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A Reparations Sneak Preview!

Reparations, paid by people that never owned slaves to people that never were slaves, is supposed to “right historic wrongs” and reimburse black people for unpaid labor, again performed by people long since dead. What it really is about is something everyone already knows: it will bribe black voters to keep pulling the lever for Democrats, it will heighten racial tension even more and it is a way for blacks to engage in their lust for vengeance against people that have never harmed them. In short they are not “reparations” in any sense of the word.

The idea is very popular with blacks for obvious reasons as most have never met a handout that they didn’t respond to with “Gibs me more”. It is also very popular with a small subset of the White leftist class but for the rest of America, from mestizos who aren’t getting a dime, to working class Whites and Asians? Not so much, as the general unfairness of it is obvious even to people that have been propagandized their entire lives to see blacks as noble and long suffering. That isn’t stopping Them from finding new and exciting ways to get backdoor reparations like this pilot program in Washington D.C., similar to other programs in different cities….

In 2022, the D.C. government announced a pilot program that offered 132 new and expecting low-income mothers $10,800 over the course of a year — no strings attached — intended to assess how unconditional cash payments could improve their families’ outcomes and economic mobility.

Facilitated by the nonprofit Martha’s Table, the $1.5 million Strong Families, Strong Futures pilot was limited to families in Wards 5, 7 and 8, which contain some of the District’s poorest neighborhoods. The city’s program was based on similar successful cash-transfer pilots that have now been modeled in at least 100 U.S. jurisdictions and drew 1,553 applications in just three weeks, requiring a lottery system to winnow down the final group.

All 132 mothers had to choose whether they wanted 12 monthly payments of $900 or the entire amount immediately in a lump sum, a unique feature of D.C.’s pilot. About 75 percent chose the lump sum — which was better for those also receiving government benefits, for whom monthly payments from the pilot were more likely to be flagged as additional income, potentially affecting their eligibility, said David Lloyd, the deputy chief of programs at Martha’s Table.

You will be shocked to learn that D.C. Wards 5, 7 and 8 are overwhelmingly black (57%, 88% and 88% respectively) and also likewise stunned to find these are the most crime ridden areas (See: The District Of Congo). Must be a cohencidence. You will not be shocked that 3/4 chose the lump sum option, knowing as you do about black women and time preference.

The Washington Post of course tried to spin this as positively as possible but in speaking to three women about what they did with the money, the first one they feature, Ms. Canethia Miller, was as frugal and wise with the money as you would expect….

Still wearing a mask…

For Canethia Miller, 27, being accepted into the pilot felt like a stroke of good fortune: She had missed the application deadline but submitted her paperwork anyway and eventually made it off the waiting list.

She was a stay-at-home mom when her third child, Nazir, was born in summer 2022, making things work financially through a host of public benefits. Her two-bedroom apartment in Anacostia is subsidized, and with Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) as her only income, her rent payments are about $120 a month. Food stamps and WIC, a program that offers nutritional support for low-income mothers, offered another lifeline for Miller to provide for her infant and two older children, ages 5 and 8. But making these benefits last through the month is another story.

“Groceries last us the first three weeks of the month, then it’s trying to figure out the last week of my benefits,” she said. “It lasts, but it cuts close.”

I love that she couldn’t even be bothered to turn the application in on time. She doesn’t have a job and has an apartment that only costs $120 per month, in one of the most expensive cities in the country. Still she is boo hooing about not having enough money to feed dem babies that she keeps spawning despite not having a job, means of support or a husband. She apparently spends all of her food stamp money in the first three weeks of the month (I assume her oldest child is in school and getting “free” meals there). How much are we talking about? According to the D.C. Department of Human Services her family of four gets…


Only $973 to feed one adult and three small children, assuming that if she got knocked up the first time at the ripe old age of 17 and is 27 now, her oldest is only 10. If she is spending all of her money the first three weeks, that comes to around $324 per week to feed an adult woman and three small children. I didn’t spend that much a week on food when all of 8 of my children were living at home. Sure food inflation is real and D.C. is an expensive place to live but I would bet all the money I have that she pisses her SNAP money away on frivolous stuff instead of staple foods. Hell, she is home with no J-O-B so she should have plenty of time to prepare meals. With the slightest amount of planning she should be able to make that nearly a grand in free food last all month and still be able to splurge on some treats for her and the kids but buying lobster and ribeyes in week one makes it hard to budget for the month.

