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Things You Only See In Amish County

A local bank mass mailed this flyer and brags of offering financing for cars, heavy equipment and…..buggies…

Some buggies, especially the new style “top buggy” or a buggy with an enclosed top that only recently was permitted in our Amish community under their Ordnung, can run you over $20,000. Add in horses that often cost tens of thousands of bucks if you buy a flashy, black with four white feet, horse and you can easily be looking at north of fifty grand for a horse and buggy set-up. When you look at how much they are paying for property, a recent sale saw bare farm ground selling for between $21,000 and $28,000 per acre, plus the huge houses, barns and “company sheds” big enough to play full court basketball, our Amish community is living high on the hog but a lot of them are also getting deeply into debt. That has bitten the Amish in the ass before when the economy goes south and I keep warning them that we are heading for a major economic calamity in the near future.

I wonder how you repo a buggy… you bring a tow horse?


    • Max Wiley

      I believe the Amish are nonviolent like Quakers.
      They have successfully outsourced their security and defense needs onto our society at an extremely low cost but that’s not going to work out well when things go truly sideways.

  1. Harbinger

    a flashy, black with four white feet, horse

    Are you insinuating that the Amish are not immune to stylin’ and profilin’ just like their polar opposites, the dark scholars? When you see spinnin’ rims on one of them buggies, you’ll know that end times are nigh.

    • Gryphon

      Actually, in Horse Events like Draft (plowing, other ‘work’) and particularly “Coaching” with four or six Horses, you get Points Deducted for mis-matched ‘Teams’. Horses should not only be the same overall Color, Size and Mane and Tail Trim, but ‘odd Socks’ is one of the first things the Judges Notice.

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    The Electric Amish rock back when Bob and Tom AM drive on FM radio could be funny and not fined…jams about barn building and an We’re An Amish band cover of Grand Funk Railroad American Band.
    You could hide out with Weird Al Yankovic in an Amish paradise?
    Love that first I-69 MI exit that is gravel road and Amish country for a while.
    Get your butter churning head out on the buggy path, born to be wild.

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