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Remember: Don’t Fall For It

Required disclaimer: all politics is fake and gay

Orange Man Bad having vanquished Nimrata “John McCain in heels” Haley in her own home state is seemingly inexorably on the path to the Republican nomination and is focused on the general election against Biden or whoever they replace him with. Trump has never treated the GOP primary as something to be taken seriously, flat out refusing to get on stage with the people running against him as all but a few were complete clowns and doing so would have diminished Trump. Speculation has been rampant for a while about his running mate as Mike Pence clearly was not going to be on the ticket. Cheeto Jesus named names recently…..

Trump named his picks at a Fox News town hall event with host Laura Ingraham. When asked about six possible choices, he listed Ramaswamy and Gabbard, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott — also former primary rivals — Florida Rep. Byron Donalds and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem.

“Honestly all of those people are good,” Trump, 77, told Ingraham. “They’re all good, they’re all solid.”

DeSantis probably isn’t interested, Tim Scott is an empty suit, Byron Donalds is a token black, Kristi Noem is kinda cute and maybe Trump thinks he could bone her. Ramaswamy is an interesting fella if slightly oily but he would be an attack dog for Trump instead of a placeholder like Pence. Gabbard is the interesting one, as she just ran for President as a Democrat in 2020 and from 2013-2016 was the Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee. She is pretty non-interventionist, which I like, and her recent positions are more in line with Republicans, which explains her leaving the Democrat party in 2022. Still, she was a Democrat running for President less than four years ago and I am starting to see some thirsty normiecons talking about her so I am going to repost something I wrote in 2022 about Tulsi Gabbard and gun control….

I received an email notification from Rumble this morning that two days ago, former Hawaii representative and Democrat candidate for President Tulsi Gabbard posted a brief video on her Rumble page, People need the freedom and power to protect themselves. The video in question is just a 15 second screenshot that says this:

She has the same message on her Twitter page. It is the same sort of thing people like me would say, we need firearms to protect ourselves although she leaves out the part where that is a right guaranteed in the Constitution, not just a nice concept. Also no mention of the fact that the most dangerous villains we need firearms to defend ourselves from are mostly the people in suits in Washington D.C.

A lot of conservatives like Tulsi. She is pretty cute and she is on Fox News all the time now. She spends a lot of time, and always has, railing against the military-industrial complex. In fact she was the only prominent Democrat in 2020 running against Trump who was openly anti-war. The remainder of the field was reliably on board with foreign interventions. I have said before that she could have a real political future sort of threading the middle of the road needle but she has some major problems that are non-starters for me. 

Here is why I have my doubts about Tulsi’s public embrace of having the right and the ability to protect ourselves.

Back in 2020, I did a post about Black Rifle Cuck Coffee Company: I Hate Phonies. In this post I pointed out that the good fellas running BRCCC are not /ourguys/ at all. After the Kyle Rittenhouse blow-up, other people discovered that the head of BRCCC, one Evan Hafer, donated money to Barack Obama and Tulsi Gabbard. In the post I showed that Tulsi Gabbard is far from being a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. At the time I wrote:

Gabbard pledged to ban “assault weapons” which are what are commonly known in our circles as “black rifles”. It might be just generic support for these measures necessary to get in the door of Democrat political circles but her support is right on her campaign website. 

The founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company gave money in November of last year to a politician who wants to ban… rifles. BRCC is all over the gun industry and they are buddies with all the gun-tube guys who make videos about firearms that people like me watch. They are also, at the highest levels anyway, working at odds with us. Sure it isn’t a lot of money, $500 to Tulsi and $500 to Obama but it is still a poke in the eye. 

For a business taking about honor and loyalty and all the buzzwords, a company that makes money selling to patriots and gun owners, to be headed by someone giving money to people working to strip away our freedoms is revolting. It is fake and dishonest and I hate people who are fake.

Damn I hate phonies like Evan Hafer. 

How was I so sure that Tulsi was anti-gun? Because she said so right on her website. I took this screenshot on November 24, 2020.

