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Don’t Expect Basic Human Decency From Subhuman Animals

Most of us that have been driving any period of time have been in a minor fender-bender. Maybe you read-end someone or you back into a car. Shit happens when you are piloting pieces of steel that weigh thousands of pounds and limit your vision. When human beings get into an accident, they get out of their cars, call the police, and exchange insurance information. Sure you are probably pissed if your car gets hit but it happens and most of us are just glad no one got hurt. A ding or dent in your car can be fixed.

That is what humans do….not every driver behind the wheel in America is human.

Just from that headline you can fill in the rest of the story without even reading it….

SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA: A contrite California grandfather tragically met his fate after he was gunned down in a Walmart parking lot while he expressed regret to his suspected killer for causing a minor fender bender.

59-year-old Jonathan Mauk accidentally reversed his Chevrolet Camaro into suspect Shawntece Marie Norton’s car while leaving to meet up with his family, his son revealed to ABC 7.

Mauk was driving through the parking lot, searching for an open spot when Norton was backing out of a parking spot. It was at that time Mauk reportedly struck Norton’s car. “From what witnesses told me, my dad felt responsible. He was the one to blame, so he got out of the car to apologize, and that is when the other person shot him,” his eldest son, Matthew Mauk, told the outlet.Expand article logo  Continue reading

According to KTLA, Norton, 37, allegedly shot the grandfather in the face as he stepped out of his car to make amends for the accident. She is accused of fleeing the parking lot after the shooting before getting arrested the following day. Norton has since been charged with murder. 

Shawntece. Of fucking course. The 59 year old she murdered was a White guy.

I try to be reserved about using the word nigger but I can’t think of any other word for that sullen nigger bitch that we see glaring from the photo. It isn’t even a mug shot and she looks like the sort of bitch that would shoot a man who was trying to apologize over a minor fender bender that barely left any scratches on her vehicle.

Jonathan Mauk sounds like a great guy who was murdered by a subhuman animal….

Matthew Mauk said his father, who “liked being called Grandpa” because “he loved the title,” only stopped at the store to pick up salt and some soda to make his homemade beef jerky with the family. “I can’t even put into words why that happened or what would go through a person’s mind to make that seem like an acceptable action,” Matthew Mauk said, adding “None of it makes sense.”

Mauk is remembered by his loved ones as a man who loved his family, a classic car enthusiast, and a friend who could be counted on. “I cried when I found out he got killed,” said Lee Hall, Mauk’s friend and co-worker, told KTLA, adding “That’s what he loved – cars. He probably would have fixed the lady’s car for nothing, but she ended up shooting him.”

The guy was getting supplies to make beef jerky. Shawntece shot him because he upset her. You couldn’t draw up a more perfect illustration of race relations in America. Mauk was trying to apologize and do the right thing, Norton lashed out like a beast. Whites are endlessly trying to placate blacks, just hoping that being sufficiently obsequious will forestall the typical black behavior. It never works and it never will, being polite and apologetic, even if it is the right thing to do, is viewed as weakness by blacks and encourages them. In fact I would say that being polite and apologetic is never the right thing to do when confronted by blacks.

Jonathan Mauk made a common but fatal error: he assumed the person in the other car would act like a civilized human being would act. I doubt he even had time to say much before she shot him but the lesson is clear:

Avoid it wherever possible but if forced to, when interacting with blacks always assume they are about to attack.

It is part of the “around blacks, never relax” rule. Many people struggle with this because they think assuming you are on the edge of an attack “just because they are black” seems “racist” and also because most Whites know some blacks that don’t seem that bad (the subject of a future post). The problem is that you can never tell when one will be set off. Sure the obvious ones are obvious, young male breadcrumbs in gangsta outfits and especially when they are in a group, but Shawntece Norton is a 37 year adult black woman that responded like a 17 year old black guy, going from glowering to shooting in a split second. You see similar behavior from black men in their 40s and 50s, most of them don’t seem to mature with age.

That is the problem and the point I am making. You just can’t tell which ones are about to attack. Therefore you must assume any and all blacks are potential threats based solely on them being black. A 37 year old Korean woman isn’t going to shoot you for no reason. A 37 year old White woman might ask for the manager but won’t shoot you. A 37 year old Mexican chick? Maybe. A 37 year old black chick? Assume she might start shooting until she leaves the area.

Only the absence of blacks guarantees you won’t have to worry about black violence but if you can’t avoid them, you must treat them as hostile. Jonathan Mauk didn’t know this or he forgot and it cost him his life. I am more convinced than ever that the differences between blacks and Whites are so fundamental, so deeply rooted in biology and genetics, that it while it is true that we might be the same species, that is where the similarities end.


