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They Will Be Coming

Something I hadn’t considered but am now.

Even a few months ago it was unthinkable in my less-than-humble opinion that They would allow Trump to “win” the (s)election in November. Now? I am considering it is possible to set Trump up as the fall-guy for a planned implosion, setting the stage for a far left strongman to sweep in to rescue us from the disaster They orchestrated (see: Setting Up A Scapegoat?).

Then I read something random from The Global Times, a ChiCom state media organ: Standoff between Texas and federal govt, Democrats and Republicans, forebodes US election

Pretty boilerplate stuff but this at the end caught my eye.

Diao also pointed out that the Biden administration is facing a vicious circle. The more the Democrats and Biden are weakened, the more likely Trump will come back, and the more eager immigrants will be to flood into the US before the election, making the immigration issue more difficult to solve. The increasing number of immigrants flocking into the US may bring greater social security problem, and these burdens will be borne by the states governed by the Democratic Party. The local people will have greater pressure and carry out more resistance, which is also a thorny issue for the Biden administration.

That is an extremely interesting point.

If, and this is a humongous IF, it looks like Trump might “win” in November, there will be an even greater stampede toward the border and if by some chance They do let him “win”? December will see a rush to the border like nothing we have seen yet and the Biden administration will of course throw open the gates for them.

In the grand scheme of things, the difference between 300,000 illegals per month and 500,000 isn’t that big of a deal in light of 30 million plus already in the country. What might be of concern is that shady and nefarious characters almost certainly will try to get in the country before a second Trump administration takes over.

Regardless, 2024 is going to be an even worse year to live on the southern border than normal.


  1. Filthie

    They’ll get secession first.

    We have to understand that roughly half the country is just fine with mass immigration. Of that half, roughly 50% (blacks) of them are literally too dumb to hold a mundane job. They are literally too stupid to ask what happens when the new immigrants crash the social and welfare problems. About 15% are insulated from diversity by their wealth, community location or other factors. 5% actively profit from the new normal like social workers, the courts, and various members of the Democrat/Welfare Complex. 10% are the big corporations that feed on cheap labor. The final 10% are virtue signaling lunatics who will have nervous break downs if they ever have to actually confront diversity. If they survive they will have no clue as to what actually happened to them.

    The world is changing.

    • Himself

      Oh, I don’t know how much blacks are OK with immigration. They know how the gibs pie is sliced, and don’t want to share it with the newcomers.

      They already see foreigners getting more gibs than them.

      That’s the sort of thing you don’t see on the news.

      • Filthie

        True, but that is a relatively recent development. They didn’t even think about until recently when they actually should have seen it coming 20 years ago. But back then it only hurt whites so they were okay with it.

        It’s the classical nigger’s conundrum that we always see in Africa: anything anti-white is great… until the lights go out, the water stops coming out of the faucet and things stop working…

        • Lineman

          It’s the classical nigger’s conundrum that we always see in Africa: anything anti-white is great… until the lights go out, the water stops coming out of the faucet and things stop working…

          A lot of Whites suffer that nigger thinking as well…Better have a plan for that…

      • pyrrhus

        Yes, the blacks in Chicago are very angry about these illegals soaking up the money they would otherwise get…Especially with Chicago being more or less bankrupt already…

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    After a year of low level psyops and you gotta go it is intensifying.
    A we don’t need no stinking badges mallcop on the block thinks he is all that so I walked past with the extended mag sticking out of pocket.
    Saying anytime beandip step right up mallcop and we’ll see who is quick and who is dead.
    The drooling mongos of the KWAN think that Moshe Trumpstein is their savior?
    Savior self because some 80 year old can’t help you.

  3. Xzebek

    To quote Tony Montana, “I’ll kill a communist for free.” I feel the same way about American communists and foreign invaders.
    But Charlie’s idea of a $5 bounty works too.

  4. Gryphon

    The “administration” doing everything to Accelerate the Chaos indicates that (((they))) know the Shit is going to Hit the Fan soon, and that the ‘Narrative’ is beginning to Fail. I see the act of “Acceleration” as a Desperate, Fear-Filled attempt to maintain Control of the Inevitable Collapse.

    What is not apparent to the judeo-communists and their minions (and ‘useful idiots’) is that the ‘Collapse’ we are headed for will ultimately Destroy the Networks and Logistics of the ‘Panopticon Prison’ System that (((they))) rely on for their hold on ‘power’.

  5. pyrrhus

    Just means a lot more people to deport or shoot…But I don’t think Trump has the stones to do either, so the States will have to do it, or more likely go bankrupt…

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