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The former owner of a collapsed national nursing home chain who ran more than 100 facilities out of a tiny office above a New Jersey pizzeria has pleaded guilty in federal court in connection with what prosecutors called a $38 million payroll tax fraud scheme.

Joseph Schwartz, whose Skyline Healthcare nursing home chain was the subject of an NBC News investigation, pleaded guilty to failing to pay the IRS employment taxes withheld from his employees and failing to file annual financial reports with the federal Labor Department.

If the court accepts his plea agreement, he will be sentenced to a year in prison and three years’ supervised release, with a requirement to pay $5 million in restitution. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for May.

Shlomo steals $38 million but only gets a year in prison and $5 million in restitution, meaning he probably has a bunch of that money squirrelled away and will only spend a few months in some white collar minimum security lock-up. Not only was he keeping payroll taxes, these nursing homes were awful…

The chain was also the subject of documented reports of abuse and neglect by state and local authorities that captured headlines.

The state of Arkansas issued Skyline facilities more than $200,000 in civil fines for neglect, preventable falls, failure to bathe residents and the presence of maggots in a resident’s personal medical equipment.

In September 2017, Skyline had taken over Ashton Place, a nursing home in Memphis, Tennessee. Less than two months later, a resident found lying in feces was taken to a hospital, where nurses discovered maggots and gangrene in his leg, according to a police report obtained by NBC affiliate WMC.

There are a bunch of childless Boomers and Gen Xers who are going to end up in places like that, being “cared for” by sociopathic fat black women from Haiti and Somalia. It is going to be an ugly, awful end of life for people that were convinced there was no reason to have families who might care for or at least advocate for them in the future. All of those awards from work and empty wine boxes will be of scant comfort when you are dying of sepsis or gangrene because no one bothered to check on you for weeks at a time.


  1. Harbinger

    Beloved wife worked her entire career in nursing homes in New York and was well acquainted with the joosh cabals that own them by the dozens. Scheming skinflint scumbags, forever racing over to Israel for vacations and never available on Saturdays, even when their facilities were burning down. They treat their workers like slaves and literally believe that the goyim exist to serve them. They would gladly schtupp their non-joosh female underlings, yet refuse to shake a woman’s hand in greeting, following the arcane rules of their twisted faith. Not a one of them ever put their own mothers or fathers in their nursing homes.

  2. Exile1981

    So you steal 33million from the gov and get fined 5 million meaning he profited off his crime 28 million.
    IRS tried to seize a relatives house on the east coast for back taxes they said he owed. Turned out a California business had reported 12 employees working for them who all had the same SIN # as my relative. Took him 3 years and 50k in lawyers to get it fixed but they seized his house and accounts during the process

    Cant tell me the california business didnt think it odd all their mexican workers had the same SIN #, but they didnt get a fine.

    iRS should have taken 1 look and known the 12 people in cali were using the # illegally and not tried to recover the money from the victim…. But they let the small hat steal millions and keep it.

  3. Raymond

    I would happily spend a year in some country club prison if I could walk out at the end with $28 million in my bank account. I’d use the money to pay off every single relative’s debts and mortgages and then set up a first-class trade school to educate boys in the trades for free. Guess it’s too bad that I’m not a scumbag small-hat.

  4. Bean Dip Tray

    No seat on the Rapture Express without heebo and the tiny hats.
    Only the Kwans of FUSA would fall for something that stupid and it was never mentioned for 1800 years until comrade Scofield came along.

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