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When The Cat’s Away The Mice Will….Blog

The wife is out of town for a few days so that ought to mean extra time for being mean to diversity online. Let the games begin!

Oh BTW….the Gab AI image generator has really improved, this result was better than anything I got from Bing.


  1. Harbinger

    I visit your site regularly, Arthur, for your bold, unvarnished aggregation of news that big media will not touch. But I can recall a time when you wrote about far more numerous topics of general interest. Rural life. The Amish community. Fond reminiscences of earlier times.

    It is a sad indictment of the current mess we are in that the only news worth highlighting seems focused on DEI, Democrat corruption and malfeasance, feminism run amok and the undisguised agenda to effect a White pogrom. I have seen the same evolution over at Aesop’s blog and even at genial John Wilder’s place. From what you’ve said, you personally are not trapped in some heavily penetrated shithole of diversity, yet you are just as alarmed as those of us who are somewhat closer to the front lines.

    Don’t ever give up the good fight. Voices like yours are sorely needed. But I really do miss the occasional informative or “feel good” story. And not just ones where some deserving leftist or feral takes one in the neck.

    My two cents, FWIW.

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