As I said back then, it might be just what her people said she needed to say to be in the Democrat primaries but this was on her website for her campaign so she is responsible for it. My post also had a link to her campaign website from 2020 and I followed the link to the page I screenshot…

In fact all of the position pages on her campaign site have been scrubbed. But the internet is forever and of course people archived that page: Tulsi Gabbard On Gun Safety Legislation. The archived page includes links to tweets and youtube videos of Tulsi calling for a ban on “assault weapons”, background checks for private sales, and one of the most damning pieces of evidence, Tulsi proudly declaring that she voted no on national concealed carry reciprocity. 

If nothing else, someone who claims now to be in favor of us having the freedom and power to protect ourselves while voting against making concealed carry reciprocity national certainly seems a bit suspect.

Don’t get fooled. Tulsi was virulently anti-gun just a couple of years ago when she was running for President. Maybe she has changed her mind, maybe not, but she is a 41 year old woman so I should think she has some well established positions. She is experiencing something of a major shift politically, at least according to her recent statements. She spoke at CPAC and in the past has been in favor of mild abortion restrictions and also sponsored a bill to protect women’s sports from trannies as she was leaving Congress. Her shift on guns might be legit but we will need to give it some time to see if it is real or just a political pivot as she eyes a run in 2024. 

I suspect that she was never as far to the Left as her campaign seemed to be, she simply adopted those extreme positions as the cost of being an elected Democrat, but if that is true it doesn’t say much about her character. Just because she shows up on Fox News and looks good in a pair of yoga pants doesn’t make her /ourgal/. 


  1. SirLawrence

    I don’t care if tulsi had a sawed off 410 surgically inserted into her aloha prewpew to show her lust for guns is legit. And the last thing we need is another slick streetshitter in DC ffs.

    The Trojan pony show is so tedious at this point I kind of hope she gets the nod so at least all the mealteam six guys would be distracted rubbing their short stack of buffalo nickels to the apocalypse now soundtrack every time she tries to smuggle those raisins across the 65” Brandenburg gate hanging in their mancaves.

    The only thing worse than having to endure the orange man midwit festival of voates is having to endure all the small talk from the legions of waddling southern fried bois who are always hustling and jivin and sweating triglycerides between scrolls of gunsluts on tiktok or Joeprahs latest “drop” on their fones while driving their 90k whigger rigs down the middle of some county road.

  2. TakeAHardLook

    Kari Lake! She has incredible presence, can intelligently talk without a TelePrompter just like Ramaswamy, is very photogenic and is a sincere red-blooded American.

    She will pull in huge numbers of those unbelievably stupid White women by waking them the Fk up!

    Kari Lake!

    • Berglander

      White women are our mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, nieces, cousins. They are OUR blood. Show a little respect.
      They’ve been led astray by the jew. Do your duty as a White man and bring them home.

      • saoirse

        They get respect when they earn it! Do your duty and stop making excuses for White women who would piss down your throat for capitalizing the W! My wife never fell for jewish lies and never expected a pat on the back. You want to go save those “stupid White women” have at it. Send in reports from the field.

      • TakeAHardLook

        Sorry, Berglander, but my comment stands. There is a strong correlation between my “unbelievably stupid White women” and those mask-wearing Karens who wanted to deny The Unvaxxed their civil rights (and even took their own masks off to spit at us)!
        If those USWW will educate themselves, stay in their lanes & stop demanding obedience to their every “I’m offended” cause, then I will respect them.

        Not holding my breath, though, ’cause it’s a long, hard pull when pulling one’s ass out of one’s butt.

        And the latter has to be the USWWs’s obligatory first step.

  3. JLang

    I tend to agree with you on the Tulsi subject, but I will say this: I was a registered Dem for 20+ years, and while I wasn’t a straight line Blue voter, I certainly leaned left. I left the Dem party officially roughly 10 years ago (registered Independent) and my perspective on things is nothing like it was when I registered for the first time as an 18 year old kid… People grow. People see how they’ve been fed bullshit for decades. It’s rare, but it happens. I’m living proof.
    And Tulsi got the knife shoved in deep and twisted severely by her OWN people the last time around, if that doesn’t open your eyes and make you question everything, I don’t know what would.