  1. Ohio Copperhead

    She looks like a ghetto version of the Queen of Hearts, a (black) personification of insensate rage: “Glock! Glock to his head!”

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    I’m gonna speculate that she was locked up for much of her life. Because it seems very unlikely that someone of her disposition, who would do a thing like this, would make it all the way to age 37 before doing it.

    • SirLawrence

      When I lived in urban shithole, I was hit five times in ten years by idiot drivers.

      None of the drivers at fault were White. Only one was insured. The rest likely not and more likely unregistered – or “borrowing” one of their community cars in which the registered driver is back in squatamala and/or bench warrant.

      I watched three of the drivers leave the scene before anyone could get their plates.

      Not that it would have mattered.

      I remember being somewhat surprised that they bolted but in that way that is more about actually experiencing something as opposed to just being aware of it. Surreal. One left the fast lane after hitting me and careened off of three other cars to make the closest off ramp.

      I was “pissed off” but also in that way that is already downstream of the multitude of “taxes” we pay to live among the vibrants.

      What I didn’t appreciate at the time is that those hit and runs likely did me a favor by (a) not entangling me in some legal love triangle with the State; (b) reducing the likelihood that some jogger or spic would lose it and come out blazing; and (c) keeping my name and address out of reach from whatever hive of ‘living in the shadows’ they came from.

      What fired me up the most was the endless grief my own insurance company gave me for not getting any plate numbers or filing police reports and then using that as reason to slow walk my process of being made whole. Which of course is impossible because like the whole system my premiums already include a substantial portion that is due to the toll of vibrancy.

  3. Filthie

    The word “nigger” was invented to distinguish between black people and black animals.

    The hell of it is you can’t get mad at the nigger. It’s just doing what killer monkeys do. There’s only two things making blacks behave: fear and common sense. The realities of black IQ and intellect are that about 40% of them are incapable of common sense. Your alternative is what it is.

    And you are exactly right… race realism is the only answer in dealing with this. Every single white American should have a reliable battle rifle and a pistol ready at all times in negrofied areas.

    The further hell of it is that had the stubfart been armed and defended himself he’d have ended up in a liberal kangaroo court and would have had the book thrown at him. The blacks are not the only ones needing a purge or a cull…

  4. pyrrhus

    If the other driver is black and doesn’t look like an older respectable person, just drive away…but never get out of your car in a black area…It wasn’t like this 50 years ago, when I spent a lot of time in black neighborhoods, but now, it’s extremely dangerous…..

    • Squib

      Pyrrhus. A few years ago I was driving to Pasadena. I stopped at a gas station off the 10 to fill up. My card didn’t work. While I was trying the card a second time, my wife opened the car door and handed me my phone. The credit card company was on the line. That fast. They were verifying that my card had not been stolen. Come to find out, I had chosen to fill up in Compton.

        • Lineman

          Yea babes in the woods…I thought everyone who read these kind of blogs would be very aware of the dangers around them and where they were at at all times…Also who the hell still lives in the shithole of California

      • Arthur Sido

        I have been to Compton a few times on business, always scheduled the meetings early in the morning before the drug dealers and gangsters woke up. Got the hell out of there as quickly as I could

  5. Scot Irish

    Sure Arthur, I would like to do something about the negro undertow but how?

    I sure wish White people would realize blacks are dangerous animals.

    That guy should have drove away.

  6. Mike in Canada

    The OP makes the point that it is impossible to tell the shooters from the non-, so the only prudent thing to do is to presume all are potential shooters unless evidence to the contrary is produced… sort of like the approach with muslims. Not muslims are terrorists, but since I can’t tell the peaceful ones from the militant the only sensible course is to assume all muslims are targets until proven otherwise.
    ‘I am a parent. I don’t have the luxury of principle’- Benjamin Martin, The Patriot

    • Arthur Sido

      I used to manage a bank near Dearborn, Michigan the jihad capital of the U.S. and lots of my customers were Muslims. Most very polite. I wouldn’t have turned my back on any of them.

      • tfA-t

        I owned Michigan Truck Wash on michigan and wyoming at Truck City from ’88 to ’95. it was nuts back then, can’t imagine how bad it is now. Yeah, always carried a .357 and had a 12 gauge in the office.

