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The Reason For The Rise In Mass Shootings

Well one of them anyway. The main driver is that blacks are out of control and showing no signs of changing but here is another factor.

Most mass shootings in America, probably at least 80% of the over 600 mass shootings in each of the last four years, are either the result of a targeted shooting of a rival or someone that “disrespected” the shooter or are a spur of the moment shooting in a rage. Da’jherikurl gets mad at La’burpee so he decides to shoot him but also shoots a half dozen other people. One of the prime drivers of the “innocent by-stander” GSWs of Breadcrumb-Americans is the Glock “switch”. Here is hickok45 shooting a Glock equipped with a “switch” to convert it to fully automatic.

Those switches are readily available and can be 3D printed, and have become very common in urban shootings. One story I read recently quoted a cop as saying that at least 1/3 of guns they seize from shooters have a switch. They are also illegal as hell and having one on your Glock is a big time felony.

If you are unfamiliar with hickok45, he is an older guy who does a TON of shooting in his youtube videos and is a pretty amazing shooter with a handgun. He is also enormous, 6’8″ tall. I saw him and his equally enormous son at the NRA Annual Meeting a few years at a distance and he was easy to spot because he towers over everyone else. He has huge hands so he really can grip a handgun. He is an experienced shooter that probably shoots 1000 rounds a week or more, a big guy with huge hands and his son has a fully auto M60 that they shoot now and then, so he knows full auto weapons.

He is really concentrating and bearing down on the handgun to keep it from getting away from him and he still struggles a bit. Now imagine that same gun in the hands of some dipshit breadcrumb, holding it one handed and shooting in the general direction of his target. No wonder they end up spraying the entire crowd. It helps that they just don’t care about shooting random, innocent by-standers including children because their base emotional state is essentially sociopathic (see: High Time Preference And A Lack Of Empathy).

When you combine blacks who lack any impulse control and can’t shoot for shit using a Glock with a switch and a 27 round magazine to shoot at a rival in a crowd, it is no wonder that attempted murders of an individual end up as mass shootings. That is one of those factors the hand-wringing gun control media and groups like the Gun Violence Archive fail to mention.


  1. Xzebek

    Don’t overlook the enraging effect that hookah lounges have on the chimps. Also, graduations, family reunions and prison release parties.

  2. Jim Wetzel

    I was going to criticize H45 for failing to hold the pistol sideways, in true Diverse style, but he came through before the end of the video. The switch requires multicultural shooting.

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