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Another Victim Of Diversity

It is all too predictable. The news reports a young woman is found murdered when she didn’t come back from a jog on the campus of the University of Georgia. She was quickly identified as a nursing student named Laken Riley and photos were published….

It didn’t take long for the suspect to be arrested and his identification was drearily predictable…

The University of Georgia Police Department have taken a suspect in custody in connection with the suspected homicide of a 22-year-old nursing student from Augusta University who police found dead on the University of Georgia campus Thursday.

Police have charged Jose Antonio Ibarra with malice murder, felony murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, kidnapping, hindering a 911 call and concealing the death of another, UGA Police Chief Jeffrey L. Clark said during a news briefing Friday evening. The suspect is not a U.S. citizen, according to authorities…..

…Clark said he believed the attack was a “crime of opportunity” and that the suspected killer had no known connection to the victim. Ibarra is not a UGA student, he added.

Ibarra’s immigration status was not immediately known to investigators, the chief said, adding that he believed the suspect is from Venezuela.

“Right now I don’t know his full status,” he said. “He is not a citizen of the United States.”

Here is Jose…

It immediately brought to mind Mollie Tibbetts, the young woman in Iowa that was out jogging in 2018 before she was attacked, apparently raped and murdered before being dumped in a corn field. An mestizo illegal named Cristhian Bathena Rivera was arrested for her murder and has since been convicted of her murder and sentenced to life without parole, meaning Americans will have to pay for his sorry ass for the next 40-50 years instead of doing what we should do, taking him out behind the prison and putting two in his head. See: Lethal Self-Loathing

Hopefully the family of Laken Riley won’t respond like the father of Mollie Tibbetts who seemed more concerned about backlash against illegals than he was about his daughter being raped and murdered by some Mexican for refusing his advances.

No word yet on what happened but it was a “crime of opportunity” so I am guessing he saw a young chick jogging and decided to attack her and for whatever reason ended up killing her, either after raping her to keep her from reporting him or killing her because she resisted. The media will try to cover that up.

Of note: according to Ali Bradley, reporter for News Nation, Jose Ibarra was arrested five months ago in New York for “injury to child less than 17 and no license”….


Thanks to New York City apparently not turning him over to ICE and letting him walk, Joe Antonio Ibarra was able to drift down to Georgia where he decided to murder a young woman. The Biden administration’s immigration policies working as intended.

People from Venezuela, Mexico and other third world shitholes don’t have the same norms we do and apparently many of them feel that if they see a chick and decide to have her, she shouldn’t resist and if she does they should kill her. Our new country is gonna be great!


  1. dirtroads

    It would appear, from what I have read, that Athens/Clarke County is considered a sanctuary city. Knowing about the safe spaces at UGA for various perverted and/or racial groups, I was still surprised to read this fact (shouldn’t have been).
    So yeah, even in the deep south the university setting contaminates the entire population. Athens gubmint and the lunatics that voted them in have blood on their hands also. Wonder how many good GA parents were aware of this went they cut the check and sent the kids there? Wonder how many would care.

    There are solutions for this.

      • dirtroads

        Sad but likely true. My son went there years ago. As he was finishing Grad school the wokeism was just getting started full bore. Glad he escaped. Given a do-over, I doubt he would do again in today’s world.

  2. Mike_C

    I’m guessing that Athens is to Georgia as Ann Arbor is to Michigan, Madison is to Wisconsin, Boulder is to Colorado, you get the idea.

    What was that thing Little Ben used to prattle on about in his I’d-rather-gargle-turpentine-and-barbed-wire-than-listen-to-him voice? Something about how our civilization is the product of “Athens and Jerusalem”? Maybe he was right.

  3. Harbinger

    Taking nothing away from the justified condemnation of this turd world mestizo reject, exactly where and when was Ms. Riley “jogging” and how was she attired? Clearly this did not happen at noon on a bright, sunny day in some heavily-trafficked pedestrian path on campus, and Ms. Riley was presumably alone. Was she in some skimpy, form-fitting, flesh-baring attention-demanding outfit?

