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Too Big, Too Many People, Too Little In Common

Unlike Hank Snow, I have not in fact been everywhere man. However I have been to a lot of this once great country, from San Diego to the northernmost tip of Maine, San Francisco to Florida, Dallas to North Dakota. Forty four of the forty eight contiguous states that make up the Union. I have been thinking about just how vast this country is and why it is silly and dangerous to try to hold this thing together.

When the United States was first formed in the Thirteen Original Colonies, clinging to the East Coast of the North American continent, it had a total land area of around 333,948 square miles (I used the contemporary borders and included W. Virginia). About 2.7 million people lived in the fledgling U.S., virtually all of the citizens were White plus the population of African chattel slaves. That works out to around 8 people per square mile, with large chunks of the larger states like New York and Pennsylvania being mostly empty to the west….

The people living here were formerly English subjects so not only were they White, they were largely English. They had a common racial and cultural heritage. It was not completely homogeneous of course but compared to what our cities look like now it was a vanilla paradise.

Even with racial and cultural familiarity there were plenty of conflicts and arguments. Most people are unaware that the original governing document of the new United States, the Articles of Confederation, only last from 1781 to 1789 when it was replaced by the current Constitution that ceded far more power to the Federal government than was the case under the Articles of Confederation. Our forefathers couldn’t even manage to function with a system of government for a single decade before they had to change it and the Constitution itself has been amended 27 times, including amendments undoing prior amendments!

That was then. Since the founding we have had a civil war that claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans, including more than 50,000 who died in the infamously inhumane prisons on both sides. We have dealt with race riots on and off for decades. We are in the midst of a massive demographic displacement of the founding stock of America. The “Great Migration” metastasized the descendants of freed slaves all over the country leading to the destruction of once great Northern cities.

The United States today is home to probably 350 million people, only half being heritage White Americans, and the other half are mostly resentful non-Whites. That number encompasses and likely underestimates the number of people living here illegally, numbering in the tens of millions. The country itself covers 3.5 million square miles of land, more than ten times the size of the original 13 colonies. Alaska is more than half again the size of the original colonies and Texas and Oklahoma combined are around the same size as the 13 colonies. While the nation is ten times larger, there are almost 130 times as many people living here. More than 20 metropolitan areas have populations greater than the combined population of the 13 colonies.

In short, we are trying to run a contemporary country that is unrecognizable compared to the original country. The system, even as drastically modified as it has been, was not set up for a nation like the one we live in so it is little wonder that it is not working. How can it? The priorities of constituents in Baltimore are radically different from those of constituents living in rural Iowa. I don’t give a shit what people in St Louis want and they sure as hell don’t give a shit what I want. More than that, over half of the people living here? I don’t care if they live or die and if they are honest they don’t care whether I live or die.

What kind of connection holds this country together? Why should it be held together other than apathy and nostalgia?

I can understand why smarter-than-average blacks and mestizos don’t embrace separation. They are bright enough to understand that the people needed to make any semblance of the U.S. function will overwhelmingly choose to not live with them, just as they don’t now. I made this point in Why Isn’t black Nationalism More Widespread?. black nationalism isn’t a viable option because blacks who can think at that level know that they would perish or collapse into chaos without us and of course there is also the little matter of them hating and resenting us:

Most black Americans have been pounded with messages of anger, resentment and revenge for their entire life. This is especially true for younger, more intellectually inclined blacks. They read the same circle of writers that all invoke racism, slavery, Jim Crow laws, lynching, in an endless mantra. They mostly seem to really believe that White people who have never owned slaves, never discriminated against a black person and barely have any contact with blacks are still guilty of tangible harm toward the entire black community and that they deserve punishment, that “justice” demands an open-ended, relentless punishment for the past “sins” of Whites. Movies like Django Unchained and Twelve Years A Slave are pushed to constantly stir up anger toward Whites with over the top depictions of violence and in the case of Django violent revenge porn.

Again, many blacks in America are assaulted with repetitive and false messages about White violence toward blacks, either directly or through cops as the proxy for White violence. Most blacks also believe that Whites have a higher standard of living, better education, lower rates of crime, more per capita wealth, etc because they exploited and stole directly from blacks. No other explanation may be entertained. If blacks had their own state away from Whites and failed anyway, what would that say about their entire narrative?

To go our separate ways would mean that contemporary White people “got away with it” and avoid paying what blacks are due from modern and historical wrongs they have suffered at our hands. The fact that most White people have minimal interaction with blacks and that by any measure and for a very, very long time blacks are getting the better end of the deal in living in a majority White nation doesn’t matter. What matters is a very primal sense of being wronged and the desire to get revenge.

Hatred of Whitey ironically means that they will never let us go unless forced to. They would rather drag us down to death together than to see us go on our way and leave them behind, sort of channeling their inner Khan Noonien Singh.

What we call the United States is simply too large, has far too many people and people that are too different from one another, often to the point of hatred, to have enough in common to be considered one people. We are instead many different people groups that have been forced to stay together since 1865. The bonds that hold us are as I said apathy and nostalgia with an ever lurking but very real threat of violence, also tempering every conversation since 1865.

How much longer will that be enough, especially since the threat of violence is increasingly backed up by people incapable of inflicting the sort of violence needed to keep us in line? Perhaps not much longer.


