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A mom in central Florida has been banned from dropping her kids off at a private Christian school because of an advertisement for her OnlyFans account on her vehicle.

Michelle Cline says the school is making her park across the street, which forces her kids to cross a busy road, go down a sidewalk, and walk through the parking lot to get to school.

That is, unless she takes the ad for the adult content site off her car.

Cline goes by the name Piper Fawn to promote her adult content. She has a large decal that stretches across her vehicle’s back windshield to promote her OnlyFans account.

She says her adult content is her business and her way of life.

“My husband and I had this, you know, little wild, you know, behind-closed-doors lifestyle that we’ve now decided to share,” she said.

But other parents at Liberty Christian Prep don’t want their children seeing any advertisements for that kind of content.

Central Florida. Of course.

The obvious question here is why a woman who is whoring herself out for money so strangers on the internet can fap to videos of her would want to send her children to a Christian school in the first place? Whatever your opinion of Christianity in general, it seems fairly obvious that part of a Christian school’s purpose is to instill a set of moral principles in children along with academic education and someone who is proud of and advertising her degenerate sexual behavior for money is obviously living at odds with those principles. It would be like sending your kids to a Muslim private school with a ham sandwich packed in their lunch.

The other obvious question. She isn’t all that much to look at, attractive enough for a middle aged mom I guess but who is paying to see her perform sex acts you can see for free from more attractive women? I don’t get the whole OnlyFans thing at all. What I do get is that since 2018 OnlyFans has been owned by a company called Fenix International Limited and in that time has gotten nastier.

Two years later, the businessman Leonid Radvinsky, owner of MyFreeCams, acquired 75% ownership of Fenix International Limited and became one of its directors. After this, OnlyFans became increasingly focused on not safe for work (NSFW) content and “gained a pop culture reputation for being a hive of pornography”, according to The Independent.

Leonid Radvinsky you say?

Radvinsky was born in Odesa, Ukraine and his family later emigrated to Chicago when he was a child. In 2002, he graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in economics. He is Jewish.

Every. Single. Time.

Michelle Cline/Piper Fawn should perhaps use some of her butthole money to start a school for the children of whores. Good for Liberty Christian Prep for being the rare religious outfit in 2024 that still takes a stand.


  1. TakeAHardLook

    No surprise, that a Jew, Leonid Radvinsky (Ukrainian [Khazarian]) runs a porn operation. That entire industry is run by Jews.

    They are (as a group) the most immoral of scum on God’s Good Earth. This can be verified by ten minutes of internet research.

    Via the Rothschild empire, the City of London (not the city, mind you, but the ORGANIZATION) Goldman Sachs, the State of Israel, 85% of the Biden Cabinet and 99% of the U.S. media, these disgusting maggots rule all.

    The “Chosen People?” God’s “Chosen People?” Then why do their men all look like the east end of a westbound camel?*

    *Regardless of appearance, money and power work wonders to loosen the thighs of thousands of hot young women. Harvey Weinstein comes to mind……

  2. Berglander

    Gradually, I began to hate them.

    But the school didn’t go far enough. Shave her head for the first offense, tar and feather for the second, burn at the stake for the third.
    And at the same time, reopen the old soap n lampshades factory.

  3. Harbinger

    Much as I loathe the women who whore themselves out like this, they are only filling a void created by thirsty, loser men. Women are shockingly easy to attract if you are worthy, but far too many “men” don’t trouble themselves to grow up, learn the manly trade and BE worthy. In some ways, I can’t blame these low-status, low self-esteem females for their whoring, as it appears to be easy money, and likely feeds the insatiable female need for acceptance and approval.

    Back when I was a schoolboy, it would have been the other parents who stigmatized and ran that whore out of polite society. Women like that were shamed and either shaped up or were cast out. I feel sorry for her kids, who will feel the shame that their whore mother is obviously immune to.

  4. Jen

    You know that those kids are only attending that school so she can keep her spawn around the “nice” kids. No public school riffraff for them.
    And, while the school will have some influence, the parents’ lifestyle example is going to have more. Her spawn are going to be the ones bringing the sex and party favors and getting the other kids exposed. All in the name of open-mindedness.
    I’ve seen this movie before.
    Good for the school.

    • 3g4me

      What stand is the school actually taking? I, too, have seen this movie before. Christian schools – generally run by female administrators (or by male figureheads with all daily decisions made by the female office staff) LOVE to virtue signal. The old “Hate the sin, not the sinner” saw and the “Who are we to judge?” falsehood.

      Ms. Cline wants her kids at a faux- Christian school because it actually has a bit of social cachet now – i.e. it’s a ‘private’ school – and it generally keeps out the worst of the diversity. None of the other mothers will directly confront and/or shame her – wouldn’t be in keeping with the veneer of ‘niceness’ they all adopt. So they will make accommodations and tolerate immoral behavior, claiming their kids will somehow teach the slore’s kids a better way to behave.

