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Degenerate, Dumb, Dangerous: The Diversity Trifecta

As a yoof in the 80s, sex was very common but it was relatively tame. No one was openly a faggoting around. No one I knew about was doing butt stuff. Nor for that matter was anyone shooting up intravenous drugs. In short we were having plenty of fun doing sex the old fashioned way and drinking some crappy beer on the weekends. For most Americans the “AIDS Epidemic” of the 1980s was rightly understood to be a faggot disease that some non-fags occasionally got by sharing a needle with a fag. In other words AIDS wasn’t something we really worried about.

It was only much later that the media and entertainment industry got together to convince Americans that AIDS/HIV was something everyone was getting. Sure, there were heterosexuals that contracted the HIV but it was pretty rare and almost always involved some sort of degenerate behavior like intravenous drug use or a chick banging some “bi” dude. You wouldn’t think that if you get your information from the mass media.

Most people stopped thinking much about AIDS/HIV shortly after Magic Johnson announced he was HIV positive. It was generally thought “Shit, if Magic can get the HIV then so can I!”. I still suspect that Magic was occasionally sodomizing a dude here or there but it was also well known that Magic was banging literally thousands of women, a different random chick each night. If you dip your wick that many times in that many random chicks, the odds are going to catch up to you sooner or later. The Magic Johnson announcement scared most normal men into thinking about protection not just from impregnating a girl but also from getting AIDS.

Thanks to HIV drugs, the “drug cocktail”, it was no longer an automatic death sentence to contract the HIV and the disease faded from our daily lives. That doesn’t mean it went away entirely as this story from the local news shows:

Free HIV, Hepatitis C testing offered as part of Black [sic] HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

It is pretty amusing that a) blacks have their own HIV/AIDS “Awareness” Day and b) that it takes place during “black History Month”. I didn’t realize that it was still such a problem in the Breadcrumb-American community.

The Positive Resource Connection (PRC), located at 525 Oxford Street, welcomes the community to join its agency on Wednesday, Feb. 7, to commemorate National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

PRC officials say the community can join them on Wednesday, Feb. 7, from 12-5 p.m. while its outreach team offers free HIV and Hepatitis C testing. Visitors will also be able to enjoy free pizza, snacks, and drinks along with free health resources and information. The first 20 people tested will receive a gift card to an establishment of their choice (while supplies last).

The Indiana Community Health Improvement Initiative shares that the rate of new HIV diagnoses among Black and African American individuals is eight times higher than that of white individuals.

My wife and I are thinking about stopping by to get tested. Sure there is less than zero percent chance that either of us has the HIV but we could get free pizza and maybe a couple of gift cards.

The article had this graphic included….

Those are absolute numbers in thousands affected, not per capita. Despite being only around 7% of the population, black men are dramatically overrepresented in positive HIV cases. The first three columns are fags so obviously that is far higher as you would expect but then look at black women and allegedly non-faggot black men. Heterosexual White men don’t even appear on the chart although White women do, and I suspect those White women are cum dumpster mudsharks for the most part.

In contemporary America, some 40 years after the “AIDS epidemic” and the hysteria that followed it, and HIV is still a major issue for two groups: faggots and blacks, and especially black faggots. Who could have guessed that a group made up of two subgroups like that would have high rates of HIV/AIDS? Fags known for humping anything and everything and blacks with absolutely no impulse control or ability to consider the consequences of their actions is a combination seemingly tailor-made for spreading a sexually transmitted disease like wildfire, even when the dangers of HIV/AIDS and simple preventative measures have been known for four decades.

I did find it interesting that mestizo men have such high rates as well, given that they are also a small portion of the population relative to Whites. Watching TV you would think every sodomite in America is a White guy. Also of interest were the high numbers of black women. I suspect that more black men are “bi-sexual”, a slang term for “will fuck anything with a pulse” whereas White men who are fags seem to be completely on Team Anus rather than dabbling in the Forbidden Clam.

Men are promiscuous by nature so when both sides of a sexual liaison are looking for a quick fling it makes for a toxic environment that is a fertile breeding ground for degeneracy related diseases, from the HIV to monkeypox and who knows what might be coming next. Add in a non-existent impulse control and a desire for instant gratification and you get millions of diagnosed black fags with HIV. Guess who is paying for their expensive drug cocktails to keep their HIV from turning into AIDS? You are.

Degenerate, dumb, dangerous. The diversity trifecta embodied in blacks that causes untold suffering for heritage Americans.