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    As soon as a sizeable state secedes, it’s over. Fedguv lacks the will to force it back in. Like everybody else in AINO, it too has gotten soft. Perhaps ironically, a second Orange Man term could be the thing to inspire such a secession. Probably the whole west coast would go. Even if Orange Man wanted to force it back in, fedguv would not obey him, would not fight for him, certainly not against a “woke” rebellion.

    So I expect they will once again pull out all the stops to keep him out. Biden will be replaced on the ticket in favor of a candidate who can plausibly win. We have already seen the opening salvo from the special counsel. They don’t give that job to loose cannons. That guy was put there to do exactly what he did.

  2. pyrrhus

    Most of the States liked the Articles of Confederation just fine….but the NYC and Philly bankers did not…They wanted a powerful government that they could leach from…So they begged and bribed their way to an uncontrollable central government…

    • Steve

      I don’t know that the banksters were too forward-thinking. They had just accumulated all those quartermaster and soldier’s pay vouchers at pennies on the dollar or less. (“That’s as good as money, Sir. Those are IOUs.”) While they would never get every state to agree to paying the banksters at par, they figured they could get 7 states to go along with it, if only there were some majoritarian form of government instead of a system that required unanimity.

  3. Pdx R13

    Population reduction by 90+% will be like time travel, but without the stability of the King and founding stock of peeps. That’s their stated plan, anyway.
    Skousen wrote a nice coffee table book on good places, that seems to be places with fewer people.

    • 3g4me

      Given that White European people are perhaps 9% of the world’s population at present, I’d have no problem with significantly reducing/eliminating the other 90%. Of course, that’s not Yuval Harari’s plan, worldwide or in AINO.

      Skousen’s book is good enough but dated. I am far from facile with technology, but it’s a simple matter to find charts, tables, and rankings online. Most by state, but many by county. Look at gun laws, tax laws, zoning laws, requisite permits. Look at population density. Look at map of light pollution. Look at interstate highways. Then it’s easy enough to pick a location where all the other people aren’t. Add in climate preference, growing season, and water availability. Consider hurricane, tornado, and earthquake risk. Nearby nuclear facilities. East or west of the Mississippi. It’s not all that complicated.

        • 3g4me

          Lineman: Absolutely. Don’t know how I forgot to list those first! Plus checking how local demographics are changing by using SchoolDigger – see who is moving in and bringing young children.

          Needless to say, we used all these tools when we decided to move. No place is perfect, unfortunately, but we are overall more than pleased with our choice.

  4. Bean Dip Tray

    Demockracy=rule by retarded noggers or 51% says gibsmedat to the other 49%.
    I have always said wert de ferk when hearing 330 million plus and it has gone insane even in Red State as part of the Fundamental Transformation into Zimbabwe.
    Formal rural route is now a ten mile stripmall/subdivision/industrial park/muh healthcarez/particle board section 8 apartments/cutout cardboard condo maze. eyesore.
    Be of good cheer, even if Magic Soil was real, it isn’t going to work and they know it.
    After a wipeout of Biblical proportions the Phoenix Republic can rise.


    Great read, and right on message with a recent piece from Identify Dixie. It’s a given that the southern dissidents wish a New Dixie confederation.

    I liked the ID article as it laid a scenario for Ohio and Indiana and how it could potentially relate to a Dixie. Basically a Russia-Belarus style allegiance, which I think is great. Decentralize and make DC nothing more than a meaningless GloboHomo museum.

    I know it’s a lot more complicated scenario of regional balkanization; many red rural counties in blue states. I believe that works much to our advantage.

    Fascinating times await!

  6. MN Steel

    The Great Equilizer will be the upcoming economic collapse.

    It’s already broken, just waiting for gravity to do it’s work.

    Even had economic collapse and emigration as major factors in a couple-hundred million people not in the FUSA by next year, so there’s that.

    Wonder if this upcoming long weekend is good for a bank holiday?

  7. Anon

    The numbers for Whites are lower by percentage than officially counted.
    The numbers claimed for the amount of illegals already here are severely lowballed; since before 2000s they were claiming 11 or less Million. 30 Million is too low now with the past decade of swarms. And of course there’s the endless ‘legal’ invasion still encouraged by cucks like Abbot going to India.
    With Whites, they’ve often counted places like ME as “white” and did so even in the last one in 2020. The old are of course dying out and cannot breed and raise White numbers. Breaking the numbers down by both age and race and it’s much more dire as in many places the minors are majority non-White. And there’s all the traitors. We are definitely not voting out of this. Unfortunate that they haven’t perp-walled trump (yet) to get it in people’s heads.

    Balkanization away from all of this would be nice, whatever the price as long as there is a safe place for us and our kin. The price just grows higher each day. We may be hitting an inflection point this year or decade, hopefully much sooner than later.

  8. Don't mind me.

    Don’t fall into the “too many people” trap. It’s marxist bullshit.
    The entire population of the planet, 8 billion people, could live quite comfortably in the state of Texas and have more than twice the space that people currently enjoy in New York City AT NIGHT. (don’t take my word for it, do the numbers yourself).

    There’s so much free space on the planet that it could easily support 200 billion. We have enough farmland and natural resources, too. Don’t let them talk to you about finite resources, it’s all renewable and unlimited.

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