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Memory Hole: Super Bowl Shuffle Edition

The news yesterday and this morning are full of stories about the mass shooting in Kansas City at the celebration rally for the Chiefs. It is a pretty powerful combo, a mass shooting plus the biggest prize in sportsball. The tally is one dead and over 20 wounded so far. The puppeteers running Biden’s social media accounts and various other leftists are of course out using this incident to demand more gun control. Same shit, different day.

But watch this incident fade into the background in a huge hurry. See if you can guess why?


Homie didn’t run fast enough and was tackled by bystanders, the videos I watched sounded like it was a White dude.

There are other clues like this:

Looks like a couple of AR pistols with no brace or stock of course, just the tube, and since the one on the ground is laying flush I am guessing no optics or sights as the breadcrumbs don’t bother with that stuff. Without a stock and no optics or sights, you are just sprayin’ and prayin’. Plus only a breadcrumb would carry a faggoty looking backpack like that. The fact that there was just a single fatality and over 20 wounded? That screams black shooters.

Everyone knows what happened. A couple of homies with some sort of beef spotted each other and blazed away, likely not hitting a single intended target. Because their baseline psychological status is sociopathic, they gave not even a moment’s thought to the innocent people they shot, all they cared about was wagging their cocks around to show how tough they are.

The pattern will repeat, a day of outrage then it will fade away as suspects are charged in the shootings. The media won’t cover that much, except maybe local news, as the suspects will all be black. No one will ask the real question, not how do we stop gun violence but how do we address out of control black gun violence? The answer is obvious and simple but it won’t ever be brought up.


  1. Harbinger

    That photo of Dindoofus sitting on the ground looking up at YT with dat simian scowl is just priceless. Dumb as a rock, I’m sure, while Mr. Nice YT Poleezeman is trying to read the pickaninny its rights.

    “You have the right to remain feral. If you give up your duty to evolve, any TNB you commit will be held against you. You have the right to bask in fawning leftist adulation. If your mama won’t come forth to insist that you are a good boy, turning your life around, a bleeding heart liberal will be appointed to excuse your life of crime.”


    The spooks in the hood make life shitty,
    Unlivable hives, what a pity,
    The worst of them all,
    Watch hambone sportsball,
    And shoot up nignest Kansas City.

    • Bean Dip Tray

      Jenkem is the sh1t!
      The cool kids love the butt hash.
      I still have the artwork stolen from vintage ad with Ginger child holding a bottle of Jenkem, bust it out when morale is sagging.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    Now how did I know it was the Amish Youth?
    Dat be wayciss!
    The gas station with space nukes is chongo mongo in the Kwango as well.
    What a retarded nogger is the steaming fourth world turd FUSA.

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  5. saoirse

    Second mass shooting (or attempted) in a week to rapidly fade out of the news. Haven’t heard much else about the tranny shooting up the mega-church. They’re really desperately wishing to have a straight White man be the culprit so they can spend two weeks blathering about it. One headline said something like “it appears that extremists are not involved”. Gotta mention it even if it’s a chimp out. Worthless, shit media!
    If there’s many more wounded than dead – it’s niggers. If they take days to identify the culprit(s) – it’s muds or shitlibs. If they hide the motive – well, you’ve guessed it already….

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