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Make Your Voice Heard!

The local Fort Wayne Urban League is asking for submissions in the “Race Card Project” to express what the term “race” means to you in just six words.

You can go to the website here and offer your six words. I just submitted mine and I plan on submitting several more as I have a lot of thoughts about race and only six words to express them. They want “sentiments and hard truths rarely uttered aloud”. Challenge accepted!



    Rush said brevity is the soul of wit. The Fort Wayne Urban League is giving us just six words to make it count.

    Dilbert creator Scott Adams managed to brilliantly do it in just five words. “Just stay the fuck away”.

    • TakeAHardLook

      “Avoid the Groid'” (Someone did it in (3) words)!
      “Never relax around blacks.” (4)
      “Do we have a RACE problem?” (6) [pairs with] “No, we have a problem RACE.” (6)

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    Commie RAT POS Leon Trotsky (viva Ramon Mercader!) or the Jacobins in their quest to divide and conquer and burn it all down so that all can equal rubbing sh1t in their hair while living in mudhuts and dumpster diving with sandals made from old tires.
    Only then can the glorious equality finally be achieved.
    Oh…that is too long and the drooling mongoloids of the KWAN lugenpresse (lying press) couldn’t understand it anyway.
    Where is our crazy Uncle Adolf for Weimar solutions to Wheelbarrow Problems?

  3. Botched_Lobotomy

    Putting square pegs in round holes.
    Fried chicken and watermelon for everyone!
    Red beans and rice for everyone!
    Who’s your daddy? I don’t know.
    Using diversity to destroy Western Civilization
    Its almost always the Jews fault.
    Diversity and proximity always equal war.
    Who else will mow your lawn?

  4. Botched_Lobotomy

    Race card means no responsibility.
    Urban youths can’t shoot for shit.
    Ima gits me summa dat fweedoms.
    Wasn’t me, I dindu nuffin officer.
    Race means more crime by coloreds.

  5. Mike_C

    Modified challenge. For each phrase you would LIKE to see published, also come up with one that you think they WILL publish.

    A) Mean differences between groups are real.

    B) Always blame Whites, but never Jews.

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