    All that being said, I do certainly have my doubts about her. Between the gun control stuff and the WEF connection, that’s some scary baggage to be carrying around.

    But Gabbard vs. Harris as VP? That’s like comparing apples to a bucket of donkey shit.

  4. Mike in Canada

    Roger that re BRCC. Used to be a big fan, found out about the bullshit woke anti-white anti-gun liberal-supporting fuckery and stopped buying, watching, or listening….
    Hypocrites. All of them.
    Wish I never bought Range 15 that one time.

  5. LGC

    Imagine voting for a woman. Have we not learned where that gets us?
    Imagine voting for a man who when the chips were down, he split.
    Imagine voting expecting anything to change.
    Imagine thinking your vote matters at all.


  6. ozark homesteader

    Gabbard is a phony, no doubt. I like Ramaswamy as a VP pick because he’s a puncher, and he’s not afraid to leave his opponent bleeding. That said, he reeks of globalism. But so does Noeme, Scott and most if the rest of the field. That leaves Lake, and I think she’d have one heck of an axe to grind after how they stole the AZ governor election from her and gave it to Soros’ slave and MS 13 turd sack Katanje Hobbs. They’ll never let Trump back into office anyway, and even if he did manage to be sworn into office, there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of people that would need to be arrested, charged, jailed and tried for their crimes against The Constitution and The People of America. I seriously doubted they’d ever let THAT happen.

  7. Xzebek

    I will always accept a convert to my side. I will make very sure such conversion is real before I would show them my back or close my eyes around them but if I’m satisfied they are on my side, then they are on my side. True changes of heart need to be celebrated and welcomed. It’s the commie scumbags who want to scour someone’s writings from high school or college and renounce them forever for lack of purity.
    As to Tulsi, if she’s now (even mostly) on our side then I say she’s welcome. Time will tell but I think every asset is a weapon to be employed.

    • JerseyJeffersonian

      A couple of quotes from Samuel Adams, the real deal…

      “Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt. He therefore is the truest friend to the liberty of his country who tries most to promote its virtue, and who, so far as his power and influence extend, will not suffer a man to be chosen into any office of power and trust who is not a wise and virtuous man. We must not conclude merely upon a man’s haranguing upon liberty, and using the charming sound, that he is fit to be trusted with the liberties of his country. It is not unfrequent to hear men declaim loudly upon liberty, who, if we may judge by the whole tenor of their actions, mean nothing else by it but their own liberty, — to oppress without control or the restraint of laws all who are poorer or weaker than themselves. It is not, I say, unfrequent to see such instances, though at the same time I esteem it a justice due to my country to say that it is not without shining examples of the contrary kind; — examples of men of a distinguished attachment to this same liberty I have been describing; whom no hopes could draw, no terrors could drive, from steadily pursuing, in their sphere, the true interests of their country; whose fidelity has been tried in the nicest and tenderest manner, and has been ever firm and unshaken.
      The sum of all is, if we would most truly enjoy this gift of Heaven, let us become a virtuous people.”

      “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.“

  8. Jeffrey Zoar

    Tulsi didn’t get her own show on Fox by being a foe of the regime. Nobody does

    There is nobody on Trump’s VP list who is worth a squirt of piss, other than DeSantis, who is a competent guy, but perhaps forever tainted by throwing in with the Bushes and Con Inc.

  9. saoirse

    Everything that those swine say is a lie. But like always, fools rush in desperate for a savior daddy/mommy to vanquish all the evildoers that they themselves help create. Nobody’s coming to save you!
    Hafer is a fucking kike. Making money off the gullible goyim by creating an illusion is what they do best. They’ve done it for centuries. Those Whites that refuse to wake up are dogshit. I’m not wasting my time trying to bring them to their senses. Let them perish like the cuntservatives in my comment above.