  7. 3g4me

    While with blacks the only sensible thing is to drive off, I would strongly urge anyone who gets into any sort of car accident with other non-Whites to photograph everything instantly, and not move your vehicle until the cops show up. I’ve had east Asians lie about being injured. My son had a subcon claim she was driving the vehicle that hit him, because her father – the actual driver – had no license in the US. They may not threaten your life like blacks, but they will lie and take you (and your insurance company) for every penny they can get.

    I’m more than happy to get behind some great-grandma on the two lane roads here rather than drive behind a FOB Han or squatemalan back in DFW.

  8. Mike_C

    This is not to excuse that Shawntece (or whatever) creature’s actions, but always remember which group did the most to embolden the American negro. Who commits the law fare in their behalf? Who bankrolled so much of the so-called “civil rights” movements? Who writes the TV shows, movies, and advertisements that always show blacks as intelligent, wise, and kindly? Who makes the pornography wherein some white girl is sexually degraded by multiple negro males, all at once, yet? Always think back to those things each time something like this murder happens.

    Remember. Never Forget. Never. Forget.

  9. Xzebek

    The chimps are not compatible with heritage American society. They need to be shunned and kept in their ghettos. Let them devolve and die in their self made shitholes.

  10. Suburband Dude

    Too bad Lincoln, the great “Emancipator,” according to lore, didn’t actually have the stones to return the niggers/blaques/moon crickets/porch monkeys, blue gums, and chimps, to Africa, where they were captured, and sold to various traders from European countries, by their own, “peeps,” as this might have resolved many issues we face today…

    I treat all blacks, in 90% of the cases, as opfor until proven otherwise, the same way i treat ALL leo’s, of any flavor, as enemy, to be avoided at all costs…

    I can’t think of many of interactions, with these groups, that don’t leave me w a greasy film on my psyche, and a strong desire for a Single Malt, and shower, not always in that order, after interacting w them.

    Battle lines are drawn it appears..

    I don’t know who coined this, but: “when niggers riot, they burn neighborhoods, when whitey riots, countries burn..

    Be wary of the Saxons slow burn, for it burns hot, waiting for the bellows to come to full potential…

    Squad Rules will apply….

    ps.imo, it seems to be the female chimps, that create the most chaos….

    Chris Rock nailed it: Chris Rock PSA – How Not To Get Your A** Kicked By The Police

  11. saoirse

    Ben Crump to the rescue with the “white muthafuka called me a nigga” deefense!
    Grandpa’s son says they’re going to “seek justice” all the way. Let’s see how much you’ll get in a state where you’re hated down to the bone. Good luck. At least you’re not forgiving that sheboon and shitting on the people that tell the truth…. yet.

  12. Bean Dip Tray

    Compton got cleansed by the replacements and an engineer bud still declined a well paying job there.
    Visited S.B. as a lil’ shaver but won’t ever be going back even if funds would allow it, same with Commierado.
    The Fundamental Transformation is bringing it here anyway.
    Chicago jesus has some rent-a-daughters and maybe she shooter could look like them in West South Africa or FUSA.

  13. Himself

    People are crazy and stupid. This is why I have a dash cam. I’m thinking of getting a better one – front and rear. I had one on my toyota but I traded that car in for a truck and haven’t put the camera back in yet. Every week I could harvest video of people doing dumbshit things.

    Jeezis am I glad I moved out of Dallas county. I lived in Richardson, which is only 9% bleck or so, but daily it seemed like 80.

    Funny story. I used to work as a telecom tech in DC. I was heading out NY avenue to maryland when I bumped into a soul brotha in front of me. It was a tap. Something that happens often, like the one in the story, where wypipo get out, size things up, declare no-harm-no-foul and go about their day.

    Dude came out, full of drama. Got riled when I asked exactly which scratch on his hoopty was my fault. I was trying not to have to get the company insurance involved. No luck. So I get some paper to exchange info. I stepped on his bumper and put my clipboard on my knee to write.


    I, being a lot younger, just watched the spectacle in awe.

    I diffused it and we went on our ways. That was back when not all of them were packing heat.

  14. Stealth Spaniel

    “Only the absence of blacks guarantees you won’t have to worry about black violence”


    It is really sad, San Bernardino used to be a nice, white, upper middle class area. Lots of ranches, fruit trees, custom built homes. It had the stretch of the legendary Route 66, the first official McDonald’s, and countless lakes. San Bernardino has long been the gateway to Southern California. Then……the diversity started moving in. It still gives off a safe appearance, but diversity has killed off everything that was good, fun, and safe. Bastion of Liberal BullshXX.

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