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Modern “Art” As Cultural Vandalism

Back from a quick overnight getaway with the wife for her birthday. We went to our hometown of Toledo, saw my dad and her mom and stayed at the Maumee Bay State Park. The view of Lake Erie from our room, it was below freezing so we didn’t wander around but it looked nice.

Yesterday we went to the Toledo Museum of Art. Along with the Toledo Zoo, one of the best in the country, the Toledo Museum is one of the things about Toledo that most people would be surprised by. We hadn’t been to the museum since we were kids, it was a mandatory school trip for area schools and the coolest thing was that the museum has an Egyptian exhibit that included a mummy but sadly the mummy is only occasionally displayed now. The rest of the exhibit is still there along with other objet d’art from the classical era….

There also a number of paintings, over 600, and we only saw a few but that included a Monet, a Picasso and a Van Gogh.

There was one painting I really was interested in seeing, The Architect’s Dream, by Thomas Cole. Cole is famous for his The Course of Empire series, displayed at New York Historical Society, that many of you have likely seen at least one of, in the “Hard times create strong men…” memes.

This painting, Destruction…

….is often used for the “Weak Men Create Hard Times” section….

Cole’s The Architect’s Dream is a fairly large painting, 54 in × 84 in, and is quite well done at least to my novice eyes.

You can see the architect in the foreground….

It is incredibly detailed and intricate. As it pertains to architecture, Thomas Cole wrote:

For architecture to arrive at the perfection which we see in the best examples of Greece, Ages of expression and thought must have been necessary [for] the human mind [to] have traveled by slow degrees from the rude column of unknown stone such as formed the druidical structures through the stupendous portals of Egyptian Art to unsurpassed beauty of the Grecian Temple…Roman architecture is but depraved Greek. The forms are borrowed but the spirit was lost & it became more and more rude until it sank to the uncouth incongruities of what are called the dark ages… [Gothic] Architecture aspires to something beyond finite perfection[.] It leaves the philosophic completion of Grecian Art when all is finished to the eye and touch and appeals to the imagination. Partaking of the Genius of Christianity it opens a world beyond the visible in which we dwell…All is lofty, aspiring and mysterious. Its towers and pinnacles climb toward the clouds like airy fabricks. Ever hovering on the verge of the impossible, on it the mind does not dwell with satisfied delight, but takes wing & soars into an imaginary world. The longings, the imaginings, the lofty aspirations of Christianity have found expression in stone.

There is obviously a lot going on, both in the vision for the painting and the work itself. It is one of the best pieces in the Toledo Museum of Art collection, in my opinion. However, it is not located in the main galleries of paintings but is instead in a special exhibition called Expanding Horizons: The Evolving Character of a Nation. Pieces like Cole’s and other White artists expressing “traditional values” are accompanied by placards that point out things like their White perspective and traditional gender roles. On the opposite wall from the Cole painting, a magnificent and intricate work, is this trash by Kehinde Wiley titled Saint Francis of Paola.

Kehinde Wiley basically copies older classic works by White artists and vandalizes them by substituting blacks. He is also a faggot so if you look closely at the painting you can see he drew in some sperm because….well because he is a faggot. He is probably most famous for being the “artist” chosen for Barack Obama’s Presidential portrait….

It looks like something a little kid would have painted. Gee I wonder why Barack chose a homo black guy to paint his official portrait?

Next to the garbage titled Saint Francis of Paola is this placard:

The quote sounds mildly retarded “Dere be black pee-po in da world. I be paintin’ da world and sheeit. I paint black pee-po cuz black pee-po be in da world.”

Stunning. Brave. There aren’t a lot of black men and women in European paintings from the 1500s to the 1800s? No shit?! I am sure that has nothing to do with the fact that there simply were not many blacks in Europe at all during those times. I wonder how many artistic representations of White men and women you see in sub-Saharan African “art” from the 1500s? The placard is grotesque in it’s fawning: “Wileys’ painting repositions the Black [sic] body as one to be revered and held as sacred and powerful”. GTFOH with that nonsense. Sacred my ass, I mostly want “black bodies” to stay away from me because blacks are annoying, loud and frequently violent.

