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He Learned Too Late

A Pizza Hut worker allegedly killed his manager in the restaurant’s kitchen this month over a $7,000 inheritance check the victim cashed earlier in the week, according to Wisconsin authorities.

Kavonn Ingram was charged with the Feb. 5 homicide of 55-year-old Alex Stengel, whose body was later tossed in a dumpster outside Pizza Hut in early February, police said.

South Milwaukee police received a call of a dead body at the garbage area, from where officers followed a trail of blood to the kitchen, a criminal complaint states, according to reports.

Several days prior, Stengel, of Cudahy, cashed a $7,000 check and showed off the wad of dollars bills to co-workers, including Ingram, according to a criminal complaint obtained by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Police allege the money was behind the fatal encounter.

Stengel was shot and his throat was slashed, with additional stab wounds around his neck, WISN reported. Police reportedly believe he was killed in the kitchen before he was wrapped in a garbage bag and tossed in a garbage can that was wheeled outside.

Apparently Kavonn thought he was still carrying all $7000 in his wallet, I am guessing Stengel spent most of that seven grand within 24 hours. Who cashes a $7000 check?

Here be Kavonn Ingram…

And this is the victim, Alex Stengel…


I am not trying to victim blame here but….why the hell would you show your black employees a wad of cash? That is like putting a sign around your neck that says “murder me and steal my money”.

He should have already known. The dude was in his 50s and working in South Milwaukee. Maybe White co-workers would be happy for you to have come into money but to blacks, someone else having something they don’t is usually enough to send them into a rage of envy. In general flashing cash is a bad idea but around blacks? That is asking for trouble. I guess we need to further clarify:

Around blacks, never relax and for Pete’s sake don’t give them any encouragement.

What’s in the bag? Um…


  1. Anonymous

    Preening like a peacock over 7 grand? That is some straight-up White trash shit right there, and a dick move, besides. Bad manners notwithstanding, that goober really should have known better. A LOT better, being a store manager who hires ferals. What was it that Colin Flaherty was famous for saying? Don’t make the black kids angry. That advice is as sage as Remus’ hallowed ‘Avoid crowds’.

    There have been more than a few news items recently about black fast food workers opening up on customers and each other. They come to work rodded up. Think about that next time you get on the queue at Mickey D’s or Popeye’s chicken.

      • Exile1981

        I worked in a bank near a reservation years ago. They got a 20,000 per head payout for past trama just before a long weekend. People pulled that money and went crazy, had people coming in on the Tuesday looking for a loan because they had spent it all plus the rent money. 90% of them it was gone in a week.

  2. Lineman

    Have you seen that video of that black dude going to the hood and then walking around asking for direction with a see through backpack full of (fake) money… I think he was trying to show that you had nothing to worry about around niggers and his first interaction they tried to run him and then they were pissed when he told them it wasn’t real and I don’t think they believed him…

  3. Scot Irish

    We are past the point of informing/warning those that believe in paint job theory.

    The last thing they will see is their pets murdering them. It’s tragic but social darwinism is a bitch.

  4. Arete

    If he was 55, then managing a Pizza Hut was the pinnacle of his career, not a stepping stone to something bigger. That fact, combined with just looking at him, tells you he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. He was probably a very hard worker, took a lot of crap from his employees, and couldn’t resist the only opportunity he’d ever had to make them envious of him. A stupid move, but he shouldn’t have died for it.

    Saw a very disturbing clip yesterday of an older white man in some kind of confrontation with a black woman. Apparently a very short clip of it was making the social media rounds purporting to show his ‘unprovoked’ attack on her, but the 1:35 version shows her hitting him first–just popping him right in the face with her fist. Inexplicably, he doesn’t hit her back immediately; he waits a few seconds then pops her one. Then–foolishly–he turns his back on her and starts to walk away. She of course wallops him from behind and knocks him down. I would be interested to know what started it, and if she got arrested or not. Throughout the part of the argument that was captured, the man appeared completely calm until the punch, and she was totally out of control. The phrase ‘chimp out’ used to bother me a little, but nothing else quite captures the way they act in these situations….

  5. Jay

    As a teen I spent a couple years honing my skills in the Art of Pizza – in real pizza parlors, mind you, not chains like Garbage Hut. Those establishments were the best possible drug connections you could find – EVERYONE, including the owners and managers had a taste for the illicit. And back then, the staff was 90% yt, high school and college kids in the ‘burbs. I can only imagine the dregs filling the roster of the chain shops in the ‘hood… My experience turned me off food service jobs for the rest of my life. I guess what I’m saying is I’m not in the bit surprised by this story, sadly.

    • Arthur Sido

      There is always a bit of a Fast Times at Ridgemont High vibe at our local, all White staff, pizza places, like the staff is stoned or planning on getting stoned as soon as possible

      • Squib

        I think, Arthur, the reason for that is simply one of the few words a person a person can pronounce correctly when they are stoned is “pizza”.

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