Ready for how she spent the money, and keep in mind that the WaPo (Democracy Dies In Darkness!) chose her story to feature (emphasis mine)….

Then came the pilot. After setting aside some of the money for essential expenses, she made a major decision on how to spend the bulk of it.

“Some of it I just left alone. The other side is, I wanted to blow it. I wanted to have fun,” she said. “[My kids] got to experience something I would never have been able to do if I didn’t have that money.”

The five-day, $6,000 trip to Miami was a dramatic upgrade from the Ocean City and Virginia Beach visits that Miller’s family was used to. Joined by the children’s father, a boat tour exposed them to million-dollar homes and luxury yachts. Her kids went to a dinosaur museum and saw animals in Florida’s swamps they had never seen before. Miller still talks about trying Benihana, a Japanese steak and sushi restaurant, for the first time.

Some of the money went toward preparations for the trip: new clothes, shoes, gadgets and toys. “Every outfit they wore was new,” she added.

In what she called a rare moment of self-indulgence, Miller spent $180 ahead of the vacation to get her own hair and nails done, a glow-up from her usual inexpensive short, dyed style. Her eyes light up when she swipes through an album of photos from their trip.

“Do you know how good I look in this picture?” she exclaimed. “I didn’t have to look like a working, stressed mom.”

Holy Hepatitis C!

This dumb bitch who has no job, no money, lives off welfare, food stamps and free housing paid for with her welfare money hits the free gibs jackpot and instead of doing something semi-intelligent with the money she pissed away more than half of it on a $6,000 vacation so her little niglets can “see luxury firsthand”. Not to worry though, her reasoning is as sound as a Weimar era Deutsch Mark.

She also wants to set a good example: Miller says she was never taught about financial literacy in school or by her parents. But the infusion of cash, and financial literacy courses offered through the program, has helped her with some firsts. She opened up a savings account, aiming to keep at least $50 in it. She used the remaining $4,000 or so from the pilot in a matter of months, mostly on bills and a used car.

She wants to set a good example so she blows more than half of this undeserved windfall on a super expensive vacation for small children and then spends the rest in a matter of months when it was supposed to last a year. To be fair, she also opened a savings account and plans to keep at least $50 in it. That makes it all better.

It is worth pointing out that if she saved too much of that money, she would risk her government bennies. Of course she could have used that money to help offset the cost of daycare so she could start working somewhere to build a career so she could be self-sufficient but why would you do that when you can live forever on free money from the gubmit?

The other two women they interviewed seemed less stupid, an admittedly low bar. One, Erika James, a mother of two kids that are more than 11 years apart (including a baby son ironically named Loyal, as his daddy was apparently not so loyal), opted to take the monthly payments and she also works an actual job. She paid down some outstanding debts and…

In addition to paying down her debt, James had several goals for herself at the start of the pilot, like purchasing a home and obtaining her commercial driver’s license, which would allow her to work at night and more easily navigate child care.

She did splurge a bit….

She used half of one monthly payment to throw Loyal’s first birthday party at an indoor playground for toddlers in Capitol Heights, Md., pulling out all the stops to ensure the celebration was special. The venue’s cheapest package was $525. There were other costs, too: $17 for a cake from Sam’s Club and $23 to fill goody bags with snacks and toys.

That is a far cry from a $6,000 vacation. The other woman is named Stacie Adams, a mother of four that took the lump sum. She actually works on a regular basis, although still no sign of a baby daddy/daddies for her four chidlins.

Originally from Ohio, Adams moved to the District at 18 and got her bachelor’s degree from Howard University, where she studied psychology with a minor in Arabic studies. She got her master’s degree in social work at Catholic University. In March, she landed a new D.C. government job — an opportunity she learned about at a career fair hosted by the mayor’s office.

