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On a lighter note….

Year after year, shooting incidents prove that gun violence in the U.S. happens in a variety of different gatherings. But so long as such attacks continue, parents now have the burden of deciding how to respond.

“Parents who are just regular people living each day have to decide what we wish to do about it. Parades, rallies, schools, movies — it seems like almost nothing is safe,” Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas said in a news conference after Wednesday’s shooting, adding that he almost brought his young son to the event.

Looks like people are starting to follow the sage advice of Ol’ Remus:

Avoid Crowds

National Pubic Radio won’t mention the role of demographics leading to chaos in these gatherings. While not unheard of you generally don’t get many mass shootings in all White gatherings. Get a bunch of Breadcrumb-Americans in a group? The odds go WAY up. Since you can’t control who comes to large public gatherings or places, whether you are talking about parades or amusement parks or malls, the only sensible course is to avoid those places where possible. Like I have said many times, that is bullshit but that is the way it is.

The actual odds of something happening are miniscule but not zero. There are millions of people at stores, parades, sporting events, what have you, every day all across the country and nothing happens, but shit is happening more and more often. Unless you are a hermit you can’t avoid it completely but you can mitigate the risk by avoiding crowds. I hate most people anyway so I don’t really mind avoiding crowds….


  1. SirLawrence

    ‘Hesitate’? Is that like almost doing a racism badthink? Like “vaccine hesitancy” was anti-science?

    ‘Shooting incidents’?

    ‘Gun violence’?

    I love newspeak.

    “It seems like almost nothing is safe.” says the jogging mayor.

    Yeah, almost.

    I am glad I don’t live around the joggers but at the same time jogger “culture” is everywhere. The whigger/shark problem here is insane and the doe-eyed Bible belt for all its racisms is really coming up short IMO.

    People here gush over diversity and avoid any kind of anti-jogger/spic sentiment as much as the suburban yard sign whites. Pathetic.

  2. Lasagna

    Of course you don’t tell the hole story. MAGA extremist was arrested, but the media won’t show MAGA violence. I hate MAGA people. MAGA should be banned. MAGA wants to stop transgender rights. MAGA has no place. Why do you MAGA types cause trouble?


  3. Moe Gibbs

    Looks like a little too much bread being consumed at those circuses, judging by the sheer volume of the terrified ham planets waddling awkwardly away from the danger. And if you are wearing a jersey with another man’s name emblazoned on the back, you’d better be 14 years old.

    I’ll gladly avoid any crowd of any type, be it a concert, a high school graduation or even a grocery store grand opening. But mostly I’ll avoid any gathering that is focused on a monkeyball sport.

  4. Arete

    I saw a short clip of Bill Maher on Twitter/X, with guests Van Jones and Ann Coulter. Apparently it was filmed before the identity of the shooters was known, and Coulter commented that ‘well, we know it wasn’t a white guy.’ Maher got mildly annoyed but she stuck to her guns and insisted that the more time that went by without us being told, the surer you could be that it wasn’t a straight white male. Seems pretty obvious to anyone with some sense, but apparently not cool on the liberal side to point out the obvious. Interestingly, Jones didn’t seem offended at all, just kind of shocked and also amused that she’d actually said it.

  5. Lord of the Fleas

    I’m an idiot so can’t find that Just the Tip email addy mentioned above, so I’ll ask my stupid question here.

    What exactly was it that prompted the new designation of “breadcrumb Americans”? I started to notice it recently, along with the other terms you use for the usual suspects, but I can’t remember if I ever saw (and certainly can’t remember) the exact incident that gave rise to the term.


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