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Another One For The Memory Hole

At first a domestic violence call that turned deadly in Minnesota was hitting the newswires. It happened in Burnsville, MN (61% White, 15% black), a suburb of Minneapolis- St. Paul. During a response to a domestic violence call where a man was barricaded in his home where seven children were also inside (ages 2-15), three first responders were murdered, two cops, Paul Elmstrand and Matthew Ruge, and a firefighter/paramedic named Adam Finseth. Here they are….

The killer, who apparently shot himself after killing these three, is named Shannon Gooden. That sounds like maybe an Irish guy but, as you can probably guess, he was definitely not Irish….

Classy guy. Gooden of course has a history of criminal behavior, including assault with a deadly weapon and had petitioned to get his gun rights back but was denied. I am not sure how someone who isn’t legally permitted to own a gun ended up with one, that seems very strange.

Burnsville is experiencing much of the same demographic changes as most of the country….

It was probably a nice place in 2000 but 20 years later the percentage of blacks has exploded as the population declined from 51,952 to 39,487 and the mestizo population likewise has grown.

Meanwhile in my investigation I discovered that a GoFundMe has been set up for the baby mama and children of the killer by her sister. The woman in question is caring for 7 children, 4 her own and 3 step children. The baby mama is named Ashley and her sister is Madison Weimer, the organizer of the GoFundMe. Here is the picture on the fundraising page:

I assume the woman pictured is Ashley, the mother of at least some of Shannon Gooden’s children. I guess she is fortunate to be alive along with the seven children but for fuck’s sake, these mudsharks just never learn. Perhaps I am being heartless but I am flat out of sympathy for White women who make the same mistake over and over again, often with tragic results, when there is ample evidence to warn them off.

This story is going to disappear of course, a black man killing three White first responders isn’t a story the media wants to focus on. I wonder: if a White guy had killed two black cops and a black firefighter would the coverage be different?


Once more we see a series of poor decisions costing lives and adding to the already enormous burden diversity has placed on the backs of heritage Americans.


  1. Harbinger

    The shadowing on Ashley’s face in the pic is quite striking, making her look like a half-White, half-brown Janus. At first I thought it was one your hilarious AI compositions.

    This woman does not appear to be hideous, as every mudshark from twenty years ago seemingly was. It is very distressing that more and more attractive, young White women are choosing suicidal miscegenation. Presumably this is because White men have become so effeminate and weak that White girls must turn to the savages to satisfy their tingles. Of course, the enemedia does not help, elevating blacks to sainthood while vilifying any man paler than a brown paper bag.

    • bongwater

      it seems to be more common/overt here in hellhole Minnesota,
      local newz on the shooting showed across the street neighbors
      as a older(50-60) white women and some younger hispanic guy.
      As Art’s statistics show B’ville is a surburban ghetto .

    • Greg

      I learned long ago why girls go for the bad boys. They’re perceived viscerally (no thought process to it) as alpha. Thinking with their gonads, they want the alpha male, and the DEI propaganda is powerful and convincing for them. So in order to get their uteruses filled, they go for mudsharking, and score all the virtue signalling points as well.

    • Arthur Sido

      I assume virtually all of these women are suffering from some sort of self-esteem problems or are just whores that think they are getting better sex from guys that are criminals.

  2. SirLawrence

    The sharking is out of control. Aside from this murderous toll on our people there are 7 future residents of FUSA that have broken genetics (nature) and broken domestics (nurture), starting with the mom’s misguided suicidal mating and now forever cast into the bottom of the commons and likely the State payroll and caretakers who are predominantly just like her in their dysfunction.

    I see it all the time around here. And it is not just the busted up fatties. Plenty of decent looking young women being led around by their status monkeys. It is one of the reasons I am increasingly of the acceleration camp. The spell needs to be broken.

  3. Mike_C

    “That sounds like maybe an Irish guy”
    Well, duh. Ainchoo herda dem Black Irish?

    “because White men have become so effeminate and weak that White girls must turn to the savages to satisfy their tingles”

    I’m sure that’s part of it. Now y’all know Who I blame for most of that, but boneheaded (mis)interpretation of Christianity is also to blame. (This is what you get with a universalist religion/ethos.) The West was, and should have remained, Helleno-Romano-Germanic, with an overlay of Christianity, but our civilization has been hijacked and now its ethos is Levantine. (I think a bare majority of normal people are NOT that way, but 95% of those in charge are.) More’s the pity.

    • saoirse

      Absolutely! Christ-insanity was and still is the bane of the White race! Tell the good crischuns that – especially the ones who think they’re on ‘our side’ – and be prepared for all kinds of denial, diversion and cognitive dissonance. I’ve been debating them for decades. They’re comfortable in their ignorance.

  4. anon2

    Asking for a friend:
    If a high profile MSM personality were gunned down by a scholar in a carjacking ‘gone wrong’
    or even a street reporting broadcast, would it be just another ‘nothing to see here’ moment,
    forgotten and memory holed the next day?

    • Arthur Sido

      They would spin the message to be about guns, when one of their own gets killed they treat it like a cosmic crime because “journalists” are so important, although They seem strangely quiet about the journalists being killed in Gaza. I wonder why?

      • Big Ruckus D

        Beat me to it. This immediately came to mind when the hypothetical was posed by ANON2 at 2pm.

        The fact is, the narrative must be maintained at all costs – and the media is the assigned arbiter and purveyor of the narrative – so they will not dwell on any such incident even involving one of their own. Just another burnt offering to clown world. Note too, that the Parker case disappeared down the memory hole pretty quickly at the time. The only thing that gave it a bit more exposure is that it happened on camera during a broadcast, more or less.

  5. George Smith


    In that case the focus is on the weapon (mis)used in the crime.

    When Whitee commits a crime the focus is on the person – “rasist” of course, and then the weapon.

  6. Big Ruckus D

    Well, the pictured coal burner had the obligatory trademark nose ring and fake pencilled on eyebrows (BTW, who told these silly bints that actually looked good?) T’was only a head shot, so we can’t see how many shit tier tatts she’s sporting (but undoubtedly at least a few).

    Barring all that, and her obvious faulty judgement and personal history, she might have been an attractive woman. But the damage to her reputation (and thereby attractiveness) is done, and is quite extensive. I know I should care, and that these insults heaped upon us should piss me off. But I’ve grown quite nihilistic and cynical about these matters. It all has to burn down anyway, to have any hope of a better future. Those unworthy of saving will go unsaved. Regrettably, too many good people will be caught up as collateral damage. But that is the nature of wars. I guess that sounds trite, but it’s all I’ve got left.

  7. Pat H. Bowman

    I lived in Bloomington, MN–about 15 min north of B-Ville–from 2007-2009. We were about 8 miles from the Mall of America. At that time, it was safe enough (ie. White enough) that we let our teen daughters ride the bus to the Mall and back by themselves. After the housing crash, we started noticing subtle demographic shifts and I was not unhappy to leave in the summer of ’09. Seeing how Minnesomilia has ended up, I’m glad we got out when we did.

  8. Steve

    Burnsville was OK in the early ’90s. We considered moving there, but the writing was already on the wall in the Cities, and it was time to get out.

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