      In reality, of course, her kids will corrupt and/or drive away the decent kids. A Christian school our younger son attended tried this thread -the-needle social path, by letting in blacks – initially into the preschool (‘scholarships’ and charity) and then the middle school. The young kids were, of course, wild and loud and not the best scholars or examples, but endlessly lauded. The teen black boys immediately began sniffing around all the blond girls, and the mothers pulled them out of the school claiming they wanted someplace with a larger student body and greater offering of extra-curricular activities. The school closed down a few years later.

      The school ought to immediately expel her children – but it won’t – and it will become corrupted and/or eventually close. Women ruin everything.

      • Leo

        Niggers ruin everything and every place they inflict themselves on. The only thing they bring is chaos, violence, woe, and destruction.

  5. BubblePuppy7

    I hardly see how the school is “taking a stand”. They are merely asking her to park across the street, as not to offend other parents. Not only should the other parents “take a stand”, but the school should ask “Piper” and her degenerate husband to find another school to educate their children. Let mom explain the reason for their expulsion to the kids. Yes, her adult content is her business and her way of life, but Christianity does itself no favors by condoning this behavior.

    • whyme

      ^^^^ THIS. My off-spring DID go to a Christian school. When one of the single female teachers showed up pregnant, she was “terminated with cause.” Said pregnant teacher took it to the media and courts where…… she lost. Tucked away in her contract was a clause dealing with that very subject. Courts found breach of contract, and the media lost interest…..

    • Filthie


      Classical Christianity is expressly about rejecting the ways of a fallen world. Promiscuity and sexual perversion are antithetical to their beliefs and for good reason – they don’t want their mothers to turn out to be whores like this one. If you value those things, you can send your child to countless schools in liberal enclaves that will have your kids sexualized in elementary school by pedophiles, faggots and deranged, degenerate cat women. If that is what it takes to obtain your approval…most parents would be just peachy without it. Christians especially so.

      Good parenting – contrary to the liberal hive mind – means allowing your kids to be kids, and introducing your kids to sexuality when it is appropriate to do so. Then they can make their own decisions about sexuality as young adults and not as vulnerable impressionable children.

      I wouldn’t want that woman OR her crotch fruit in school with my kids either. God only knows how they were raised.

  6. LGC

    Imagine thinking women believe their choices have consequences. Accountability? what’s that?

    I bet her back story is vedddy interesting.

    And yeah, i agree, what stand? Send her and her family packing. Public shaming needs to come back.

  7. Exile1981

    Arthur, look up pornhub, they were bought a couple years ago by a canadian equity firm that is run by a toronto lawyer who is also a lot like the owner of onlyfans.

    Every single time ..

    • TakeAHardLook

      The Jew who owns Pornhub–along with five other porn sites–is also a Rabbi named Solomon Friedman. This maggot claims he invested in the site in order to “make it a better place.”

      Believe that and I’ll sell you a bridge in Brooklyn.

      The maggot is there for 1. the money, and 2. to help break the moral back of White Western Civilization. Remember that Jews do not consider themselves White–they are a race apart, much, much closer genealogically to arabs than to any White European stock.

      As I’ve stated above, they are the most immoral of scum on God’s Good Earth.

  8. Bean Dip Tray

    The 100 million replacements that China the UN and ESFT tiny hats are sending say…si se puede!
    The yellow man is a paper tiger and heeby has already jumped over there.
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet in the Fundamental Transformation.
    An abomination of desolation.

  9. Jeffrey Zoar

    Just the existence of something like OnlyFans is a late stage indicator of rot, decay, and collapse. Not an early stage one. That the woman would feel secure enough about it to advertise it on her car is even later stage. What goes on with the school is trivial and unimportant, relatively speaking.

  10. jrg

    I think the woman is attempting to try and gain extra $$ via a lawsuit against the school. Claiming ‘free speech’ violations to her lawful civil rights. As expressed above – why would someone who is pushing anti-family values want to have her kids go to this particular school.

  11. G Salzburger

    When my oldest was in per-K at the local FUMC, the teachers there took pains to explain that Christian prayer was part of the deal. Why, my wife and I wondered, did this need to be spelled out. Well, turns out that a pre-K program at a church in a Jew-York suburb in Connetticutt was under fire for re-introducing Christian prayer into the lessons. A bunch of students there were Druish, and the New York Times made a big deal of the fact that these poor widdle scholars were under religious attack.

    These people, life histories or not, want the trappings of Protestant Christianity and the sanity it instills, without the Christ part.

    In the case of this school, making her park somewhere else is probably the most that their lawyers think that they can get away with. I get it. It would be better if the school could Scarlet A her butt off of the property, but the courts are not on our side, and picture of this slore screams Crazy Eyes. She and her spousal wallet would surely sue.

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