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Murderers Keep On Murdering. Who Knew?

Over in the Land of Lincoln, the descendants of the freed slaves that Lincoln ordered the slaughter of thousands of White men in order to free are cheerfully using their freedom to slaughter each other in-between carjacking, rape and various other crimes. It was already bad in Illinois, at least Chicago and some other larger towns, but beginning January 1st of 2023, the new hilariously ill-named “SAFE-T” act went into effect (see: Rhodesia 2.0: Now With Even More Murder, Mayhem And Starvation!), Just as the “Patriot Act” is the opposite of patriotic, the SAFE-T act does nothing to make Illinoisians safer and indeed I argued would make them less safe. I was correct, as I sadly am all too often.

Meet Torrey Lewis…

Mr. Lewis is a suspect in a mass shooting last week in Dolton, Illinois that apparently was a shoot-out where four men were wounded in an exchange of gunfire. If the town of Dolton sounds familiar, it was featured last month in a post: On A Lighter Note, thanks to the ridiculous shenanigans of Dolton mayor Tiffany Henyard. Just another day of breadcrumb on breadcrumb violence, so what?

The “so what?” is that thanks to the utterly broken legal system in Illinois, Mr. Lewis was running around free…even though he is a suspect awaiting trial for a murder in 2017 and was on an electronic monitor…

One of two people charged in connection with the shooting of four people last week in south suburban Dolton was on electronic monitoring on a previous murder charge, authorities said Wednesday.

Torrey Lewis, 30, and Maurice McKinnis, 31, both have been charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon in connection with the shooting outside an AutoZone auto parts store at 1110 Sibley Blvd. on Jan. 31.

Cook County Sheriff’s officials said Lewis was awaiting trial for the 2017 murder of a disabled man at the time of the AutoZone shooting, and was free on electronic monitoring.

Why was he out on bail and why was he running loose despite being on a monitor? That brings us back to the SAFE-T act….

Lewis was arrested in September 2018 and ordered held in custody without bail. However, in May 2020, his bond was reduced to $300,000 and he posted the required 10% to be let out of jail.

Then – beginning on Jan. 1, 2022, because of the SAFE-T Act – Lewis was granted what’s called “free movement” for two days a week, which allows individuals on electronic monitoring to take care of essential tasks such as grocery shopping, job interviews, attending religious services, health treatment, and other “basic activities.” While on free movement, the sheriff’s office cannot monitor a person’s movement.

However, a review of Lewis’ GPS activity after the AutoZone shooting revealed he left his home around 8:48 a.m. and drove at high rates of speed throughout the south suburbs. At times, he reached speeds of 100 mph or more. He eventually arrived at the scene of the shooting.

“There is no evidence that Lewis was attempting to do his laundry, shop for groceries, or attend religious services during his high-speed travels,” the sheriff’s office said in a press release to the media.

Driving at 100 mph through suburbs only to arrive at an Autozone armed for bear and immediately getting into a gunfight has me assuming someone told him the fellas in the other car were at this location and Lewis and Maurice McKinnis were racing to get there to shoot these dudes. What is the point of an electronic tether when these asshats get two days a week to run wild? How exactly does this make people in Illinois “safer”? The chaos this is causing is the point, a feature rather than a bug.

Back to the guy in a wheelchair that Torrey Lewis “allegedly” shot. His name was Timothy Horace…..

A paralyzed man gunned down outside a south suburban movie theater Monday night in front of his wife and child was identified Tuesday, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office. 

Timothy Horace, 31, was exiting a car with his family around 4:40 p.m. in the 4200 block of West 167th Street in Country Club Hills, near Marcus Cinema, when police say a man opened fire.

Authorities allege the man approached the trio from between parked cars, pushed passed the woman, raised an gun and fired “two to three” shots at the man in the wheelchair. Horace, who police initially said was 32 years old, was struck once in the chest and upper thigh, police said.

Mr. Horace was paralyzed and in a wheelchair because he had been shot in a previous incident. Sounds like either he was the unluckiest sumbitch in America or that he lived a life that attracted people that wanted to shoot him. Still it is pretty cold to shoot a brotha in a wheelchair in front of his family.

Lest I be accused of being insensitive, there are certainly times when people ought to let out of prison on bail. But a murderer? Recall that the murder Torrey Lewis is accused of occurred in 2017 and he was arrested for that murder in 2018, but here we are more than five years after his arrest for murder and Mr. Lewis is rampaging around Illinois, getting into gunfights with other breadcrumbs and now is back in jail in 2024 for a different crime while awaiting trial for something that happened in 2017.

In the name of “equity”, Illinois is making it easier for blacks in Illinois to shoot other blacks. That only makes sense if the real intent of laws like these is to cause chaos at levels that people will accept any solution, no matter how awful, just to put a stop to the chaos.


  1. Warren Shafer

    An older Black Woman I knew, who became like a 2nd Mother to me, would not tolerated this kind of behavior. Too bad someone like her could not dole out punishment. The thugs would take their chances with the police, than her.

      • Skeptic

        No kidding. There is this myth that “black mama’s are tough on their kids!” Well, that certainly explains the overall well behaved nature of young black men, doesn’t it?

        Most black sows are out looking for another dick to jump on as soon as their previous spawn has exited the womb.

        • Berglander

          Look Patriot When I Was In The Army 20 Years Ago There Was A Black Soldier In Our Infantry Brigade And He Was A Good Man! He Was Just Like Us! Therefore, All Blacks Are Just Like Us! If We Would Go Hand Out Pocket Constitutions In Detroit, It Would Become A Paradise Overnight!

  2. Harbinger

    …real intent of laws like these is to cause chaos at levels that people will accept any solution, no matter how awful, just to put a stop to the chaos.

    Devil’s advocate here, but what if the real intent is to manage the chaos by culling the herd, instead? Without negroes, there would be very little impetus to revoke the 2nd amendment. Violent crime in this country, minus dindus, is statistically rare. But the 2nd amendment, sadly, applies to our obsolete farm equipment, too.

    The hard left knows very well that they can’t have our guns without a hellacious all-out war. And they know that violence-prone negroes have a special penchant for capping other violence-prone negroes. Quietly setting them loose on one another eases the “chaos” by ridding society of many of its worst elements, without unleashing that hellacious war.

    You’ll never hear a jurist admit that keeping Monsieur Lewis on such a loose tether is intended to encourage him to eliminate other violence-prone negroes. But it seems to be having that net effect. Win-win.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    The CPUSA (D) stronghold of Felonois (CCP)?
    Avoid at all costs and only stop for gas or groceries if you absolutely have to.
    One day the land of Ape Lincoln, Cruella Pantsuit (Hillary) and Bathhouse Barry will be under a mushroom cloud and the world will be a better place.
    Scorn all CPUSA (D) useless idiot voters, make them feel unwelcome and in danger.

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