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Back In The Saddle

The Amish ladies had me running all day yesterday plus it was unseasonably warm for Indiana in February…

That is pretty nice for this time of year but we are headed right back into the normal highs in the 30s next week. Still, a welcome break. Didn’t leave much time for blogging but it looks like a quiet weekend on my end so I will try to make up for it!


  1. Bean Dip Tray

    The Dusenberg museum is up there and that drive to the glorious peoples republic of Michigan is beautiful.
    It isn’t all stripmall/subdivision/industrial park eyesore…yet.
    The CPUSA (D) blob that is INdianoplace will eventually gobble it all up?
    I have seen INDOT put up roadwork slow down blocked lanes with nothing going on as a form of traffic control when you get near Fishers and Carmel on the way back from the CPUSA/CCP occupied territory of Michigan because it isn’t meant to be California in the south’s middle finger.

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