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What Will The Weekend Bring?

Rumors have been swirling for some time about the “response” to the death of 3 U.S. servicemembers in Jordan and it appears to be kicking off now….

Zerohedge is also reporting the attacks commencing…

Update(1535ET)It’s currently just after 11:30pm in the Middle East, and weather is clear. The Biden administration has begun its retaliatory strikes


Regional analyst Kevork Almassian comments as this initial wave of attacks begins: “The US air force is bombing Eastern Syria near al-Mayadeen. Syria is a sovereign country which has not attacked the United States. A clear violation of international law.”

The Department of Defense has since suggested these initial eastern Syria strikes might be the work of a partner air force, possibly Israel(?). Additionally:

  • Initial report of a US attack against targets in the Deir ez-Zor area on the Syria-Iraq border.

The Biden administration has been dragging it’s feet and that has made the demands more shrill. The media has been preparing the stage for the attacks with stories like this:


This might be a standard one-sided U.S. attack but the responses have been getting closer, as reported by Forward Observer yesterday:

  1. GRAVELY MISSILE KILL SUGGESTS NEAR TOTAL FAILURE OF KILLCHAIN: The Department of Defense revealed that the USS Gravely used its Close-in Weapons System (CIWS) to shoot down an anti-ship cruise missile (ASCM) at less than one mile to go.
  • CIWS is the last line of missile defense for ships. The Gravely has a single aft mount. 
  • The ship has at least three other means of engaging the missile dozens of miles out. The release did not specify whether any form of electronic warfare was employed.

Why It Matters: Based on the Yemeni order of battle, the missile likely had less than five seconds of flight time left when the Gravely shot it. Considering how many systems had to fail that are now proven to work, this appears to be a near-total failure of the watchstanders, with the exception of CIWS. If failures like this keep happening, a successful strike on a Navy warship is inevitable. The last time a USN ship took a missile was the 1987 Stark Incident. The United States did not immediately wage war on Iraq, where the missile came from, but did briefly wage war on Iran when the USS Samuel B Roberts struck their mine the next year. As the Yemenis have no significant navy, a successful strike would likely prompt a limited invasion to destroy any equipment in the southern part of the nation. – J.V.

Just five seconds away. Sooner or later one of these will slip through and that is going to lead to a lot more than 3 dead. An Arleigh Burke-class destroyer like the Gravely has a crew of over 300 and costs somewhere north of $2 billion. I don’t know if one of those ASCMs can sink a ship but if it did? That would be a black eye that would lead to even more escalation.

We will see what happens. Buckle up kids, it might be a bumpy ride.


  1. RMC

    Haven’t listened to Ann Coulter much (if at all) in the last several years, but she put up an article recently asking why are the deaths of 3 US soldiers working in a hostile environment is a call for WW3, while 150 American civilians being murdered by illegal aliens (or their spawn), calls for swarms of Social workers and lawyers to be sent to help the invaders doing the domestic killing?

    • Yankee Terrier

      The scary truth is Biden corruption or not the Iranians are really easy to hate. Went to college with a LOT of them.A “special ordinance” dusting with 10 or 15:targets serviced would probably move emperor poopy pants up in the polls regardless of consequences. Talk about unintended consequences and avalanche… Eeeeek

      • Anon

        >Iranians in college
        The fact they were over here in the first place is the real issue. There are endless swarms of nonwhites both in the us and from abroad taking up slots in these universities that used to be worth something, maybe were still back when you were taking classes.
        It’s all a waste now but after they are torn down and rebuilt, none of these nonwhites need a way in of any sort.

  2. Gryphon

    The FUSSA and ‘israel’ have been Bombing within Syria for Years now, ostentatiously against “ISIS” and other “Terrrist Groups”, but in Fact, usually Syrian Army positions. The Confusion / Obfuscation of Where that ‘Drone Strike’ actually happened is telling me that it is quite likely that None of the FUSSA ‘Narrative’ is even close to being True. Like the numerous Deaths of Americans in the Ukraine (along with French, British, Polish and Germans) the Regime has a Big Problem in regards to “Hiding the Bodies”.

  3. foot in the forest

    This weekend will bring a bombing campaign on targets that were notified in advance that we would be bombing them. Tit-for-tat Kabuki theater to cover that the empire has no clothes.

  4. mike

    The tomahawks and other munitions will be mostly wasted. The militias will easily replace losses. The regime has foolishly staked the outcome of this shock and awe campaign on the enemy being deterred and degraded. All they have to do to make the US look like fools is wait it out while we degrade ourselves and run down our war stocks. After the White House and Pentagram declare victory in a couple of weeks, they will hit all the bases hard again. That is all they need to do to win. It is bonus points if they kill more Americans between now and then. If we are very unlucky they will strike American targets outside of what we consider to be the war zone. Dead Americans, an impotent military, and these enemies encouraged rather than discouraged. I wonder if all the diversity hires running the .mil who are operating way over their skill level have been dreading going down in history as the gang that broke the US military? Probably not, it would take a level of competence they do not have to know how incompetent they are.

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    May it bring the Ecstasy of Gold for US and flailing and failing for FUSA.
    Did Brandon and ValJarr go through the Swiss to warn Iran for this fading banana republic Kabuki?
    The externals figured out our Achilles and BRICS+ just added Saudi Arabia.

  6. Anon

    The Paper Tiger that is the us needs to be torn apart. People domestically need to see how weak it is, not just those abroad (though Europe needs a good eyeful too, maybe one day they will throw out the us from the bases there).
    Very optimistic of me, but hey, things are getting a bit hotter here and there.

  7. ozark homesteader

    Can’t wait for more CNN green screen/war footage. I wonder how all the godless, DEI diversity tranny fags are going to do when Russia and China step in to defend Iran. Being 40 lbs overweight in lipstick and eyeliner is so tactical.

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