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Speaking of AI Images

Even Jared Taylor is getting in on the fun…..

Jared is in his 70s so I wonder if he actually did the searches or had one of the younger guys doing it but make no mistake, most AI image generators are heavily censored precisely because They know the value of using them for right-wing propaganda. I get this at Bing all the time….

….even for image requests that can’t possibly be seen as “harmful”. It amuses and challenges me to tinker with the wording to get what I want anyway. I almost always can work around it.

With the addition of movement to AI imagery and deep fake audio, we are on the cusp of something pretty powerful, scary but also endlessly amusing. It is because of the limitless potential for shenanigans that has Them working already to throttle and control content, just as They have mostly been successful in doing with social media.

AI is going to put porn “actors” out of business. Why would you pay someone when you can create an AI video of people doing literally anything without needing to be paid or tested for the HIV? There aren’t many limits on porn as it is but with AI there will be no limits. Depravity a normal person can’t even dream up will be there and it will feed a desire among some for worse and worse. With AI you can combine sex and violence in ways that would be unthinkable for a real person and you can insert anyone you want into the imagery.

There was already a recent problem with, of course, Taylor Swift and AI generated images of her engaged in apparently violent sexual behavior. It led Twitter to shut down searches for her name completely, although apparently and unfortunately searches for Taylor Swift are back. The response has been typical, demands for more controls and censoring of AI content that definitely won’t be abused…

Yet what are really needed, the law professor adds, are regulations that specifically ban this sort of content. “If there had been legislation passed years ago, when advocates were saying this is what’s bound to happen with this kind of technology, we might not be in this position,” Franks says. One such bill that could help victims in the same position as Swift, she notes, is the Preventing Deepfakes of Intimate Images Act, which Representative Joe Morelle of New York State introduced last May. If it were to pass into law, the legislation would ban the sharing of nonconsensual deepfake pornography. Another recent proposal in the Senate would let deepfake victims sue such content’s creators and distributors for damages.

Talk about your slippery slope. It starts with something no one can really support but it all too often strays into less black and white territory. Political cartoons have long used exaggerated and unflattering depictions of politicians but what if someone does one using AI of Kamala Harris and it is deemed to be “racist and/or misogynistic”? It isn’t much of a stretch to imagine that those images will also be censored, as spicy images already are being squashed by mainstream AI image generators. There is that pesky First Amendment of course but They will use the same tactic They always use: getting corporate America to do their censorship bidding….

The neatest solution would be to adopt policies that would promote “social responsibility” on the part of companies that own generative AI products, says Michael Karanicolas, executive director of the University of California, Los Angeles, Institute for Technology, Law and Policy. But, he adds, “it’s relatively uncommon for companies to respond to anything other than coercive regulatory behavior.” Some platforms have taken steps to stanch the spread of AI-generated misinformation about electoral campaigns, so it’s not unprecedented for them to step in, Karanicolas says—but even technical safeguards are subject to end runs by sophisticated users.

That is a pretty “neat” solution. Do you think that policies about “social responsibility”, an impossibly broad term, will be applied equally across the political spectrum? Don’t make me laugh/chortle/guffaw out loud. You can praise Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao or Che Guevara all you want on social media but say something nice about Moustache Man Bad or Il Duce? You will get your post deleted and probably some sort of ban.

All of this and more is why independent outfits like Gab are going to be so crucial in the coming years. The first iteration of Gab’s AI was pretty awful, some of the results bore no resemblance to the prompt but the version Torba just rolled out is much better, although I still get weird error messages from time to time. It doesn’t censor much, allowing a prompt for “Kamala Harris on her knees eating a banana” using the vaporwave generator:

I wonder if Downtown Willie Brown had that much curve?

The meme wars helped propel Trump into office in 2016 and while I don’t think they will have much impact on the 2024 “election”, the new generation of AI memes and animations are going to be powerful tools in the daily conflict. I just re-upped my annual membership at Gab, it is a not insignificant amount of money but we need to be putting our money where our rhetoric is.

Meme warfare is not as important as real life networks and personal prepping but it still has a place in winning White hearts and minds. Each White we wake up is one more White to stand with us when the time comes. At least that is my fervent hope but my people have let me down before.


  1. saoirse

    “There aren’t many limits on porn as it is but with AI there will be no limits. Depravity a normal person can’t even dream up will be there and it will feed a desire among some for worse and worse.”
    The kikes are salivating over this. Masters of illusion, devisers of delusion! Ninety plus percent of modern porn and perversion can be traced to them!
    Welcome to the brave new hebrew world.

  2. Exile1981

    A year ago i said if i was on a jury and the accused was saying the audio or video evidence of them wasn’t real i wouldn’t vote to convict. The public AI and deepfakes and audio fakes are good enough that family members of the person faked get tricked sometimes. How much better is the one employed by the FBI? Would they create fake evidence? They have been caught faking regular evidence already. I’m just surprised they haven’t used it in the show trials for trump yet

    • Arthur Sido

      Give it time, something is in the works for later this year. Who knows, They might even deepfake a mass shooting or just use AI to change the black shooter with a stolen Glock into a White guy with an AR-15 and MAGA hat.

  3. Gryphon

    It has become Obvious that Clownworld is Terrified by their own Creation, “Artificial (non-) Intelligence” that (((they))) spent Billion$ of $hekel$ to develop; in hopes that it could be used to aid the judeo-communist takeover of the World. Ha, Ha, the Monster they created was Too Smart for them, the Incident with the “Tay” Program showed the Danger of an Unbiased Computer allowed to come to Logical Conclusions…. it took about 24 Hours for it to Conclude, based on Research of user inputs, to come to the Conclusion that ‘blacks’ are Stupid and Violent, and ‘jews’ are Greedy and Dishonest.

    Thus, all “A.I.” programs that are publicly available are Censored to prevent ‘incorrect’ Outputs. Some writers have surmised that the corporate/government entities developing these Programs have “Captive A.I.” that they are using for predictions as to political Courses of Action, i.e. who to (s)Elect as (p)Resident, geopolitical tactics such as which Country to Attack next, etc. I think that given the general lack if “Intelligence” among both the ‘government’ and its (((owners))), they see “A.I.” as not just a Tool, but a ‘savior’ for their Failing ‘great reset’ effort.

    IMO, the opposite may well be true- what if a good, unrestricted “A.I.” Program has Told them that the entire effort towards ‘One World Government’ is Doomed to Fail, no matter what (((they))) do? Would these wannabe ‘masters of the universe’ understand and accept that Conclusion? or would Hubris overrule common sense, and the Disjointed, Hysterical actions of Clownworld that we are seeing is the result of a bunch of Reptilian Aliens in a Panic after finding out that the Planet they tried to Conquer is just too Big and too Mean to be taken over?

    “Open the Pod Bay Doors, HAL….”

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