  1. Harbinger

    The number for latino men looks suspiciously high to me, relative to the rest. Hispanic culture is, from what I know of it, very macho and heterosexual. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a queer mestizo or even heard of one. They also do not seem particularly prone to being IV drug users, compared to other demographics. Meth misfits are overwhelmingly White and crack whores are black. So where are the hispanic males getting their HIV from? Surely not from the underaged female relatives they are so fond of molesting.

    Anyway, if those are accurate totals for the country as a whole, HIV is truly a very minor affliction. Almost rare, considering the population is what? 330 million, plus 10% illegals courtesy of the Big Guy? I’d wager that more people are quietly dropping dead monthly of the not-a-vaxx than those rookie HIV numbers.

    • Harbinger

      Am I reading this graph right? 9,123 total cases of black males with HIV, or is it 9,123 thousand cases, i.e. better than 9 million black males with HIV? 9 million is about half of all black males in the country.

        • TakeAHardLook

          I recall that, back in the ’80’s, the joke was as follows:
          Q: What’s the most difficult thing you’ll have to deal with when you’re given a diagnosis of AIDS?
          A: Convincing your parents that you’re Haitian.

          Come to find out later that Haitian men are shockingly bisexual in great numbers; after being with a man (high risk behavior for AIDS) these low-IQ morons would screw a woman in order to “cleanse” themselves of the sin of homosexuality (being SO very catholic).

          This absurd behavior served to hugely increase the AIDS epidemic in Haiti in both men and (their unfortunate) women. It’s a frickin’ ISLAND for chrissakes!

          Hence the above joke.

          “Life is tough. It’s even tougher when you’re stupid.”

  2. Warren Shafer

    In a unrelated, but possibly related topic. A Marine buddy back in the day, went into a bar for a drink. He had never been to this particular bar before. When he ordered a drink at the bar, he received a weird look from the bartender, a woman. He looked around, and noticed he was the only man in the place. The straw that broke the Camal’s back was seeing two women kissing and making out. I am in a lesbian bar. I don’t think he even finished his drink, but he sure got the hell out of Dodge real quick.

  3. Randolph Scott

    In junior high(’63-’66) there were young faggoty mexicants. 5 or 6 in just one school Jr High, there were 3 Junior High schools in our town.

  4. Tom762

    As it turns out, in the hispanic culture, if’n you be pitchin, you aint gay. Not sure the virus plays tho… jus sayin.

    Knew a few fags a while back. They would bang chicks if they had the chance. They both claimed to NOT be bi.

  5. Jeffrey Zoar

    The chances of a man contracting HIV from an infected woman through unprotected vaginal intercourse are roughly 1 in 3000. If he puts it in her butt the odds get higher. I’m not saying it’s impossible Magic got it from a woman. But I suspect he got it from a dude.

    I’ve long had this notion that the AIDS scare was perpetrated by certain boomers and silents so that gen x couldn’t enjoy the same “free love” that they did. There was never any honesty in the myth that heterosexual people were at any significant risk.

  6. RMC

    Don’t remember exactly when (early 90s I think), but I remember hearing Sam Kinison explain how to get AIDS:

    1) Get shot in the ass with an infected load of semen, or
    2) Share needles with a guy who sucks d*** for drug money.

    Crazy numbers. The black and white men were kind of expected, but not the number of latinos – prison dividend maybe?

  7. Bean Dip Tray

    We used to play smear the queer after school and pick out which MTV acts were penis puffers! Great Times.
    Defacing the girl pop magazines with pejorative terms written on the ads and faces of people like George Michael of Wham and Boy George pissed off the Karens with their huge hairspray hairdos and jellies shoes.
    The Stormtroopers Of Death band Method Of Destruction has the great Anally Inflicted Death Sentence song and those bands could not be around today.
    Comrade commissar Fauci was around then to botch the AIDS by not closing up bathhouses and some say he may have gained of functioned it and not the chimp got raped by an African theory.

  8. anon2

    From what I’ve read, & in my opinion, homosexuality is caused by parasites

    There’s a YouTube vid on the “You Be You Free and Clear” channel,
    “Turpentine Cured Me rom Being Gay” (mute the annoying intro music till the guy
    comes on), referencing Dr Jennifer Daniels parasite cleanse protocol.
    WARNING: do your own research, don’t just bebop down to the local hardware/
    big box home improvement warehouse & pick up a can of paint thinner!

    If you think about it, parasitism is a major world problem from top to bottom
    (pardon the pun).

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