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A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words….Or About 53 IQ Points

You would have to ask a neurologist to be sure but it is reasonable to assume that however many neurons need to be firing in a human brain to keep a person upright and breathing, this fella is only a couple of active neurons above that threshold….

If a picture could speak, this one would say “Duuuuuhhhhhhh”, followed by copious drooling. One lazy eye, the mouth hanging open. A cop must have wiped the spittle off his chin before snapping the photo. This mofo couldn’t arrange Scrabble tiles to spell “cat” if all you gave him was a “C”, an “A” and a “T”. Semaj Bryant is the poster-boy for two decades post-birth abortion.

Prosecutors say the 20-year-old, still on probation, and an accomplice tried to rob a woman at gunpoint in a Hoffman Estates subdivision this month. The pair got busted when cops saw the robbery in progress and interrupted them, officials said.

Since Bryant pleaded guilty last year, prosecutors have filed probation violation petitions against him four times: in May, August, October, and December. They told Judge Gillespie that he kept testing positive for marijuana and, at least once, ecstasy, court records show. He also failed an outpatient wellness program, one filing said.

Yet, late in the afternoon on February 16, Bryant and 18-year-old Devin Loving each armed themselves with a handgun, and they walked about a block from their home in the 1900 block of Haddam in Hoffman Estates, prosecutors allege.

He has already been busted for stealing coats from North Face stores and merchandise from Sephora. Since turning 18 he has done nothing of note other than stealing stuff and robbing people, and you can be sure that his juvenile record is lengthy and full of various criminal activities. To quote the estimable Mortimer Duke…

Without question, he has never added anything of value to society and clearly never will. There is no reason that he should continue sucking up oxygen and tax dollars going in and out of prison. If we had a serious nation of laws, he would be taken out behind the courthouse and put down like a crippled horse. Instead he wanders around the Chicago region making life worse for everyone that he encounters.


      • Lineman

        Yea I take it you haven’t seen all the examples of that not happening and instead it gets our White Men thrown in the clink to be beat on by niggers since they have Tribe…

      • Berglander

        It’s simpler than that. Just be a good neighbor. In your immediate community, help who needs help. Get to know everyone. You’ll change things by doing so.
        It’s not sexy or cool like giving nogs a 5.56 lobotomy, but long-term it’s far more productive.

        • Greg

          Good idea as far as it goes. Long term survival will depend on community; no individual has a chance of working 24/7 to that end. But caution always. Distinguish sharply between those you can trust, those you MIGHT be able to trust, and those you won’t turn your back on. Even as deep in flyover country as I am, with very low levels of “diversity”, we are as infected as anywhere by the libtard virus. In most cases, there is no cure short of that 5.56 lobotomy.

  1. Filthie

    I don’t think so, Art.

    White justice won’t work on blacks. Black justice is the Law Of The Jungle. The biggest, meanest ape rules. Works that way with dogs too. Black justice has to be swift, fair, and incredibly brutal. It won’t stick otherwise.

    That boy could be fixed with a horsewhip. He’s older now so it would probly take a bullwhip to beat the nigger out of him. We bring this monkey business down on ourselves because we don’t punish them properly…

  2. pyrrhus

    When black folks were in charge of black kids, the discipline was harsh and pretty effective…Civil rights legislation and Aid to Dependent Children destroyed all that, and left us with tons of fatherless criminals raised by mothers on drugs…End of story…

    • Berglander

      There are plenty of fathers and intact families in Africa, and it’s still an absolute shithole. They’re just animals. It’s their nature.

    • anon

      This is the same shit as saying there are some good ones since “good ones” would have to hold the rest in line. Same shit as a poster that still talks about knowing strict black mammies or whatever.

      They all are the same on the inside. If one isn’t committing crimes, one is supportive of those who do. Like those posts that “it’s not 13 percent is mainly the males” when the females are still clearly violent but get off even more, and there is the basic fact that the females are birthing and “raising” for however much that is worth the males.

      All of them need to go.
      All of them.

  3. Leo

    If you look weak around them, you’re a target. If you’re merely near them, you’re a target.

    They truly only understand fear and pain.

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