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Wypipo Don’t Season Dey Babies

I suppose it is a good sign that my cynical heart is not so scarred that I can still be at least a little startled by stories like this:

A Missouri mom has been accused of baking her newborn daughter to death in an oven after allegedly mistaking it for a crib.

Mariah Thomas, 26, was charged with endangering the welfare of a child after one-month-old Za’Riah Mae was found dead with ‘burn wounds’, according to an arrest warrant.

Cops were called to the mom’s Kansas City home to reports of a child not breathing on Friday- the day after Thomas’ birthday.

When they arrived, they found the infant covered in burns, with her ‘blackened’ clothing melted onto her diaper.

That seems like an honest mistake, who hasn’t been confused and put their baby in a kitchen appliance? Why, we used to put our kids in the dishwasher all the time. Sure the oven was on so that seems a little sus but who are we to judge.

What say you Drinker?

Later in the story we read:

‘Mariah had mental issues from what I know and didn’t have the mindset of a adult, she thought like a child,’ the friend said, adding she last talked to the mom on Monday.

So she was basically mentally retarded but no one in her family or her friends thought they should do something to avoid her getting knocked up?

I saw the story yesterday but her name, Mariah Thomas, didn’t tell me much but thanks to the Daily Mail for reporting on breadcrumb-American shenanigans and providing context via pictures….


We used to recognize that society has an interest in not having the mentally retarded reproducing and creating generations of perpetual dependents. Less than 100 years ago in 1927, in the Buck v Bell case the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 8-1 that it was not unconstitutional for a state to perform involuntary sterilizations, specifically the case of Carrie Buck who was raped and impregnated by a cousin when she was 17. She gave birth to a daughter and was then sent to a “colony” where she was subsequently sterilized after the SCOTUS decision where Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, writing the decision for the majority, said:

Three generations of imbeciles are enough.

Subsequent rulings and the Americans With Disabilities Act have made it impossible to consider the societal right to cut off a genetic line that is producing nothing but imbeciles, criminals and the wantonly immoral. We have to pay for their offspring but get no say in their reproduction.

Given what we see in the news on a daily basis, it might be time to revisit the concept of sterilizing imbeciles although it really is too late to make much of a difference.


  1. Dr. Hollowpoint

    Think of the black IQ bell curve, the quote below from Wikipedia, and the ramifications to the black community of sterilizing imbeciles, as well as how many blacks are technically morons.

    Imbecile IQ refers to a person with an IQ between 26 and 50, above “idiot” (IQ below 25) and below “moron” (IQ of 51-70). In psychology, an imbecile is equivalent to moderate retardation, while a moron is the highest level of intelligence for someone who is mentally retarded, thus considered as being mildly mentally retarded. The term “imbecile” originally referred to people of the second order in a former and discarded classification of intellectual disability, with a mental age of three to seven years and an IQ of 25-50, above “idiot” (IQ below 25) and below “moron” (IQ of 51-70).

    With an average IQ of 85 for “African-Americans”, setting aside the importations of Africans from countries with even lower IQs, my rough estimate is that somewhere around 2.5% of African-Americans are imbeciles.

      • Dr. Hollowpoint

        A Mormon buddy told me that after he’d returned from his mission and he still wasn’t married after a couple years he was placed in a “class” with other unmarried mid- to late-20s Mormons where they were essentially paired-up. Not the most attractive couple but pleasant enough and devoted parents. Coerced reproduction and involuntary sterilization (not to mention mass deportation) would work miracles for our nation.

        • Arthur Sido

          There are theological reasons for that, Mormonism teaches that women need a husband to draw them through the veil to reach the highest level of heaven. It’s a goofy religion that we once belonged to, that helps explain why we have 8 kids.

  2. pyrrhus

    British psychologists have determined that anyone below IQ 87 is not “educable to any normal standard”…IQ 70 is a lot worse than mildly retarded…It’s going to produce mainly low level criminals or those fit for the simplest menial labor…

    • Grumpy51

      Even the US Army declines taking anyone with IQ less than 83, though I think legally it’s prohibited under 81. Two different studies looked at lowering the number to 80 but essentially determined would be waste of money.

      Give her 2 choices, permanent sterilization or death penalty (though I certainly lean towards the latter, for victim justice sake)

  3. Max Wiley

    The dead wood and choking underbrush gets cleared out of the forest of society eventually, one way or another.
    You can either do controlled burns, or save it up for the conflagration.

