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Picture This: It’s Like Mad Max But With Preppy White Girls

Ah the FBI. At one time they were highly respected in America, thought to be the stalwart G-Men who were out fighting crime against the worst of the worst. As it turned out, it was the FBI itself behind many of the crimes they “solved”. When their snipers weren’t shooting unarmed women holding a baby, they were entrapping people in criminal conspiracies the G-Men thought up in the first place. Whatever it used to be, today’s Federal Bureau of Investigation is a pack of political hacks posing as law enforcement. Perhaps not at the agent level where there probably are still some decent people, but back at FBI HQ? It sure seems like everyone there is a clown.

Case in point, from the official FBI Facebook page (and Twitter I believe):

There are thousands of hours of video footage and plenty of surveillance photos of actual organized criminals committing actual organized retail theft but the FBI didn’t use any of those. Nope they instead used a picture of two well dressed young White women stealing a handbag. Does that really qualify as “Organized Retail Theft”?

They chose that picture intentionally. Do White women steal? Sure they do. Are the organized gangs doing smash and grab or flash mob ransacking of stores, or even groups casually filling up garbage bags of merchandise in California made up of White women? Of course not. Those groups are almost universally blacks or mestizos, and the latter is really becoming a problem that has drawn attention from media outlets and law enforcement.

Every day employees of the Federal government go out of their way to slander White Americans. Ask yourself why.


  1. Mike in Canada

    Saw this elsewhere, and rapidly came to the same conclusions you did. This is beyond disingenuous. It’s a gross misrepresentation of the facts, like we’ve all come to expect from LE.
    Great job, Inspector Gadget. You only missed it by -this- much.

  2. Lasagna

    “at the agent level where there probably are still some decent people” nope.

    You are wrong, not one “agent” period. They ALL deserve our wrath. Every last employee of the fbi needs to be severely punished at a minimum.

    • SirLawrence

      All the dotmil, fedgov, middlemen arbitrage vampires value their personal finances over their people. All of them. The system relies upon this. And provides endless cover, rationalizations, and faux moral platitudes from which they can cling as to avoid this reckoning.

      We are in binary times. Show me a “grey area”, some “nuance”, some “context” that does not involve personal profit and status.

      Of all the talk of the invaders and the joggers and the rest of the locusts with their sense of entitlement, we have scores on our side of the divide who will never divorce the system, withdraw their services, starve the beast if any of that means giving up what they are “entitled to”.

      So this will just drag on because all beaks need wetting and the cost to call out the lies is still personal. Everyone wants to wait until the cost can be socialized, but they fail time and again to recognize that in that time of wait Heritage America will be no more.

    • pyrrhus

      Agreed…there are probably some decent agents, somewhere in the bureaucracy, but few if any who will say no to grossly illegal or unConstitutional acts…

  3. Exile1981

    Because they hate us, envy our ancestors achievements and want our history erased because they need a broken populace for what comes next.

  4. Harbinger

    That photo is very insulting, but don’t suppose for so much as a second that anyone believes it is upscale, well-coifed White chicks causing Walgreens or Target to shutter their unprofitable outlets in the ‘hood. For one thing, those two young women would not survive the short walk from the parking lot to the front door at any retail outlet in those communities where store closings are occurring.

    But it does inadvertently demonstrate the unconscious bias of the F.I.B. when it comes to White vs. black criminal activity. Those White female actors are clearly looking guilty as they attempt to hide their staged criminality. Blacks don’t bother. They just grab what they want and walk out defiantly. Way to go, F.I.B. Reinforcing stereotypes is at least one thing they manage to get right. They are as useless as TSA and the Border Patrol.

  5. Lineman

    They hate us, want us dead or enslaved, and they think it’s funny…Thing is what I don’t understand is why our side just sits and takes it instead of doing what is necessary to defend ourselves…

  6. D

    I don’t understand what that picture is supposed to convey. It should be two niggers looting, God knows there are enough actual photos of them actually DOING THE LOOTING, that they didn’t have to concoct two white girls doing it. Fuckin assholes.

  7. Sage Grouch

    It’s like Google Gemini in reverse.

    “Show me a Founding Father.”

    “Show me Vikings.”

    “Show me the Pope.”

    “Show me shoplifters in 2924 America.”

    You can’t get to that level of being wrong without it being intentional.

  8. pyrrhus

    We need a law to protect citizens, perhaps providing a million dollar award to anyone whose house is entered or is arrested without a warrant…Ten million if they are injured by these clowns…

  9. Hickocks Ghost

    It certainly will be a target rich environment. 50 gallon steel drums filled with Tannerite and rusty nails lining your property perimeter is in order.

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