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I Am Sure This Will Be Used Evenly

In 2021 a 15 year old White kid named Ethan Crumbley shot and killed four students, wounding others, at Oxford High School in Michigan. Crumbley was clearly a very disturbed young man and now will spend the rest of his life in prison while the families of four children, Madisyn Baldwin 17; Tate Myre 16; Hana St. Juliana 14 and Justin Shilling 17, will mourn their lost children for the rest of their lives.

The case received a lot of attention as any shooting at a school (when the shooter is the proper race) does but in 2021, according to the Gun Violence Archive, there were a dozen shootings that year where more people were killed and more than a dozen where 4 people were killed. The shooting with the highest body count in 2021 was in Boulder, Colorado and was carried out by a Syrian immigrant named Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa so you can guess why that one received less attention than Crumbley.

What has been different about the Oxford school shooting and Ethan Crumbley is that his parents were also arrested. Just yesterday his mother, Jennifer Crumbley, who by most measures was a terrible parent, was convicted on four counts of involuntary manslaughter. It was argued that Jennifer Crumbley was negligent and should have done more to prevent her son from getting his hands on a firearm and from carrying out this mass shooting.

Whether that is true or not isn’t really my point here. When I heard about the trial of Ethan Crumbley’s parents, my first thought was one you can probably guess: I wonder if this new legal tactic of holding the parents of mass shooters criminally liable for the actions of their children will be used in other cases?

Of course not.

The reason is obvious. The vast majority of mass shootings in America are carried out by blacks and frequently the blacks committing mass shooters are under 18. If this new legal precedent was used to go after the parents of black minors who commit mass shootings, it would end up with a whole bunch of black women on trial and probably some black baby daddies as well assuming they can find them or if they are not in prison already. Furthermore while a jury that I assume was mostly White, with this freak show as the jury foreman….

(Seriously with that make-up and nose ring? Source:

….was more than happy to find a White woman negligent in this case, do you think a jury of black women would vote to convict a fellow black woman of involuntary manslaughter if her black son committed a mass shooting? Of course not.

I had already formed all of these thoughts in mentally hashing over this post but as is my standard operating procedure I decided to read a few news reports about the conviction of Jennifer Crumbley, including this from the New York Times…

Why not? Thankfully they spell it right out for us, emphasis mine:

Experts anticipate that prosecutors around the country will consider similar charges in mass shootings. But some said they also worried that the tactic could be applied to many other circumstances, and in the process deepen racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

Evan Bernick, a law professor at Northern Illinois University, said the Crumbley case was a “horrifying” one. But he added: “No one who is serious about scaling back mass incarceration should be celebrating any expansion of criminal liability, much less one that makes it easier for prosecutors to put parents in prison for the crimes of their children.”

He pointed to past examples where policing parents resulted in racial inequities, like with truancy laws, which allowed prosecutors to go after parents for their children’s school absences. He now worries about higher stakes in the wake of the Crumbley case.

“If we have children who are at risk of gang activity and their parents just didn’t see the signs and something terrible happens, I don’t think that we can trust prosecutorial restraints to hold the line on this just to situations as horrific as this one,” Mr. Bernick said.

There it is. If the judicial system starts to hold parents accountable for the actions of their children, you are going to see a lot of black parents on trial when Z’bartiumus blazes away into a crowd of Breadcrumb-Americans. For that matter, pretty much anything that increases criminal liability is going to disproportionately impact black folk for obvious reasons.

But in the far rarer circumstances when a shooter and his parents are White? I could see this becoming a common tactic to enact vengeance, especially if the White shooter can be shown to have been “racially motivated”.

Yet another reminder that there no longer is even the pretense of equal treatment under the law. Whites operate under one standard and blacks another.

(Quick aside, look at that jury foreman again and ask yourself if you want your fate in a court to be in the hands of a freakazoid like that)


  1. Harbinger

    Applying the reparational standard, of course we can hold today’s WhyPeePo responsible for things their great-great-great-great grandparents stand accused of. But blaming some modern teennigga’s actions on his great grand-dindu is a silly thought, as great grand-dindu was too busy building this country to be accountable for passing along his damaged seed.

    And yeah, just try to identify and locate the absent sperm donors in the vast majority of criminal cases involving feral youth. I’ll bet that most of them don’t even know that they sired the sprogs.

  2. 4hawks

    Yeah. When I first read which direction they were taking this I had similar thoughts in the back of my mind. I spied a comment in another venue throwing out there if this be a legal precedent gaining ground, then some of these Judges and District Attorneys should be drawn and quartered with their catch and release policies that result in massive negligent deaths. I won’t hold my breath, but a skilled lawyer (group) would sure get some attentions. Then again, we’re collapsing via communist lawfare actions so… cue the ratchet noises.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    The KWAN is only going to get more retarded so dust off those size 20 clown shoes and enjoy the show.
    Why does Commierado have so many that get shooty with it?
    Can’t you put your weed in it and the glorious peoples republic of Michigan has muh weed as well.
    Frau Wretchen never shut down the weed shacks and liquor stores during the COV-LARP.
    The trans movement is for lawyers, head shrinkers and “health care” to have job security and make sure there are spiteful mutant genetic misfires running around blaming society for their mental illness.
    No one said that burning it all down would be easy and with the mongoloid drool buckets in charge we just might have a chance for a Phoenix like recovery after the Great Leap Retarded.

  4. Filthie

    I always suspend judgement in these cases. Too often we assume that the victims of these courts are innocent white folks that are getting shafted at the hands of Globohomo. We need to focus on the victims a bit more. Are the parents liberals or democrats? If so, they are getting what they voated for, good and hard… and they deserve it. We have all seen the revolting parents of dead victims actually making excuses for the perp.

    The next step for normal people in cases like this is clear: the courts will not dispense justice, and the only justice you’ll get is that which you can get for yourself. At the risk of fed-poasting… there are examples that need to be made and the judiciary is complicit. And the longer we sit on our hands and do nothing about this… the more WE become complicit. I think that the situation is clear: this chit stops when we stop tolerating it.

  5. George True

    They tried the 17 year old shooter as an adult. So therefore they have held this woman (his mom) responsible for the actions of another adult. If they can get away with this, then not one of us is safe, as any of us can be imprisoned for any perceived responsibility for someone else’s deeds.

    This verdict, in fact the prosecution itself was blatantly unconstitutional.
    By all rights, this should be overturned on appeal for that very reason, or failing that, overturned by the state supreme court, and failing that, overturned by the SCOTUS.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Can’t argue with that, but the essence of what you posted can be reduced to simply “not one of us is safe.” Welcome to anarchotyranny, where the government is a hostile active combatant against US.

  6. Jeffrey Zoar

    It’s kind of like the precedents that are being set with the prosecutions of Mr. Trump. They could be applied to practically every national politician, but they will only be used against the “wrong” ones.

    Somebody else phrased this as “show me the man and I’ll show you the crime”

  7. SIze 23 Clown Shoes

    What is it with Millennial/Gen Z ‘women’ defacing themselves with nose rings? Or as I like to call ’em, hog rings

    That jury forething (not sure of its pronouns) needs serious help with its makeup. Jess sayin….

  8. Lineman

    That’s nuts one of the things dissidents don’t take into account about where they live and that is who is going to be on the jury when you have a trial for defending yourself or who for that matter is going to be the prosecutor and judge… Wonder how many that read this blog live somewhere that a Soros prosecutor got elected…Is your job, house, climate, etc so important that you live somewhere where you are playing Russian Roulette every time you step foot outside…Might be something to ponder…

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