It is revolting that a clumsy knock-off of White artistry with a black guy and little sperms is elevated to the level of actual art as seen in the work by Thomas Cole. It is akin to hanging a toddler’s finger painting next to the Mona Lisa. I can’t believe anyone actually thinks that Wiley’s clumsy, juvenile splatters are in the same category as Thomas Cole’s The Architect’s Dream. Of course they don’t but the art community is completely taken over by freaks, weirdos and various disaffected losers. I doubt that you can get your “art” taken seriously if you aren’t some sort of leftist fruitcake, sexual degenerate or “person of color”. Here is another work of “art” next to the Wiley paint-by-numbers:

Congratulations to Leroy Almon for his work that mostly resembles a slightly more advanced version of gluing macaroni to paper. It is supposed to portray all races in harmony but it sure looks to me like Leroy thinks God is a black man with a cone head. If heaven is a giant black head vomiting glitter on me for eternity, I will give it a pass.

Drinker, what say you?

It is cultural vandalism, conflating the childish scrawling of low talent blacks with artistic masterpieces by Whites. The Toledo Museum, at least for now, is full of rich, detailed paintings and sculptures that were almost all created by White European and American artists but you can see the future, a future where these works are slowly put away in storage while feces splattered on a canvas by transgender Breadcrumb-Americans is displayed as if they somehow possess artistic value.

It is just one more example of how cultural vandalism by “elites” is deconstructing the society and culture of Whites, replacing it with the vastly inferior work of blacks and degenerates, and demanding that White people affirm this shit as great works of art while even the most neophyte of art appreciators can tell it is trash unworthy of being displayed in the men’s room of a truck stop.

I am no one’s idea of an expert at art but I know what art is and I know what it is not, and one of the things I learned long ago is this:

We once called people artists because what they created was art. Now we declare anything to be art as long as the creator declares themselves to be an artist.


  1. saoirse

    The ones that have been promoting this crap are all in the “every fucking time” category. Niggers would never get anywhere without them!

    • Raymond

      I have friends in the art world who tell me that most modern art is just money laundering.

      Here’s one way it works: a (((businessman))) commissions a work of art from a starving “artist” for, say, $20,000. The (((businessman))) and the “artist” use their connections to get the piece of art appraised for a massively high dollar value. The art is then donated to a museum for a large tax write off. The (((businessman))) is happy because he saves big on his tax bill, the “artist” is happy because he made a lot of money for very little work, and the (((people))) who run the museum are happy because they have another tool with which to humiliate Whites and destroy their culture.

      What do you think all those wine and cheese parties are about? It’s for making the connections, baby. It’s a big club, and we ain’t in it.

  2. Max Wiley

    “a future where these works are slowly put away in storage”
    That’s if we are lucky, and they aren’t simply destroyed in a Bolshevist fury.

  3. Exile1981

    Those are fluer d’lis not sperm. Thats the national symbol of france, bet the france would love to see it defaced by this hack.

  4. Locust Post

    If you want to see real cultural disgrace just exit the Toledo Art Museum and take a drive through its adjacent old west end neighborhood and see what happened to one of the finest place of Victorian and craftsman architecture in old America. I know. I grew up there. Last time I was there I put my truck into 4 wheel drive to navigate the deteriorated streets. The Holy Rosary Catholic Cathedral (a spectacular place) close by is always locked to visitors. I doubt it has much of a congregation left. The donor families that built the museum left town for Palm Beach a long time ago.


    Amazing White historic brilliance. Thanks for sharing.

    Speaking of the Toledo Zoo, that was an annual trip for 5th graders and my mother was a school teacher who would chaperone the field trip.

    I haven’t been since, but I remember the monkeys were fun to watch because of their vulgar and silly behavior that mimicked us at the cage (kind of like the negro “art” exhibits.

    Me and Pig Walrus would laugh at them. Later there was a group with Mom at the cage and the alpha monkey got agitated and flung poo on them. I think that’s why she disliked blacks so much.

  6. Bean Dip Tray

    Beautiful White European (WE) stuff and it looks like return trip material in the summer.
    I have that vandals sacking Rome as wallpaper and the John Martin Sodom and Gomorrah from 1840 that metal bands have used as album cover with alterations.
    Off topic or is it? Just back from late evening walk to US HWY and someone emptied a magazine at the 7-11 with the last round sounding like the ol’ Western richochet.
    And found another UN EBT card (MasterCard) on the way back, don’t care if anything is left on it as I want no part of treasonous activity.
    No one said that the Long March to burn it all down and reset with a Fundamental Transformation into the hammer and sickle would be easy
    These things happen under Mob Rule or muh demockcracy.
    Forward! Si se puede!

