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Fire Up The Memory Hole

After the shooting, by a woman no less, at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood “Church” in Houston, Texas the media was pretty excited but that went away in a hurry. I wonder why…..

A shooter who was killed by off-duty police officers after opening fire at a Houston megachurch while seemingly using a 7-year-old child as a human shield has been identified as a woman named Genesse Moreno, who police said also identified as a man named Jeffrey Escalante.

Police said a woman in her early 30s entered Lakewood Church on Feb. 11 wearing a trench coat and backpack, armed with a long rifle, and began firing.

Before managing to kill anyone, the shooter was taken down by two off-duty officers, one a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission agent and the other a Houston police officer, according to Houston Police Chief Troy Finner.

A “transgender” chick with a kid who sometimes identified as a man. Huh, where have we heard that before? Oh yeah, multiple times including the Nashville Christian school shooter Audrey Hale among others: I’m Sensing A Pattern Here

She also apparently didn’t like Jews and had a “Palestine” sticker on her AR-15…


Who could have imagined that people who think they are a different sex, even a woman who gave birth to a child, would be mentally unstable and prone to violent outbursts?


  1. Xzebek

    Completely inexplicable! Sarc.
    We need a large scale return to asylums where the obviously mentally ill ( as all trannies are) can be treated and warehoused so as not to be a danger to the non mentally ill. I believe this will also have the effect of substantially reducing the social contagion of people who want to jump on the bandwagon of the latest “victim” du jour status. It won’t be nearly as fun to claim you are a tranny or a cat or Napoleaon if all it gets you is a ticket to long term lock up and psychotropic meds.

  2. pyrrhus

    What we really need, as Russia now has, is a law banning all transgender surgery, and providing long prison sentences for violations…

  3. saoirse

    “She also apparently didn’t like Jews and had a “Palestine” sticker on her AR-15…”
    Uh huh. More like engineering more false flags to further the clamp down on criticism of the jews and their schemes. Jailing people for ‘anti-semitism’ will come way before they go after the guns. Hell, the 2A patriot fools will help toss them into the brig – while waving their flags and waxing poetic about freedom of course.

  4. Squib

    Mentally ill mother with criminal background obtains an AR 15. Someone(s) show her how to use the weapon. Two “off-duty” LEO’s drop her- and they shoot and kill the only witness, her son- before she kills anyone. Nothing suspicious here.

    I wonder what her son would have been able to tell us.

  5. 3g4me

    As I noted in a comment at Zman, she is also identified on Texas documents as a “non-Hispanic White.” Multiply this by tens of thousands of criminal and demographic records and you begin to understand the strength of the demographic tsunami that is drowning Whites in AINO.

  6. Harbinger

    White-adjacent, born the wrong sex, single parent, Palestinian sympathizer, ugly as phuck. Dis bitch couldn’t catch a break in life, could she?

    Something tells me that Hell is becoming awfully LGBTQ and especially trans-happy these days.

  7. Mike_C

    I’m going to plagiarize my own comment elsewhere:

    No. Don’t expect this to be memory-holed. There are too many keywords: AR-15, Palestine, and of course, anti-Semitic. Yes, it’s true. Sadly “anti-Semitic writings” of an undisclosed nature were found among the shooter’s possessions, so say all the news stories.

    This story furthers The Narrative.
    1. AR-15 are weapons of war and no civilian should be allowed to possess one. (A single “bullet” (sic) from an AR-15 can cut a person in half says Col. Craig Tucker, USMC, Ret.* who recently testified to this frightening fact under oath as a gun expert.)
    2. Jews are unsafe anywhere and at all times. This means we must give even more unrestricted money and unconditional political support to Israel.
    3. Of course those subhuman Palestinians are somehow involved in this. Because of their obvious guilt in this attempted mass murder, they deserve whatever comes to them; complete extermination is not off of the table. Frankly it’s no more than those lice deserve.
    4. This trans lunatic dared shoot up a Christian megachurch. That’s what us cousin-humping 2A patriotards go for. I loves me some oleaginous televangelists, they’s my people!

    This bizarre story stinks of a bad op scripted by unsubtle persons who think they’re smarter than they actually are. And that we are dumber than we actually are. The same kind of propagandists who are in advertising and write TV shows. But then again they’ve been astonishingly effective in selling (literally and metaphorically) their bullshit to the American public, so I’m not betting against them on this one**.

    * Ret. may stand for either retired or retarded in the case of this weapons expert.

    ** Even though I mocked these people as not very smart, that’s the ordinary ones. There are some very very smart ones in the background and at the top. And they think in terms of generations and centuries. (And they hate Christians and the West.) It’s obvious the ordinary mostly apolitical American is getting fed up with trans problems (Dylan Mulvaney, Lia Thomas, and so forth). That horse has been ridden about as far as it can go for now. Since they’re not going to win on that front, let’s take advantage of the rapidly rising antipathy to trans stuff by tying “trans” to ARs, to anti-Semitism, and to Palestinians. Adapt, improvise, and overcome, yeah? Remember, they don’t really care about trans or queer or any of that. All those are tools to undermine, degrade, and ultimately destroy the Christian West. If one tool is damaged, it can be repurposed. Strip the head on your Philips driver? Turn it into a pry bar. Or a shiv.

    • Doc Seabright

      Tucker was a successful battalion commander in combat who came back to the USA, got promoted to colonel and was on the list for a star. He was fucking an ugly (female) captain, it got out, he got relieved, his selection to brigadier general sunk, relieved of command, and retired at the last satisfactory rank- LtCol. Great news to have to tell a wife who hung on to his ass for retirement dependent benefits. Now he whores himself out to presstitutes to shill their shit.

      Fuck that guy.

  8. Bean Dip Tray

    Dayam is that freaky looking.
    One like it will preezy of the steezy for the Kwanstain in the future? (honk)
    Naw, it will be an Ozymandias wasteland by then and this is fine.
    Bathhouse Barry is behind the tranny mania and he just loves him some Big Mike.
    He signed everything away with the “historic” pen and phone to the UN while all were distracted with sportsball and dumb sh1t.

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