives have killed off every White man, woman & child, thus creating another Wakanda, free of the horrors of White Privilege).

    Nigs do SO AMAZINGLY WELL without Whites to mess up the nigs’ exemplary civilizations.

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