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Won’t You Help This Worthy Individual In His Time Of Need?

Dig deep. Give often.

Two adult black males were charged with murder Tuesday over the mass shooting that left one dead and 22 others injured, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said. Eleven of the victims were children and were sent to nearby Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Lyndell Mays, 23, of Raytown, and Dominic M. Miller, 18, of Kansas City, both face charges of second-degree murder and two counts of armed criminal action and unlawful use of a weapon.  Although both face murder charges, Baker said Miller’s firearm was the one that fatally wounded Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a 43-year-old mother of two.

Mays allegedly first drew his handgun after getting into a verbal altercation with another person.  Miller and others immediately pulled their firearms, leading to the shootout, Baker said.

A stolen Glock 9mm handgun was found on the ground near Mays, according to the charging documents.

To read the post, you would think Lyndell Mays was an innocent bystander, shot “from going to the Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration”.

GoFundMe took it down pretty much right away. If a White guy’s family did this I would comment that it takes a lot of balls to try that. With a black family? Par for the course. Even when they are clearly in the wrong, they are still victims who deserve your money. He dindu nuffin wrong.


  1. Big Ruckus D

    Sure, I’ll help him. Bring him to me and I’ll see that he won’t need a gun or other people’s money (or any thing else for that matter) ever again. Fuck this clown ass chimp, and his whore mother for birthing him.

    For those who attended the “victory parade”, you need to be smarter. To wit:

    1. You were in Kansas City.
    2. You were at a large, crowded public gathering.
    3. Said gathering was a celebration of a sportsball victory.
    4. Sportsball is overrun with ferals, ergo ferals would be in attendance at said gathering.
    5. You were in Kansas City (this bears repeating).

    Ol’ Remus done summed it up best, and anyone who wants to keep only the number of holes their body was born with should have learned by now to avoid such settings, if only for the entanglements that are likely to ensue during such an event.

    “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto!”

      • Big Ruckus D

        Heh. I’ve long said that if I were buying an article of clothing that cost as much as an officially licensed jersey does, it damn well better have MY name on it.

        It’s a pathetic look for a grown man to be wearing another man’s name on something he paid for. It’s a bad look even if the jersey was free. besides, I seem to recall something about worshipping false idols…

        • Bobsuruncle

          BRD, Ive never known so far that you ever get it wrong.
          I Appreciate ya. You also Art.

          Ya’ll see the one about the sheboon cop, while in uniform shoplifting, then she went to jail in her own patrol car? Its on the tip line. I just need some laughs sometimes gents.

          Jewoogle AI just made our point. All because a rich, white, marxist scum working for Jewoogle that gave it the anti-white algorithms. Now the Jeffersons really be moving on up…

          Wonder when the Frat Boys Inside each other will change their threat reporting and cease to suck the ADL and SPLC’s cocks on replacement theory, etc…DoD got told to cease and desist in 2017.
          These arent the Jews youre looking for….move along, move along now…

  2. Dr. Hollowpoint

    It’s a fine distinction; one group cries out in pain as it strikes you, while other sets up a GoGibsMe account while they shoot you.

  3. Randolph Scott

    Fuck them and the stolen horse they rode in on.Throw these punk criminal bastards in prison and let the big black ass niggers fuck in the ass, right square in the ass.

  4. Bear in Indy

    Indianapolis hosted the NBA All Star Game, this weekend.
    This is all you need to know. Despite having a “military” like presence, on the last night, Sunday, there was a shootout at a Waffle House, that left one woman dead and several others injured.
    This was immediately shutdown, no W. P. Involved.
    Damn, Indy almost made it through a weekend without a feral death
    Bear in Indy

  5. Bear in Indy

    I HATE, what our country has become. God Damn all of the traitors in our government and the RepuOcrats in the Uniparty who have betrayed ‘WE THE PEOPLE.’
    Bear in Indy

  6. Leo

    Notable that GoFuckMe will shut down a conservative Christian crowdfund in seconds, cuz raysizzum or something, while they’d allow violent chimpanzees to run a shake-down.

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