    • Arthur Sido

      The problem remains that they are incredibly expensive unless they off themselves, that mom will be in prison for decades at worst, or out of jail on welfare and probably breeding more babies.

      • Anonymous

        If she truly is ‘retarded’ or if her court-appointed lawyer can convince a sympathetic judge that she has the mind of a child, she will be free as a bird with no time served. Just ripe to do it all again the next time some blaqq stud with no standards wants a quick slice.

        • Arthur Sido

          Given that so many of them are banging other black dudes, I can sort of understand that. Faced with a choice between a poop chute and that ugly bitch, she still wins although personally I would choose option 3, none of the above.

  4. saoirse

    LMAO! I wasn’t sure what was in store when I read the title to your post. The kid knew ‘sumthin bout to be goin down’ in that photo on the left. The only way to sterilize negroidals is with a guillotine!

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    There goes the EBT card.
    Mexcrements have caught on and will start breeding mutant mongoloids for the EBT card utopia the steaming fourth world turd Kwanstain or FUSA.
    Ol’ YT doesn’t view the womb as an future government benefits card or conquering device?
    Someone has to be this mean and it feels good.

  6. Lasagna

    You people have no heart. This woman lost her child, she is the victim. I clearly see a lawsuit against the crib manufacturer.


  7. Raymond

    Kansas City, like hundreds of cities and towns large and small all across America, used to be beautiful and clean and safe. Our European ancestors came to the North American wilderness with nothing and worked themselves half to death to build a paradise out of the fields and forests for themselves and their children. My parents and grandparents had photo albums filled with images of that life, and it was glorious.

    Then the locusts moved in and destroyed everything.

    I grew up an hour or so east of Kansas City and used to drive into the city to go to the museums and to the Country Club Plaza. It was still fairly nice back in the 70s and 80s, though you could see that it was really beginning to fall apart. There were so many gorgeous houses that were slowly crumbling to ruin, with yards full of trash and savages running in the streets.

    Even as a child, this made me so angry. I didn’t understand why my parents’ and grandparents’ generation didn’t fight back. Now that I’m older, I better understand White flight and the near futility of fighting against a system that is set up against you. But still…

    And now this story… all I’m left with is bitter callous laughter. In fact, you’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

    I want my country back, the one of beautiful cities and charming small towns that my ancestors built for me and was stolen away. And I want the locusts GONE.

    • Arthur Sido

      It is endlessly infuriating to drive around cities and see what were once beautiful homes in nice neighborhoods that have turned into slums once the human refuse shows up.

      • Steve

        I had (emphasis on “had”) several clients in the Gary area. As recently as the early ’70s, there used to be sections of town where they kept the domesticated blacks , reasonably decent houses and local grocers. Then the ferals moved in and, of course, it looks like friggin’ Mogadishu now.

        Though the current thing is Serbs moving in and using their hard-earned skills to try to keep them in line. Works to a point, I guess, but now we’ve just imported Serb-Croat strife.

        • Bear in Indy

          Gary was part of my sales territory, as was most of Indiana, from late 90’s until 2013.
          Never had problems, then.
          Indianapolis started to decline around 2017. Now, I will not spend a dime in Indianapolis/Marion county. Thanks to the Democrats, the hospitality portion of the city, where the restaurants are, attractions are: Are not safe.
          What a shame, f. All Democrats for destroying our way of life.
          Bear in Indy

  8. Troy Messer

    “I suppose it is a good sign that my cynical heart is not so scarred that I can still be at least a little startled by stories like this:”

    Even as a card carrying racist, these cases with infants bother me. In a sane world, we would sterilize idiots and we sure as hell wouldn’t let them vote.

    I think most of us dissidents underestimate just how stupid average is. Take this normie idiot:

    Millions upon millions of overweight deadbeats getting their fix while their cuntry circles the drain.”

    Yeah, and probably plenty of normies will stand for the nigger national anthem. Fucking normies.

      • Anonymous

        Ditto. But I am almost never sorry when a black life gets cut short. I won’t do it myself, but fortunately I don’t have to. Blacks are not very proficient in much, but they do take out their own trash reasonably well.

          • Plague Monk

            I’ve become heartless enough that I don’t care what happens to blacks of any age. I don’t consider them human in any way, and I agree with the TND meme, as well as the cop NHI comment.

            There is one blogger that runs posts with attractive women, eye-candy so to speak. He’s asking for help, and I’ve considered making a donation to him. But, given that he seems to be fond of dindu females, I’m keeping my wallet closed.
            (Not BCE, He has brought on his own problems, IMNSHO)

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