  7. Jen

    Art museums seem to be trending this direction. Dayton Art Institute still has lovely collections, but the reeeealy fey curator is doing special exhibits on the ghey and bipoc experience.
    I recently visited the Raleigh art museum. It was startlingly awful. Lots of northern European art from the Middle ages and Renaissance, and every single tag was, “here’s a Dutch family from 1500. This is an example of Whyte supremacy, bc blacks couldn’t afford paintings.” And an innocuous still life from the 1600s: “this still life is an example of whytte supremacy bc blacks can’t afford food.”
    The whyte hate was palpable and oozed from every placard.
    An exhibit of John James Audobon’s work, including an original folio, focused exclusively on what a mean raycist he was. Not his work. Just the rayciss.

    In contrast, in a room full of modern abstracts, the placards were positively glowing with praise for artists who had nothing more to recommend them than being black. It was pathetic.
    The museum was also full of patrons acting out and behaving like fools.
    I left an art museum disgusted and angry. A first.
    Won’t be going back.

  8. SirLawrence

    The war on beauty is the war on Truth. All of our institutions established to steward our heritage forward have been destroyed.

    When White men abdicated for the spoils of progress, feral women, fags, and vibrants took over. The little hats made sure the “funding” and open-society moral supremacy reigned and so we get shit on canvas. Sometimes literally.

    As a former artist living in a mid-sized FUSA city, I watched first-hand as the monuments to truth and beauty of our civilization were undermined, razed, and replaced. At first the war was disguised as the pursuit of novelty, the “innovation” fetish that is another by-product of the hubris of modernity.

    In effect, ALL “art” must become modern to pass through the gauntlet of broken people who are curating the end of us. The classic works are allowed, but only insofar as they are used as the background, the whipping post for progress to flog the original sins into its new morality.

    The “art” that usurps is not the worst of it, however, as that is like faulting the retarded kid for being retarded. The worst of it are those people, whose names are listed proudly all over these institutions and the various staffs and committees who govern the public essence of who we are. The Praetorian Guard of satanic inversion.

    Then come the urban elite and their social strivers who gawk and awe and imbue the shit will majestic purpose and high regard only surpassed by their own.

    Over mid-range wine and cheese, they pretend to be moved by not just the abominations of the mutants and invaders, but of the orgasmic pleasure they get out of being important enough to witness the destruction of all of those things they have come to hate about themselves, principally, that they can never escape their White Christian blood, that anxious and insatiable urban insecurity of never knowing for sure if the cloud will truly accept them.

    The entire ritual of creating, which I believe to be a conduit of God’s love and grace in a truly divine expression of our great communion, has become inverted into a ritual of destruction, which is to say a rejection of all that has come before, most importantly God and his Kingdom.

    The fact that our enemies are locked in the fallen world and bent on digging deeper into the depths of their destructive perversions even though it is obvious that it is spawning only more misery and destruction, is a feature of their evil. Death cult is going to death cult.

    Beauty, as an expression of Truth, always wins. Though it is our turn standing watch. To witness or to bring the sword. Where our fathers and grandfathers and older brothers may have abdicated, we are being given our own test. I think nothing of the “art” of our occupiers, but I think long and deep about what our answer will be.

    • Jefferson Jackson

      “ I think nothing of the “art” of our occupiers, but I think long and deep about what our answer will be.”


  9. Anon

    As the cities burn we will lose everything in them, including what are in the museums, through spite and maliciousness.
    As long as Whites survive and prosper, more art can be created. The same goes for every other aspect of art and science.

  10. Stealth Spaniel

    What incredible beauty was created by White Men. I am so sick of the “Black is Better” mantra-it is fXXking everywhere. Ever been in Sam’s and watched what they post on the TV’s?? Every damned ad is black people-you would think that the USA is 997% BLACK. The music that they play from “Walmart Radio” is every whiny black that they can find. Gone are the days of elegance, beauty, knowledge, and tradition. Replaced, courtesy of blacks, with the jungle.
    Just once I would like to go into a store; grocery, clothing, whatever-and see management aiming for the top instead of the bottom of the heap. When we go full postal, if you live near a museum-grab the good stuff for future generations.

  11. 3g4me

    When I first took my older son to DC in 1997, he had a grand time at the Marine Corps museum in SE DC (visited the newer one in Quantico in 2007) and he enjoyed many of the Smithsonian exhibits I recalled from my childhood, as well as some well done newer ones. Last time I went to DC with both my boys (2007) I could hardly bear to set foot in the various Smithsonian buildings. Every exhibit was some glorification of non-White America (poor Japanese during WWII; black migration to the industrial north, etc etc.). And as far as the ugly and wildly over-valued scribblings grandly called ‘modern art,’ there is an entire and equally ugly building – the Hirschhorn Museum. Because of course.

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