A master’s degree and a cushy government social work job! Wait…

The windfall could not have come at a better time for Adams, who was let go from her $50,000-a-year job while on maternity leave after failing her social work licensing exam; she was unaware her job was contingent on her passing.

“Smart” enough to have a MSW degree but not smart enough to understand that her job in social work that requires a license was contingent on passing her licensing exam? That doesn’t speak well of the master’s program at Catholic University. At least she does have a job and typical realistic goals….

Even the $70,000 salary in her latest role with D.C.’s Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement feels insufficient to meet all of her goals, which include traveling the world with her family. 

Maybe try to not get knocked up over and over again by random dudes? That would help.

So these are the three women They chose to feature for their story to convince you this was a resounding success? That is pretty sad. Just imagine what the rest of the black chicks did with the cash, I assume they were even more irresponsible.

Of 132 women who received $10,800 one blew more than half on a vacation, the other two did slightly better but are likely to be right back where they were financially once these funds run out. The program had a “sparsely attended event in May for moms to celebrate the conclusion of the pilot’s first year” and the story quoted one of the attendees, another genius winner of the free money:

Saleemia Quigley, a 41-year-old mom who took the lump sum, said it helped her feel a sense of “peace” even though the fathers of her 17-year-old and 1-year-old have been in and out of their lives. She was able to catch up on credit card bills and rent payments she had fallen behind on, then paid her $1,100 rent in advance for a couple of months.

But Quigley chastised herself for not using the funds to boost her savings account and wondered if the monthly option would have forced her to have more discretion.

“To get picked [for the program], out of all those people, it’s a blessing,” Quigley said. “But I did splurge, I ain’t going to lie. I went shopping, clothes — stuff I didn’t need. It was like, ‘I paid my rent, so I can go ahead and do this.’”

Hey at least she was honest. It sounds like she came out of the program at the end of the year with a slight cushion that won’t last long and some new clothing. The woman quoted mostly seemed to understand they made some poor decisions with their money but then you see this:

Stacia West, co-founder and director of the Center for Guaranteed Income Research at the University of Pennsylvania, said some of the mothers’ critiques of themselves are unfair to them.

“It’s an internalization of the systems that are incredibly oppressive to folks that are participating in these programs — like if they weren’t able to radically change their life in a year, it’s because it was somehow their fault,” West said. “You will look at yourself in the end and not say, ‘Wow I did these great things,’ but instead say: ‘I still didn’t live up to what they wanted me to be.’”

Here is Stacia West, a pic that screams future cat lady…

She has a degree in women’s studies, a MSW and a PhD in “Social Welfare” and according to her Linkedin Profile has never had a real job doing anything useful.

Ms. West also reinforces the stereotypical way that White liberal women pander to blacks and other minorities:

“Oh you pissed away the free money you got instead of using it to actual improve your situation but that isn’t your fault! It isn’t your fault you took a $6000 vacation with your free money, it is the system that is oppressing you that is to blame!”

What is clear from the story reinforces what we know from common sense. No matter how much money we give blacks, the vast majority will piss it away in a matter of months, be no better off and be right back to bitching and moaning about how Whitey is oppressing them. When reparations become a reality, they will quickly be transferred out of black wallets and into the bank accounts of luxury car and consumer good sellers, purveyors of gold teeth and spinner rims. When the dust settles a few clever blacks will have made out like bandits, the rest will be wallowing right where they were while inflation for certain categories will rage out of control.

Aside from the gross immorality of “reparations”, it simply will not work to achieve the stated goals. The issues in the black community are genetic and cultural, not economic. Unfortunately, the people pushing for reparations know this and don’t care.


  1. Don W Curton

    Don’t rule out the humiliation ritual component of the modern era. Here’s our “betters” taking our money, giving it to people who don’t deserve it, and then rubbing our noses in the fact that a) they can take our money, b) they can give it to whoever they want, and c) those people will just fucking waste it while we have to continue working even harder to stay even with inflation.