  10. Mike_C

    Re: Ramaswamy.

    If you think Jews in power are bad, wait until you get a load of Indians. We do NOT need another group of people filled with self-pity (colonialism, six million, whatever), resentment against whites, arrogance, corruption, “letter/loophole of the law” logic chopping and double-talk, and sexual deviance running things in the US.

    Because that’s what you’ll get with Indians, only without the sense of humor, or the sincere desire to “repair the world”. Sure the tikkun olam thing generally makes things worse and sometimes is just plain evil, but there is genuine (albeit unbelievably misguided) good intention somewhere in there. (To be clear, I don’t want assholes trying to tikkun my olam without my asking them to. They need to stay in their lane and leave people the fuck alone. But intentions do count.) But to be fair, Indians are superior at being hierarchical, and at sucking up while shitting down.

    Ramaswamy personally might be great (though I doubt it), but I don’t want any further precedents of subcons holding political power in my country.

    • Max Wiley

      We need to Just Say No to Indian CEO virus.
      Name me one single entity that has bought into that BS that has accomplished much of anything except increasing it’s hiring quotas of street shitters.
      With Trump being as old as he is the question of who will be next in line is not an idle one.

  11. Don W Curton

    Think about it from the other side of the situation. Whoever gets picked (and accepts the invite) is tying their entire political future to Trump winning. If they’re even minimally competent, then they have to know that nothing has been done to those who cheated in 2000, therefore there’s no reason to think that same level of cheating won’t take place again in 2024. And when Trump loses, the VP he picked is forever tainted. Period.

    So anyone who thinks they might have a chance in 2028 or 2032 is going say no right off. The smart money says to sit this one out and when the country is that much worse off 4 years down the road, they’ll be ripe for taking over. Not very patriotic, but that’s what the smart ones will do.

    So who’s left? Only the ones who’ll never have any chance in the future. Their political career has to be so destitute that they are willing to take the all-or-nothing gamble that is being Trump’s VP. Which also means whoever it is will bring absolutely NOTHING to the ticket. The only impact the eventually pick will be is zero (best case) or large negative (most likely). Trump could literally pick a random name in the Texas phone book (not Austin or Houston, please) and do as well as any of the names floated so far. Hell, at this point why not pick Scott Adams? He, at least, had a real come-to-Jesus conversion lately.

  12. WDS

    Trump sure knows how to pick ’em. Pence, Sessions, Barr, Kavanaugh, Barrett… But seriously, Scott? Timmy’s vote was easily bought off with a mere $67K to vote for brother Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership but “He’s solid” or something. Trump was speaking in SC Saturday when he invited the warmingering hack, Lindsey Graham to join him onstage, this resulted in mega amounts of boos & catcalls to which Trump bellowed “No, no,” gesturing to try to calm the rambunctious crowd. “I love him, he’s a good man! Come up here Lindsey!”.

    When I mentioned this incident to some friends they immediately downshifted and went into full excuse mode for Trump with the main line being the old “Keep your friends close, your enemies closer” bullshit. Sun Tzu quote or cheesy line in the movie The Godfather whatever, as long as you say anything nice about Trump you’re “in like Flynn” as they used to say. I fully expect Trump to name Graham as his AG should Donnie get to the inauguration phase of this shit-show.

  13. Phil B

    I’d classify Gabbard as a weathercock politician. She’ll align with whichever way the wind is blowing because the most important thing for a politician is to get elected. Therefore anything and everything which will help achieve that is fair game, including lying. So that is a no from me.

    I looked at Kristi Noem’s photographs on the web and the eyes have it … Nuttier than squirrel shit. Another no.

    My rules are never vote for a female and never for anything with a touch of the tar brush. That rules out kari Lake and her weathercocking (switching politic alliances three times) makes it a double no.

    The Bible has firm rules and advice about allowing women into positions of power for good reason.

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