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Even The “Civilized” Ones

There is an old saying “You can take the black out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the black”. HT Big Country Expat….

Pennsylvania judge has been charged with attempted murder after she allegedly shot her estranged boyfriend in the head, then claimed he shot himself. 

Harrisburg Magisterial District Judge Sonya M. McKnight, 57, was found with gunshot residue on her hands an hour after her boyfriend Michael McCoy sustained a shot to the head early Saturday, according to her arrest affidavit. 

In 2019, McKnight was cleared of charges after shooting her estranged husband in the groin, which investigators ruled was self-defense. 

She has been suspended from the bench since November amid misconduct allegations, and is currently being held in Dauphin County Prison Friday on a $300,000 bail on attempted murder and aggravated assault charges. 

Her estranged boyfriend astonishingly survived being shot in the head, but authorities say he is now blind in his right eye.

The bitch already shot one dude in the junk and now here she is shooting another dude and she is a judge holding sway over the fate of people in her courtroom.

Police wrote that the shooting came after a tumultuous end to the couple’s relationship, and McCoy, 54, had tried ‘numerous times’ to get McKnight to move out after he ended their one-year relationship. 

On Friday, February 9, McCoy came home to find McKnight in pajamas on the couch. When he returned from a restaurant, he told her he planned to get McKnight’s mother’s help to get her out of the home, cops said. 

‘Michael McCoy stated that it was like she finally understood that it was over,’ police said. 

He went to bed at about 11 pm, before awaking to a ‘massive head pain’ and was unable to see. When he began to scream, McKnight allegedly told him, ‘Mike what did you do to yourself?’ 

He had suffered a gunshot wound to the right temple that exited his left temple, police said. McCoy insisted to police at the scene and later at the hospital that he did not shoot himself.

Good thing her boyfriend is black and therefore the bullet passing from the right temple through his brain to the left temple didn’t hit any vital organs. Even more….

McKnight, an elected judge in Dauphin County since 2016, was suspended without pay in mid-November by the Court of Judicial Discipline, which handles misconduct allegations against judges.

The Judicial Conduct Board, which investigates and charges misconduct cases against Pennsylvania judges, claimed in a September filing that McKnight had violated judicial probation from a previous misconduct case centered on her actions regarding a 2020 traffic stop involving her son.

She was acquitted of criminal charges in that matter in July 2021.

The case also saw the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board accuse her of failing to recuse herself in cases where she should have that involved a former attorney who represented her, and one involving an officer connected to her previous arrest, reports WGAL

Among the pending civil misconduct allegations, the Judicial Conduct Board alleges that she violated a number of rules, including giving excess vacation time to members of her court staff.

She was also accused of directing an aide to ignore a woman’s civil complaint that claimed McKnight owed her for a $2,100 loan, and used a Facebook profile with her photo in judicial robes to promote sales of a consumer product.

Huh, a black elected official that misuses her office to enrich herself. That is pretty rare in the black community.

Even a 57 year old presumably educated black woman still chimps out when she is upset. What a delightful treasure blacks have been to American society!


  1. Squib

    McNight had less than 300 votes to be elected? That small populous needed their own judge? Magistrate judges in Pennsylvania do not need a law degree. Any info on the Judge has disappeared on the internet. Alma mater, anyone?

  2. Xzebek

    It is a mistake to put angry, ignorant, and ugly proto humans into any position of responsibility and authority. Which means chimps black females should never be put in such positions.

  3. TakeAHardLook

    “He had suffered a gunshot wound to the right temple that exited his left temple”

    The trajectory of that bullet involved the frontal lobe primarily. The center of cognition, rational thought; basically, thinking.

    So for this scholar, the bullet seems to have hit nothing of import–just air, apparently. No surprise here.

    Sad about the loss of vision, though.

  4. Hickocks Ghost

    I hear fiddle music and the barbarians are storming through the gates.
    An honorable death in the defense of what we love and hold dear will
    be all that is left to us but we will take many with us.
    The latest “thing”, is soon going to be vigilantism.
    Read Jean Raspail’s 1976 book ” Camp Of The Saints” to see our quickly approaching future.

  5. SirLawrence

    Juris Jogger Prudence is all about circumventing the forebrain.

    Or in this case, circumventing one forebrain and venting the other.

    It is confusing to those of us who walk upright, but failing to keep in mind that they still exist largely in the Serengeti slouch of the bell curve is hazardous to ones health.

    Not just in the realm of seemingly incongruent violence, but in how they can ape Western Civ while possessing no inner monologue. They are literally unleashed from the rational, logical, and even emotional anchors that exist naturally in the Western mind.

    Whites projecting our qualities – and failing to understand these innate deficits in the others, causes all matters of problems. Disarming Whites of our own instincts and replacing them with progressive moral fiat has been one of the most insidious achievements of the other side.

    Listen to your gut. If you feel yourself acting or talking like an average american college girl. Run.

  6. Moe Gibbs

    even the civilized ones

    Hmmm. This is clearly some new variant on the meaning of “civilized” that I was previously unaware of. Reminds me of how the word “justice” is perverted by our sub-human population and their minders to mean “the outcome I want” as opposed to a rational and unbiased weighing of evidence to determine what, if any remunerative action may be warranted by careful consideration of the circumstances.

    Maybe just stick with the generally accepted notion of “civilized black” as an oxymoron.

  7. Steve

    Jeez, she is a real piece of work. Her 31-yo crackhead son is stopped, they find out he has a warrant for his arrest, and the scholar is caught with baggies of cocaine and a scale on his person. Nice job teaching him, “Only One Crime at a Time.”

    She goes to the scene, intimidates the cops, and takes evidence, including a bottle of unidentified pills. And then has the sense of entitlement to think people who want to punish her for rules violations are racists.

    I’m sure she was a MAGA Trumpist, too.

  8. saoirse

    Correct. Last place you want to shoot a negroidal is in the head. Just cooling them off a bit with some extra ventilation that’s all.

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