    It’s a hell of a power flex, up there with Heath Ledger/Joker burning half of the mob’s money just cause he didn’t need it.

  2. Moe Gibbs

    Imagine the resentment of all those baby mamas (and their baby daddies, who only crawled back out of the woodwork when they learned that their brood sows expected a windfall) that did not win this particular spin of the ghetto wheel of fortune. Surely, it is just more White racism at work.

    I can’t imagine any rational being believing that a reparations scheme can possibly do anything but divide us further. My only hope is that it will pit black against black as they tussle over who gets what and how much. I want to see brawls over “I’m blacker than she is, so I deserve more”. And just how does one prove that they are descended from slaves?

    If every dark-skinned creature gets unearned bennies, there is going to be an explosion in black births, since each sprog is of course descended from slaves if the brood sow or sperm donor has such roots. Where does it end? Will single mudsharks cash in for their half-black kids?

    • Arthur Sido

      It is going to be a mess, what about blacks who are not descended from slaves? Will there be genetic tests? That twat on the View had a slaveowner ancestor like Kamala, do they owe reparations to themselves?

  3. SirLawrence

    Great write-up. These little feel-good lottery gigs, like most of the mechanisms of gibs, are not for the vibrants, but rather for the problem-glasses makework gubmint workers and all their NGO sisters.

    I’ve seen these things up close. It’s orgasmic for them. It’s the part of the many boondoggles that keep them all enthralled in solving the world’s injustices and systemic racisms and institutional bias.

    The refugee racket runs similar programs all the time. Then there are all the parties, I mean fundraisers, where the elites gather to self-congratulate and phot-op with the important nogs and spic grif brokers as well as some brown kids holding up their new backpack for skool or whatever.

    Seriously, this is a white woman problem. The juice love the money laundering and power brokering that is inside the Trojan horse but the real issue is feral female id that is attached to a money printer.

    Yeah we probably gotta go to the pew pew because saying “no” to the wahmen was too hard and then the hand rubbers made it illegal.

  4. Squib

    $1.5 million for this pilot program. About the same cost to the taxpayer as shooting down those 2 hobby balloons (not the Chinese one) last year.

    The obvious conclusion to all of this is? We need more government.

    And must continue to pay our fair share in taxes in order to facilitate this.

  5. J J

    Some days the predicted 90% die off from an EMP sounds like a good plan…if the remaining 10% ensures no bleeding heart liberals survive.

  6. LGC

    “you can’t make this shit up”

    Seriously, when I hit the part about the $6000 trip to Miami I damn near fell off my chair laughing.

    We live in the stupidest timeline.

  7. Jeffrey Zoar

    While I’m not a fan of accelerationism in general, as I think it leads nowhere good for the most part (see South Africa), I do believe that in this one aspect, acceleration of “reparations” would be beneficial. What faster and better way to demonstrate to Civnat G. Normiecon and maybe even to some heretofore unreachable wokerati that nothing we can possibly do can cause the negros to achieve “equity,” than cranking it up to the mid six figures per negro max. If it debases the currency in the process, no great loss.

    So, just as I embrace and encourage segregation in whatever form it appears, no matter by whom it is proposed or encouraged or for what reason, also do I cheer for “reparations.”

  8. Pat H. Bowman

    Great write up. Over the years I’ve had ups and downs, but overall, we’ve been blessed to do pretty well financially. Yet I’ve never spent $6,000 on a vacation.

    The one thing that seems to be missed when looking at stories like this is the effect of IQ. I would bet our three sample contestants have a mean IQ of around 85. There is simply no way they will ever be able to survive here–at least in the America we grew up in. They cannot compete on a level ground with those with 100-110 and higher IQs.

    Now, the good news for these former slaves is that our gubmint is bringing in millions of low IQ ferals to replace whitey, which will lower the national average IQ of the FUSA down well below 100. It’s pretty well known you cannot maintain first world status with a national IQ less than around 95 or so.

    This is bad news for us whites who used to enjoy the benefits of living in a first world, high trust society. But, since when has the gubmint cared about what we want?

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