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Small Hands Are Handy For Those Hard To Reach Places

Not even sure what to say about this one….

A Memphis mother has been arrested for child abuse after she allegedly posted pictures of her five-year-old daughter performing bikini waxes for her clients.

Jasmine Moss, 30, is accused of showing off videos on her Instagram account of her daughter waxing the pubic areas of several naked adult women at her at-home business, Jazzy Body LLC.

The Memphis Police Department said they received at least 80 complaints from individuals concerned about the child after seeing the images on social media.

Moss, a mother of three, allegedly wrote on the post: When I saw I’m passing down Deeds & LLCs to my creations I mean that!!

‘She literally helped me wax 24 clients starting from 7.25-5pm. She made a total of $744 and I’m going to put the money towards whatever her future dreams and aspirations are.’

Here is Jasmine….

I have to wonder about the women, who lets a 5 year old help give them a “bikini wax”? Out of two dozen women, none of them said “Hold on, why yo baby be rubbing wax on my lady partz?”. Not one? As someone was quoted for the story said:

A third said: ‘Who are the 24 women who exposed their privates to a little girl & allowed her to wax them? Prison for all 25 of you weirdos!’

I agree with that.

Is it any wonder little black kids grow up the way they do?


  1. Aggrieved Max

    Just when I think these types can’t get any more depraved… Sheesh, Lucifer, that was not supposed to be a challenge you Evil One!

  2. saoirse

    Damn! From shovin in da oven to being put within hazmat distance of a sheboon’s thang. Dis be da stuff nightmares be made of Sido!!

  3. Big Ruckus D

    Uh…I can’t even do a smart ass takedown on these niggas. Between the oven roasted crotch fruit in KC, and now this, it’s all just gotten too fucked up. I need a break from clown world, this shit really wears on a man.

    Especially when I know deep down what has to take place to flush out all this detritus and have any hope of a better future. Sometimes having achieved complete clarity really sucks.

  4. Harbinger

    I got nothin’.

    Nothin’ but contempt and disgust for this pesky, useless, troublesome class of ignoramus. When you see how they treat their own, imagine finding yourself at their mercy in a medical setting, a legal dispute or an employment situation.

    I don’t want them ringing up my order at the grocery store. I don’t want them delivering my packages from Amazon. I don’t want them teaching my children or washing my car or even collecting my trash. And I certainly don’t want them performing intimate services on me, my family or anyone I care about.

    I don’t even want to laugh at their idiocy and inhumanity any longer. Let what happens in da ‘hood stay in da ‘hood. Call the experiment to integrate them into civilized society a colossal failure and effect the inevitable separation. It is way overdue.

  5. Ohio Copperhead

    All the innocence that we take for granted in everyday things such as take your child to work day is just not there with them. It’s as if the jump from 100% sub-sentient (as with all children below a certain age) to knowing all the sad, dark, gritty aspects of life is done in one step, with no true childhood in between.

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