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We Wuz Sharpshooters And Sheeiiit

Submitted by a reader….

Motorist gets 12 years for killing his back seat passenger while trying to shoot another driver

Oopsie daisy!

A West Side man has pleaded guilty to unintentionally killing his back seat passenger while trying to shoot another driver in December 2020, according to court records.

Quincy Cole, 29, was on bail for a pending arson case when he unintentionally shot 19-year-old Roderick James in the chest four times, officials said. He was found guilty in the arson case last April and received a six-year sentence. Chicago police records show detectives wanted to charge him with murder in the arson matter, but prosecutors rejected their request.

Not just shot him accidently…..


Reminds me of a scene from Pulp Fiction

Oh man, I shot Marvin in the face!

Nice shootin’ Tex. I assume he was blazing away with a full auto Glock, a stolen Glock with an illegal “switch” no doubt since this guy seems to be a real class act. According to the story Quincy was shooting at a 68 year old man in another car. What the hell did a 68 year old dude do to warrant getting shot at? Cole was sentenced to only 12 years for shooting his “friend” with over 3 years of credit for time already served. He should be out and committing more crimes in no time! Perhaps he should invest in some glasses when he gets out….


    • Arthur Sido

      Imagine the last thought, such as it was, of the dude in the back as the Glock swung his way. He was shot at least once in the hand, making me think he had time to put up his hand before getting popped

  1. Moe Gibbs

    with over 3 years of credit…

    I am just too stubbornly White, I suppose. Whenever I hear of someone’s “credit” I immediately think of their loan worthiness.

    Perhaps we need to define separate “credit scores” for Whites and for non-humans. Your 796 from Experian qualifies you, Mr. Aloysius Whitebread, for our best loan rate. Your 814 from the Department of Corrections qualifies you, Mr. Dis’Funktional Dindoofus, for life without possibility of parole (sentence to be commuted to time served by some bleeding-heart leftist in a handful of years).

  2. TakeAHardLook

    Yo, homes…dats what ya get when yooz holdin’ yo gat sideways ghetto style, no wat I’m sayin’ to y’all?


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