    “Jogging for likes” is a very real thing among young, attractive females, and it is one of very few activities they do not typically engage in with others. Hell, women in clubs trot off to the ladies’ loo in groups, yet they go it alone on the jogging paths, where competition for attention would be most unwelcome.

    From the mugshot, Ibarra does not appear to be particularly athletic, and my money is on the wretched beaner being a short, fat squat monster. If Ms. Riley was any sort of legitimate athlete, she should have been able to smoke him in a quarter mile sprint for her life. The whole story just stinks from end to end.

    I really don’t wish to blame the victim here, but by age 22 anyone should realize that the nice, safe world where a girl can go bouncing along displaying her goods for just the right amount of attention (but not too much) is no longer the world that we live in. You wouldn’t park your car, unlocked and with the key in the ignition, in the mall parking lot, would you? A certain minimum degree of wariness and prudent forethought is a must in today’s dangerous, sick world. Young White women seem to be uniquely lacking in this necessary survival instinct.

    • Filthie

      Excellent. The time for sorrow, remorse sympathy and thoughts and prayers is OVER. incidents like these are going to have to be gone over with dispassionate objectivity. This fatality was entirely preventable and the victim IS at fault. Young women need their noses rubbed in incidents exactly like this.

      Carry a handgun. Jog in groups. Have a rape whistle. Learn defensive martial arts. Slut shaming has a point. Avoid stupid people and areas where they coagulate. Us fellas should look at our own security too.

      Might be good to start carrying weapons and improving our situational awareness skills.

      • Lineman

        Pretty sad state of affairs because White Men were fooled into individualism and atomization…I will leave it at that because everything you both said stems from that…

      • LGC

        Women have been “jogging’ for 30 years with headphones in, completely and totally oblivious to their surroundings. It’s way worse with the phones. It’s idiotic, but you know “strong independent women” “equal to men”

    • TakeAHardLook

      True! And, if a gun is too bulky there are other options such as small cans of bear spray, Raid, etc., but the potential victim needs to have her head on a swivel (“Condition Yellow” at a minimum); such an alert status would help her project where a bottleneck or blind spot in her jog would be a problem. Having that little can of “something” tucked into a fanny pack won’t work with a wily predator.

      Jog as a group or jog in a gym. The point being to get home ALIVE and UNBOTHERED.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Absolutely this. We are fed a stead diet of these stories as outrage porn intended for emotional manipulation. But it is strictly verboten (by normies and mainstream thinking) to ever point out the obvious issues regarding how victims are often the makers of their own misfortune. Yes it sucks that this illegal piece of shit is here committing crimes and ruining our country. It sucks a young woman is dead solely because of his presence here, and that it was all predicated on countless enabling acts by an endless number Goddamnable traitors in our midst. But ultimately, I have to distance myself from giving a shit, because I – and those who think like me – are vastly outnumbered by those who will accept the status quo, even if the grumble about it. And they will do so because the solutions that need to be applied at this late stage are regarded as “too icky and mean” (their vernacular, not mine) to carry out, much less to the extent truly needed.

      So, this stupid, degenerate, tacky society will die under the weight of its own suicidal refusal to even consider taking the measures required to save itself. Maybe I get taken out in the process too, who knows? But so long as there isn’t a massive, overwhelming push by the public at large to be brutally honest in even calling this stuff – and those responsible – what it is, it can only continue to get worse.

      Most especially for those still asleep at the wheel, and having no apparent grasp of the reality surrounding them. If they get sacrificed, so be it. I can’t save them, and they apparently don’t want to be saved. They are more obsessed with their image based upon the performative moralizing of being a “good person” (read: a proper adherent to “our [self destructive] community standards”). If they continue to cling to that perverted idealism, then fuck ’em. They are beyond help, and not worth saving. This mindset that controls them to their own detriment will have to be stamped out, and if it takes a democide to erase such a maladaptive trait that has infested so many, then so be it.

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