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Giving Banana Republics A Bad Name

While I am not a MAGA guy, definitely not a Donald Trump fanboy, I nevertheless find it preposterous that a crackpot “judge” would fine him $355 million for allegedly “inflating the value of his assets” in order to get better loan rates, despite the fact that the loans were paid back, the lender had no complaints and it is the lenders responsibility as part of their due diligence to independently appraise the value of collateral as part of the underwriting process. When I was working in banking and taking applications for home loans it was almost always the case that the applicant told me their home was worth more than it really was. The value of your home is a very emotional issue, people would get pissed when an appraiser came back with a value lower than the applicant thought was fair. It was like you were insulting their kid or something.

The ruling is ridiculous of course. The reason for the ruling was that Trump valued Mar-A-Lago for more than this lunatic “judge” thought it should have been valued but then he fines Trump $355,000,000? Trump’s team is going to appeal the ruling obviously but in order to do so he has to pre-pay basically and post a bond of around $400 million. Apparently he has the money to do that.

So what? Here is the so what. Remember Mariah Thomas? She was the corpulent black chick in Kansas City (KC is having a string of bad press lately) that “accidently” put her one month old baby Za’Riah Mae into a hot over she claims she thought was the baby’s crib, burning her infant child to death (see: Wypipo Don’t Season Dey Babies).

This fat ass who burned her own baby alive (and was only charged with endangering the welfare of a child rather than murder or manslaughter) wants to get out of jail, probably to take some cooking classes or something, and her lawyer successfully argued to get her bond lowered!

I assume the fat ass White chick next to her is her attorney.

Bond has been reduced for a Kansas City woman charged with a class A felony after telling police she mistakenly put her baby in an oven instead of her crib.

Mariah Thomas, 26, appeared in person Tuesday for a bond review hearing, where Jackson County’s Division 26 Judge Travis Willingham reduced her bond amount from $200,000 to $100,000. In the renewed conditions of the bond, Thomas is required to come up with 10% of the full amount.

Willingham also modified bond conditions to include house arrest with GPS monitoring at her parent’s residence if Thomas makes bond.

Burns her baby to death in one of the most horrible ways to die I can imagine and she gets out, gets to go home to her mama and only has to come up with $10,000.

To review:

Apply for a loan that has already been repaid with a valuation on a piece of property that a judge, but not the lending bank, thinks is too high and to even appeal that ruling Trump has to come up with $400 million in cash.

Put your one month old baby in a hot oven and burn it to death because you thought it was a crib and you get out of jail and home with mom for a whopping ten grand.

How can anyone think we have a valid legal system?


  1. Lineman

    Question is how bad does it have to get before White Men come together and clean up the mess we all let happen because we were fooled into individualism and atomization…Does it have to collapse before we band together and if that’s the case then we are pretty dumb aren’t we…

      • Plague Monk

        I don’t think they are human in any real sense of the word, which is why I no longer get upset at their antics. I was more infuriated by a recent case of animal abuse here in the Cincinnati area than any dindu chimpout. TND!

        I also don’t give a hoot about the Palestinians killing members of the (((tribe))). As far as I’m concerned, Isntreal is a cancer on the world, and I would like to see it treated with high does of radiation, delivered by ICBM. There is talk that Biden’s pudding pusher will recognize a new Palestinian state, and if that happens, I’ll start actively campaigning for the Dems.

  2. Gryphon

    This ‘lawfare’ against Trump is a perfect example of how “Laws” enforced where there was no “Victim”, only an ‘offense’ against the ‘state’. Sure, ACTUAL Fraud, where someone is Conned out of something, is a Crime with a Victim. In this case, the Lender was Convinced to Loan More than they otherwise might have, by being told that the Collateral was ‘worth’ more than it was…. If the Borrower had Defaulted, and the Lender found they couldn’t Sell the Collateral for what was Owed, they would have had a possible, tenuous case for “Being Defrauded”, but the Borrower could have just said, “That’s what I honestly Believed it was Worth, and You did, too, because you Agreed with Me.”

    All ‘laws’ where the ‘crime’ is “Against the State” have no place in a Constitutional Republic. (No that this Is one)

    • Steady Steve

      When The United States ( formerly the united States) was formed (after CivWar 1) it was made into a person via incorporation. Then the courts later opined that corporations are persons. Of course there is no provision in the Constitution that allows fedgov to incorporate but the courts don’t care. This is the “legal” mechanism by which the claim that the State can be offended against is done. What is needed is to outlaw any body of government from incorporating and to restrict private corporations to a strict set of principals.

  3. ozark homesteader

    Lavrentiy’eesha James and Arthur Enjewron currying favor with their relentless and demanding masters. They will burn it all down to ashes before ever risking facing the consequences of their actions.

  4. Fetch My Flying Monkeys

    I thought there was a big deal made about Hamas cooking babies in ovens?? WTF!!
    I guess it’s worth committing genocide by the Israeli’s but with retarded blacks in the US it’s okay??

  5. pyrrhus

    It’s worse than that..Judge claimed that Mar a Plata was overvalued at 15 million, bankers agreed that it was worth a lot more than that….now worth half a billion…
    but business is retaliating, and moving out of that hellhole..Truckers also say they will refuse loads to NYC….As an attorney, I wouldn’t have anything to do with the place…I’d rather be on trial in Nigeria than SD New York…

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